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Hacking Uber – Experts found dozen flaws in its services and app

Researchers discovered more than a dozen flaws in Uber app and websites, many of them allow hackers to access driver and passenger info. Security experts from the Integrity firm have found more than a dozen flaws in the Uber website that could be exploited by hackers to access driver and passenger data. The researchers discovered a total of security 14 issue
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Thousands of Hacked Uber Accounts Selling on Dark Web for $1

$US1 may be a very little amount, but it is enough to buy you a stolen Uber account and free car rides around the city.Two separate vendors on AlphaBay, a relatively new Dark Web marketplace launched in late 2014, are selling active Uber accounts with usernames and passwords for $1 each, Motherboard reports.Once purchased, these active Uber accounts let yo
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Uber’s Android app is Literally Malware?

The popular ride-sharing service Uber has been hit by various controversies lately, but now the things gone even worse for the company when a security researcher made a worrying discovery this week and claims, "Uber’s app is literally malware." The ride-hailing company is in disputes of handling privacy of its customers data. A Phoenix-based security r
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