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H1 2017 – Twitter suspended a total of 935,897 accounts for the promotion of terrorism

Twitter published its Transparency Report related to H1 2017, the company suspended 935,897 accounts for the promotion of terrorism. Twitter suspends 299,000 accounts linked to terrorism in the first six months of 2017, the company revealed that 75 percent of the infringing accounts were suspended before their first tweet confirming the huge efforts in fight
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Porn Spam Botnet Has Evil Twitter Twin

Last month KrebsOnSecurity published research into a large distributed network of apparently compromised systems being used to relay huge blasts of junk email promoting “online dating” programs — affiliate-driven schemes traditionally overrun with automated accounts posing as women. New research suggests that another bot-promoting botnet of
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Simple Ways To Make Your Twitter Safer

Anyone can fall victim to a twitter hack. “I hope the new world order will arrive as soon as possible!” – Britney Spears 2011 It used to be easy to quote literature and big names in a credible way. You’d pick out a book with an author’s name on the cover and you could use the author’s words without fear of ridiculously misquoting anyone. Wi
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Turkey banned Wikipedia because its content web contents that represents a threat to national security

The monitoring group Turkey Blocks confirmed that Turkey banned Wikipedia because its content web content that represents a threat to national security. According to the telecommunications watchdog, Turkey has blocked the access to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on Saturday, the Government has taken this decision citing a law that allows it to ban access
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What is an online troll?

You’ve probably heard about online trolls – but what are they? And what do you need to know about them? Digital bullies Online trolls are most similar to the playground bullies you would have encountered at school. These people deliberately provoke arguments and fights on social media and forums, often by saying the most grossly insensitive and offensive thi
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Protect Your Twitter Account or Face Serious Security Consequences

In recent months, we have witnessed an increase in businesses making problematic social media posts. Many of the companies involved blamed the incidents on compromised social media accounts and infrastructure. McDonald’s, for example, recently blamed an incendiary tweet on cybercriminals who allegedly breached the fast food chain’s official, veri
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Keep Calm and Revoke Access

For the last 24 hours, the Twitter landscape has seen several official accounts hacked. The same Tweet was posted thousand times. It was about the political conflict between Turkey and Holland: Many other accounts were affected (like the one of the EU Commission). Usually, Twitter accounts are hijacked simply due to weak credentials used to manage them and
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Turkey vs Holland – Hackers broke into Twitter CounterApp to hijack hundreds of High-Profile Accounts

Turkey vs Holland – Hackers launched a massive hacking campaign that hijacked hundreds of High-Profile Accounts to spread political messages against Holland. A huge number of high-profile Twitter accounts have been hijacked following the recent diplomatic crisis between Turkey and the Netherlands. The hackers posted through many Twitter accounts politi
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Third-Party Twitter Service Hacked to Push Out Nazi-Themed Tweets

Attackers hacked a third-party service and used their unauthorized access to push out Nazi-themed tweets from high-profile Twitter accounts.On 14 March, prominent companies, publishers, and personalities tweeted out messages containing swastikas and the hashtags #NaziGermany and #NaziHollan written in Turkish. It’s thought that supporters of Turkey sen
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A bug in Twitter allowed hackers to access to locked accounts until October

A flaw in Twitter allowed attackers to access locked accounts bypassing the locking mechanism implemented by the company. A flaw in the Twitter application allowed, until a few months ago, to access locked accounts bypassing the locking mechanism implemented by the IT giant. Twitter can lock user accounts every time it believes the users are abusing its serv
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A hacker confirmed that President Trump Twitter account is linked to a private account

A security researcher has discovered that the President Trump’s Twitter account is exposed to the risk of hack due to security misconfigurations. While the experts are warning the press about the fact that the American President Trump is still using his personal insecure Android smartphone, we have discovered that his Twitter is exposed to the risk of
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Tracking the Digital Transition in the White House

As President Donald Trump arrives at the White House to start his term, he faces a very different collection of technology than when former President Barack Obama entered eight years ago. Back then, government PCs sported floppy drives and no president ever personally used Twitter or other form of social media. Indeed, social media access was initially block
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iOS TLS session resumption race condition

Roughly three months ago when iOS 9 was still the newest version available for the iPhone, we encountered a bug in the Twitter iOS app. When doing a transparent proxy setup for one of our iOS app security tests, a Twitter HTTPS request turned up in the Burp proxy log. This should never happen, as the proxy’s HTTPS certificate is not trusted on iOS and
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Get Verified Through a Promoted Tweet? Nope. It’s a Scam!

A Promoted Tweet claims it can help Twitter users get their accounts verified, but in reality, it’s just a scam.Promoted Tweets are a way by which Twitter users can pay for a Tweet to reach a wide audience and generate engagement with their current followers. As such, they are an excellent tool for anyone looking to advertise something.Unfortunately, P
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Twitter Phishing Scam Targeting Customers of Barclays, Other Major UK Banks

Cybercriminals are leveraging social media to lure unsuspecting users into handing over their online banking credentials.According to researchers at security firm Proofpoint, a new series of phishing attacks has been seen targeting customers of major UK banks via Twitter.The attack is carried out as follows:First, cybercriminals create convincing fake custom
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