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The unmanned jihad in the sky

UAV – “Go ahead, look up [points to the sky] … see the drone? No? It’s alright, because the drone sees you. Sees your face. We know who you are.” The scene is from the movie “13 hours – The secret story of the soldiers of Benghazi”: as the member of Ansar al-Sharia looks up, the high-res camera would photograph his face, send it to the US command cente
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RAF drone fleet will double and will include the new Protector UAVs

The British Britain will introduce in its fleet of armed surveillance drones a new generation of unmanned aircraft including the new Protector aircraft. The British Britain will introduce in its fleet of armed surveillance drones a new generation of unmanned aircraft. The overall number of air crafts in the fleet will double, the new  aerial vehicles will ha
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The Dronecatcher evolves featuring a new improvement

Delft Dynamics conducted a successful test, where a drone was taken out of the air by another unmanned aerial vehicle named DroneCatcher. The drone industry is growing at a rapid pace. Aerospace research company Teal Group has estimated that sales of military and civilian drones will total over $89 billion in the next 10 years. The possible fields of applica
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How to hack drones with just a $40 hardware from 2 km away

The IBM expert Nils Rodday revealed how to hack drones with just a $40 hardware from 2 km away by replicating its signals and blocking legitimate operators. At the Black Hat Asia hacking conference, the IBM expert Nils Rodday revealed that hackers can hijack expensive professional drones from 2 km away by replicating its signals and blocking legitimate opera
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NASA hacked by AnonSec that hijacked a $222m Global Hawk drone

Anonsec group hacked NASA network and released a data dump of data online. The hackers also hijacked a Global Hawk drone. Hackers belonging to the AnonSec group have released online 250GB of data stolen from systems at the NASA, the hackers revealed to have hijacked a drone the Agency uses to run high-altitude testing and samp
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Black Hornet, the military nano drone small like an insect

The Prox Dynamics’ PD-100 Black Hornet 2 is a tiny drone having the dimension of a flying insect and a lot of advanced features. Drones are privileged instruments of surveillance, we read about vehicles equipped with IR cameras or devices to spy on mobile devices. These vehicles are used by armies, intelligence and law enforce
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Drone regulation – Keeping the skies safe from commercial drones

My participation at the World Insight on CCTV discussing the Federal Aviation Administration regulation for the commercial  drones. Q1 First of all, the Federal Aviation Administration gave a very compressed timeline. They’re asking a expert panel task force to make registration guideline recommendations by November 20 and the
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DARPA is working on ICARUS, the disappearing delivery drone

The DARPA research agency is launching a new Program subbed ICARUS for the development of a new generation of Disappearing drones. I always follow DARPA because its innovative project, the last one that caught my attention is a new project on a new generation of unmanned aerial vehicles. The program is codenamed ICARUS (Inboun
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An Israeli firm developed a new radar to detect drones

The Israeli company ARTSYS 360 is developing a small 3D electronic radar that will be able to monitor drones in small areas. Recently I wrote a post on an Aerial Assault Drone recently presented at the Black Hat conference, the vehicle was equipped with hacking tools to compromise wi-fi target networks. The use of drones is in
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Aerial Assault Drone, the new Hacking Weapon presented at the Defcon

A new hacking machine is available in the arsenal of hackers it is an Aerial Assault drone that is able to automatically crack into wireless networks. David Jordan of US-based Aerial Assault presented was the Def Con conference an assault drone equipped with hacking tools. The vehicle could be used in hacking missions, for exa
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Drone Firing Semi-Automatic Handgun, what’s next?

While a video of a drone firing a semi-automatic handgun is circulating on the internet, security experts demand a strict law in the use of UAVs. I decided to present you this case to raise once again, my concerns on the uncontrolled and the unregulated diffusion of drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a powerful instru
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Hacking Military Drones Info Can Be Found on Google

You can find a manual on how to hack drones online, simply searching on Google. This can lead to severe problems and negative consequences. Drones have become truly popular, due to the multiple benefits that they offer. In the military, drones have been in use thanks to their versatility, their low cost and of course the preve
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A hacker developed Maldrone, the first malware for drones

Security expert Rahul Sasi has discovered and exploited a backdoor in Parrot AR Drones that allows him to remotely hijack the UAV with the malware Maldrone. The diffusion of drones is alerting government and authorities, small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are used more frequently in different sectors. The security of dron
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The Russian Army increased investment to purchase drones

The Russian Army announced the expansion of its aerial fleet with a new generation of Corsair reconnaissance drones as early as the end of 2016. The Russian Government is continuing to improve the national defense investing in high technological equipment. The Armed Forces is acquiring a new small-class of Corsair drones for s
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Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform, the DIY Spy Drone

Vespid is amongst most the important espionage artifacts based on the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform for the for the construction of a DIY Spy Drone. The Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform is a small DIY drone that has the capability to crack Wi-Fi passwords, eavesdropping on Wi-Fi passwords, eavesdropping on cell ph
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