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Safari, Chrome, Firefox: Which is the most private browser for Mac?

Everyone needs a web browser, and while Safari comes pre-installed on Macs, many people choose to use a different browser. You may want to do this for compatibility reasons—there may be sites or services you use that Safari doesn't handle correctly—or because you use a different browser at work; if you want to be able to sync bookmarks and history from your
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Tor Project fixed TorMoil, a critical Tor Browser flaw that can leak users IP Address

The Tor Project fixed a critical vulnerability dubbed TorMoil that could leak users real IP addresses to potential attackers. Tor users must update their Tor browser to fix a critical vulnerability, dubbed TorMoil, that could leak their real IP addresses to potential attackers when they visit websites with certain content. The Tor Project released the Tor Br
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“TorWitness” Docker Container: Automated (Tor) Websites Screenshots

The idea of this Docker container came after reading the excellent Micah Hoffman’s blog post: Dark Web Report + TorGhost + EyeWitness == Goodness. Like Micah, I’m also receiving a daily file with new websites discovered on the (dark|deep) web (name it as you prefer). This service is provided by @hunchly Twitter account. Once a day, you get an XLS
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Dream Market dark web drug dealer OxyMonster arrested on way to beard contest

The Dream Market dark web drug dealer was arrested by US authorities after he traveled the US for this year’s annual World Beard and Mustache Championships. A Dark-Web drug dealer was arrested by US authorities after he traveled the US for this year’s annual World Beard and Mustache Championships. The French national Gal Vallerius (38) was arrested a few we
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Tor relay of a Brazilian University was banned after harvesting .onions

The Tor relay of a Brazilian University was banned by the Tor administrators because it was spotted collecting the .onion addresses of visitors. A team of researchers from a Brazilian University of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil, has had its Tor relay node banned because it was spotted collecting the .onion addresses of visitors. Marcus Rodrigues, a junior re
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FBI masqueraded the NIT in a video-bait to unmask sextortionist on Tor

The FBI used a NIT involving a specially crafted video file to unmask a sextortionist that via Tor was threatening youngsters. The FBI has used once again the network investigative technique (NIT) for unmasking Tor users, this time the feds used it to arrest a suspected sextortionist. The man is accused of having tricked young girls into sharing nude pics o
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FBI hacked a US Darknet shopper who tried to purchase Mail Bomb

The FBI hacked the system of a dark web user who tried to purchase a mail bomb from an undercover investigator in the US. According to a plea agreement, filed on April 28, 2017, Clinton Scott Bass of Georgia (US) tried in a first time to purchase a car bomb. The man, who was using two different pseudo names, contacted an undercover FBI agent on a darknet mar
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Analyzing the attack landscape of the Dark Web. There is no honor among thieves.

Security researchers at Trend Micro used Tor honeypots to conduct a six-months study of the attack landscape of the Dark Web, Security experts at Trend Micro have conducted a six-months study of the attack landscape of the Dark Web, researchers operated a honeypot setup simulating several underground services on the Dark Web in order to analyze the way they
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Trump’s Dumps: ‘Making Dumps Great Again’

It’s not uncommon for crooks who peddle stolen credit cards to seize on iconic American figures of wealth and power in the digital advertisements for their shops that run incessantly on various cybercrime forums. Exhibit A: McDumpals, a hugely popular carding site that borrows the Ronald McDonald character from McDonald’s and caters to bulk buyer
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The Deep Web: Myths And Truths You Need To Know

Every now and then the media comes up with a sensational story about the Deep Web. Often these tales are shocking and frightening – but are they true? What is the Dark Web and Deep Web? Before going further, we need to understand what the Deep Web actually is – fortunately the concept is much easier than you might think. Any web page that you can locate from
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Post-FCC Privacy Rules, Should You VPN?

Many readers are understandably concerned about recent moves by the U.S. Congress that would roll back privacy rules barring broadband Internet service providers (ISPs) from sharing or selling customer browsing history, among other personal data. Some are concerned enough by this development that they’re looking at obfuscating all of their online brows
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How to Browse The Internet Securely And Anonymously

These are some of the top methods you can use to browse the internet securely and anonymously. Even as the world becomes more aware of the imminent threat to our online privacy, few people understand the need to hide crucial information, such as IP addresses and private data streams, from entities such as our Internet Service Providers (ISPs), various online
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Privacy groups claim FBI hacking operation in the PlayPen case was unconstitutional

According to Privacy groups, the FBI search warrant used to hack into thousands of computers around the world in the PlayPen case was unconstitutional, Privacy groups are claiming the FBI hacking campaign against the Playpen child pornography community violated international law. According to the court documents, the FBI monitored the Playpen bulletin board
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The Dark Web Marketplace: A Shopping Center for Attackers

Security threats are constantly evolving, and cybercriminals are quick to adopt new technologies. They even developed their own sophisticated ecosystem. Cybercrime-as-a-service (CaaS) and other tools of the trade are available in a growing Dark Web marketplace that caters to attackers, both amateur and professional. Like traditional criminal underworlds, the
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TorWorld helps you to manage a Tor node, promising an upcoming Tor-as-a-Service

The TorWorld initiative aims to build a community area for those people that desire to set up either a Tor Relay or a Tor Exit node. We all recognize the importance of the Tor network, an important instrument to protect users’ anonymity and avoid censorship. Today I desire to present you an interesting initiative launched by Tor passionates, the TorWor
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