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The Tor Project Is launching the Tor Bug Bounty Program

The Tor officially announced to launch the Tor Bug Bounty Program in the next year, a great news for the Tor community. The non-profit organization that is maintaining the TOR project plans to launch very soon  a Tor Bug Bounty Program for researchers who find vulnerabilities in the popular anonymizing platform. This is a gr
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Carnegie Mellon Says It Was Subpoenaed-And Not Paid-For Research On Breaking Tor

Carnegie Mellon University today implied in a statement that it was served with a subpoena to hand over research related to unmasking the identity of users on the Tor network, and that it was not paid $1 million by the FBI for doing so, as alleged by the Tor Project.The statement, released shortly after noon Eastern, is vague and fails to answer a number of
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Cluster of Tor servers taken down in unexplained outage

On Friday, a warning of a possible effort to hijack significant portions of the anonymizing Tor network was leaked to the Tor Project. And over the weekend, a cluster of servers in a Netherlands' data center that were used as Tor “exit nodes” and as mirrors for two Tor Project services were taken offline. However, it’s not clear who took the servers down
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In Wake of Takedown Tor Looking for Answers

Officials at the Tor Project are continuing to look for answers following the takedown late last week of hundreds of Tor hidden services, including the popular black market website Silk Road 2.0.In a blog entry yesterday Tor made it clear that it wasn’t entirely sure how or why the services that ran on its platform were seized, adding that it was ̶
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Facebook Creates .Onion Site; Now Accessible Via Tor Network

Facebook announced today that the social network will now be directly available to users as a Tor hidden service.The Tor Project is an Internet-traffic anonymization service that relays user traffic through a number of proxy servers all around the world in order to cloak their true IP address and identity. Tor users can connect with similarly anonymized Web-
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A dark wing of the intelligence supports the Tor Project

Experts working at US and UK Intelligence agencies on monthly base leak Tor vulnerabilities to the developers at the Tor Project. The BBC reported that the executive director of the Tor Project revealed that both US and UK intelligence agencies share bugs anonymously with Tor developers. The circumstance is quite surprising co
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Replica of the Tor website used to serve malware

A security researcher discovered the Torbundlebrowser.org,web site that is a replica of Tor Project site, but it is used to serve a malware. The increasing popularity of Tor network is attracting cyber criminals, recently the French security researcher Florent Daigniere discovered a website (torbundlebrowser.org) that is the r
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