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US Army bans use of Chinese DJI drones over cyber security concerns

The US Army has ordered its units to stop using Chinese DJI drones because of “cyber vulnerabilities” in the products. The US Army is going to ban its units from using drones manufactured by the Chinese firm DJI due to “cyber vulnerabilities”. The decision was based on the findings of a research conducted by the Army Research Laboratory and the n
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Media revealed that the Russia is developing its kamikaze drones

According to the RT.com media agency the Russia is developing new kamikaze drones to use in surgical military operations. When you think about possible military uses of drones, surveillance and air strikes are the principal activities that we can imagine. According to the Russian media, the Russia is developing a kamikaze drone that could be used to hit tar
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The Pentagon used military drones for domestic surveillance

A report published by the DoD Inspector General revealed that military drones have been used for Non-Military domestic Surveillance. The US Government has admitted the use of drones for operations of domestic surveillance. The US Military clarified that all the operations were authorized by a regular warrant confirming that no legal violations were found. Th
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Expert revealed how to hack professional drones used also by police

An expert presented his study on hijacking high-end drones commonly deployed by government and law enforcement agencies. The researcher Nils Rodday presented at the annual RSA conference in San Francisco the findings of its study on hacking drones. Rodday, who currently at IBM, has conducted his research while working as a graduate researcher at the Universi
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Russian Army is largely investing in modern UAVs

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Russian Army received over 1,500 modern UAVs in the last four years. Almost every government is increasing the adoption of drones within its military. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) represent a privileged option for military surveillance, reconnaissance and attack, these vehicles
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DroneDefender, electromagnetic gun that shoot down drones

DroneDefender is a weapon specifically designed to target drones at a range of just 400 meters with radio waves forcing them to safe mode. While the number of drones in the sky is increasing exponentially, the US company Battelle has developed a shoulder-mounted rifle to could be used to target and knock unwanted drones flying
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Mysterious sightings of drones in the sky of Paris

Mystery drones have flown over landmarks in central Paris for the second night, authorities still searching for the operators, it’s a mystery. The rapid diffusion of drones in both civil and military industries is rising a heated debate on privacy and security guaranteed by their technologies. Security experts fear that 
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