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Are you overheating? Your phone might be too…

Europe has been gripped by a major heatwave this summer with higher-than-normal temperatures being recorded in some places like Britain. And although the heat is extremely uncomfortable for us – and potentially disastrous for our smartphones. Take notice of the warnings Warning messages on your smartphone usually mean there is a problem. So when it says “To
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Travel tips and how to stay safe while on the go this summer

The summer of 2022 is expected to be the first-time people will be taking a proper vacation since the pandemic started in 2019. The shockingly expensive gas prices, high inflation, war in Europe, flight cancellations and restrictions, and the somewhat reappearing covid-19 cases in Asia are not stopping people from planning trips away from home this summer. O
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Is your Internet too slow?

Over the last two decades, home internet morphed from a luxury to a utility. Couple years ago, even Congress finally acknowledged that broadband is essential and it must be accepted as a utility as other vital home services such as electricity, gas, water, etc. Governments around the globe are looking for ways to treat broadband as a utility by establishing
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How to blur your house on Google Maps and why you should do it now?

You might have already noticed, but people’s faces on Google’s Street View are always blurred. In the early 2000s, Google was pressured to take security and privacy seriously. And in 2008, the tech conglomerate began testing a technology that blurs faces and car license plates. They have been successfully implementing it for more than a decade no
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How to increase the overall performance of your PC?

Having a slow PC or a laptop could be very frustrating. The idea of something with very few moving parts that suddenly stops working or starts operating on 50% when compared to yesterday can get on your nerves. In some cases, a PC or a laptop gradually becomes slower and slower with time. While it indeed is irritating to experience a decrease in PC performan
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How to stop your smartphone ruining your life

Information overload – being overwhelmed by data – is not a new concept. Scientists have been talking about how humans can quickly become swamped by too much information for many years. Historically this was in the context of work – but the problem now affects almost everyone who owns a smartphone. After all, who has not sighed with annoyance or felt frustra
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Android privacy settings to adjust

Android devices are popular among users as they generally offer more flexibility than Apple’s iOS. Both users and manufacturers can tinker with Android and adjust things as they please. However, the freedoms that Android users enjoy come at a price as those devices are sometimes more vulnerable to attacks and privacy-related issues. Unlike Apple’
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Your Digital Footprint Explained — and Why It Matters

Your digital footprint is the trail of data left behind from all your online activity. Anything you share or do online, from visiting a website to interacting on social media, contributes to your digital footprint. While much of the information stored in your digital footprint is a result of voluntary online activity like sending emails or submitting a conta
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How to avoid getting hacked in 2022?

The chances of you being on the lookout for a New Year resolution are high! One of the most important resolutions worth considering for 2022 should be NOT to get hacked this year. There have been way too many high-end data leaks and breaches over the last few years, so the chances of your credentials being on sale on the dark web are relatively high. Unfortu
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7 Scams To Avoid This Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and goodwill – but unfortunately cybercriminals don’t care. In fact, many will use Christmas as a way to target even more victims. Here are seven scams you should look out for this festive season: Phishing emails Phishing emails are an incredibly effective way to to trick unsuspecting people into downloading malw
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Tips to protect your data, security, and privacy from a hands-on expert

This post was authored by one of the most active helpers on the Malwarebytes forums who wishes to remain anonymous. Back in the early days of personal computing, perhaps one of the only real concerns was data loss from a drive failure. That risk still exists, but we all face many other threats today too. There are rootkits, Trojans, worms, viruses, ra
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Why you really should buy your own laptop

For many people, a shiny new laptop is a welcome perk of the job. Sleek, fast and desirable, you can work at home, on the road or even in the local coffee shop. And during lockdown, work laptops were essential to keeping business running and our colleagues and friends connected. But with little else to do, professional and personal lives quickly began to ble
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Reminder: Stop reusing passwords!

Three years ago we wrote an article 52% of users reuse their passwords. At the time, more than half of people were using the same passwords to protect two or more online services. Now three years later it appears that password reuse is still a serious problem. People are still putting their personal data at risk of theft. And when reusing passwords at work,
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8 Online Gaming Security Risks – Are You Protected?

If it’s connected to the Internet, criminals will eventually attack it. We’re quite used to stories about computers and smartphones being hacked – but did you know online gaming can also be used to steal personal information? Here are eight ways that criminals are preparing to attack through your online games. “Weak” passwords Simple passwords are really
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Is My VPN Working?

When a VPN (Virtual Private Network) works properly, it prevents your online activity from being tracked. By connecting your devices to different servers around the world instead of your internet provider’s local server, VPNs encrypt your data streams and prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from reading what you’re doing. However, not all VPNs work
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