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New Research Highlights Top Cyber-Attack Concerns for 2017

With such a lively 2016 ­for infosec – mega-breaches, new malware strains, inventive phishing techniques, and big debates between security and privacy – there’s plenty of reason to pause and consider what the security community should be most concerned about for 2017 and what they can do to prepare. Tripwire Survey: Preparing for Top Attacks of 2017 from
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What’s on Tap for Tripwire at RSA Conference 2017

Every year, the RSA Conference attracts the industry’s most respected thought leaders, seasoned security experts and aficionados from around the globe. In 2016, it saw a record of over 40,000 attendees – all hungry to discuss and debate pressing cybersecurity issues.As one of Tripwire’s top information security conferences for 2017, we have no do
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Tripwire VERT Goes to Japan

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo, Japan, to visit the Tripwire Japan office. I also had time to tour the city a bit with my colleague Lane Thames and his wife Linda. While the flights were long, the experience was absolutely worth it.The subway system, though pretty crazy to look at via map, was easy to navigate with the help of Google Maps
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Reducing Security Blind Spots with Endpoint Detection

The cybersecurity war is fought on the endpoint. And, unfortunately, the endpoint is becoming more vulnerable. Attacks exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities more than doubled last year. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and are using more refined techniques like spear phishing, which cost one American corporation $100 million. If that wasn’t
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Monitoring The Unknown

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) has been around for a long time. In fact, Tripwire has been a pioneer in FIM since the early 1990s when Gene Kim released the first version of Tripwire.Monitoring for change enables you to know what changes were made, who made the changes, and the changes that occurred. This allows you to easily roll back to a known good conf
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On Tripwire and the Future of Security: A Letter from Tripwire’s President

I have been in the field of security for over two decades. During this time, I have seen solution providers deliver increasingly feature-rich and sophisticated products, solutions and services, enabling organizations to be more secure. Furthermore, I’ve seen many companies change their entire approach to cyber security – companies that, for the most part, fi
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VERT IoT Hack Lab: Developing Your Inner Hacker

Getting root is fun, and with IoT gadgets, getting root is generally easy. This is why the IoT Hack Lab @ SecTor will be so much fun!If you still reminisce about (or look forward to) the first time you got root on a device, and you will be in Toronto on October 20-21, visit us at the convention centre where we’ll be setup in the expo hall. Expo passes are fr
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VERT IoT Hack Lab @ SecTor

The one-month countdown is on and I figured it was time for a reminder that Tripwire VERT will be at SecTor in the Expo area running an IoT Hack Lab. If you aren’t considering attending SecTor, you really should be. Even if you don’t want to attend the full conference, there’s an Expo Only admission that is free on their website until the start of the show.W
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Half of Security Pros Expect Cybersecurity to Be a Key Issue in 2016 Presidential Race

Content loading…More than half (55 percent) of information security professionals anticipate cybersecurity will factor as a key issue in the 2016 U.S. Presidential race.Last month, as part of Black Hat USA 2015, Tripwire conducted a survey of 210 information security professionals. Of those respondents, more than a third (39 percent) revealed their ex
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What’s On Your Network?

You can’t protect what you don’t know about.It may seem trite to bring out that cliché, but the fact is that it remains relevant in information security today. So much of what we do in this industry is about discovery, whether it’s discovery of assets, discovery of vulnerabilities, or discovery of an existing compromise. As information secu
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Tripwire Business Momentum Continues to Build in First Half of 2015

For Tripwire, 2015 is shaping up to be an outstanding year, filled with exciting opportunities, substantial growth and unmatched success.Today, we are thrilled to share with our customers, partners, employees and stakeholders that our business momentum continues to build in the first half of 2015.During the past six months, Tripwire saw double-digit growth i
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Concealed Threats: Preventing a Breach Using Indicators of Compromise

As the recent breaches at the Office of Personnel Management, the Internal Revenue Service, and more recently, the anti-virus firm BitDefender illustrate, attackers are more than ever focused on gaining unauthorized access to organizations in an attempt to steal sensitive corporate and customer information.One tactic that malicious actors commonly employ is
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Black Hat USA ’15: What’s In Store

Black Hat USA – one of the most anticipated security events of the year, and recently ranked among our top information security conferences – returns to Las Vegas this August for its 18th year.With an expected 9,000 attendees, this year’s conference will offer over 100 briefings on the latest and most innovative security research from industry experts
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Searching the Enterprise for Known Indicators of Breach

Given the recent high-profile breaches, a key challenge facing government agencies and other security-minded organizations is rooting out malware that has already become embedded on key assets.Multiple vendors are offering cloud-based sandbox analytics services, and/or on-premises appliances, that can analyze new binaries to determine if they have suspicious
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Introducing the Tripwire IoT Village

Inspired by past DEF CON villages and the knowledge that this year there will be an Internet of Things village run by ISE, Tripwire VERT began to investigate the possibility of creating our own travelling village. Since we have a decent IoT lab and a history of successful vulnerability discovery in this area, a village was a logical next step.As we sat and d
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