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What happens if my phone is stolen?

Mobile phones are an incredibly important part of our lives. As well as making calls, we use them to surf the web, shop online, take photographs, post on social media and even pay for goods in store. Losing your smartphone is distressing. A stolen phone is even worse. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional upset, but you have to act quickly to prote
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Custom Zoom Backgrounds + Printable Props for the Holidays

This year, there’s a whole new meaning to “there’s no place like home for the holidays.” With COVID-19 cases spiking, many of December’s festivities will be celebrated at a distance to protect the health of our family and friends. Though the observance of these holidays may look a bit different this year, there is still plenty to celebrate. Gather your famil
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How to fix slow WiFi

According to a survey published by The Independent, slow internet tops the list of most annoying tech problems. For most of us, WiFi is now essential – we rely on it for shopping, banking, work, entertainment and more. No wonder slow WiFi is so frustrating. So when you notice a problem, what can you do? Reboot your device If your device is always on and
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What you can learn from a corporate malware attack

Dealing with malware infections can be a nightmare because the stakes are high. Make a mistake and you may be robbed, defrauded or blackmailed. Large businesses are attacked virtually every day as hackers and malware attempt to break through their defences. Faced by this constant danger, they have developed effective processes that help to minimise damage. F
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The four areas that all cybersecurity policies should keep in mind

Just a few hours ago, we have seen how the low-cost airline Vueling, part of the IAG (Iberia) group, and the courier service Nacex, along with at least seven other smaller firms, have fallen victim to a vulnerability that exposed the data of thousands of employees who used the online learning services of the firms. And it is not the first time that such atta
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How To Surf Safely When On Holiday

The peak summer holiday season was quite disappointing for most of us. As a result, many have rescheduled trips for later in the year, hoping to catch a little sunshine during half term or later. So as you prepare your technology for your next holiday, you should also consider how to use your devices safely too. Lock your devices securely Portable electronic
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1/3 of Americans Suffer from Digital Amnesia (Survey)

Are digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers diminishing our memory? We asked Americans which important phone numbers they can remember and the results were alarming—it’s not a lot. Perhaps the most frightening finding from our survey is that over 82 percent of parents wouldn’t be able to remember their children’s phone number if they had to.
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How to take your company into the cloud and telecommute securely

A growing number of organizations are opting to migrate their data and applications to the cloud given the numerous benefits that this delivers: cost savings on server maintenance, scalability, and easy access to data from anywhere, to name just three. The latter is particularly important today due to the massive increase in telecommuting in response to the
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How to Report a Cybercrime

Every day hackers send millions of phishing emails and sometimes they get lucky. All it takes is one mouse click on the wrong link and our computer is infected with malware. Criminals can then steal sensitive personal information, or use the infected computer as part of a botnet. This is more than just an annoyance. When your computer is infected, you become
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Does Remote Learning Work for Your Children?

Before the coronavirus pandemic strike, remote work and distance learning was set to increase over the next decade. No one really thought that the increase would be so significant but here it is, Covid-19 happened. More and more companies were starting to take advantage of cloud services that allow employees to maintain productivity while working from home.
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Are Cookies Bad + How to Clear Them

Have you ever browsed an eCommerce website, adding potential purchases to your cart, only to exit your browser and not submit an order during the session? Did you ever find yourself navigating back to the site, pleasantly surprised that your cart still held those items? For that, you can thank internet cookies. Browser cookies allow a site to provide a perso
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EMOTET reemerges after months in hiding

First identified in 2014, Emotet has continued to infect systems and compromise users until now, which has kept it in the news far longer than other threats from the same year. The last version of Emotet was seen back in February, when it was distributed across WLAN networks, highlighting how this malware had evolved from a banker Trojan aimed at stealing fi
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How to recognize a charity scam?

Charity scams are on the rise in North America. The Covid-19 pandemic and the complicated political situation in the USA caused by the upcoming presidential elections have made more and more people be extra vocal about the causes they support. While some are taking it to the streets or presidential rallies, others are simply looking for charities that repres
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Should you jailbreak your iPhone?

Simple and reliable, Apple iPhones are believed to be some of the most secure mobile devices available. Apple security comes down to one factor – very tight control of the operating system and hardware. To better protect users, Apple iPhones and iPads can only install apps from the official App Store. Every app is checked by Apple’s security experts to verif
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Is COVID-19 Making Cyberbullying Worse?

As schools across the world have closed to stop the spread of COVID-19, classes have been moved online. But for all the live presentations and limitless learning material, some nastier elements of school life had transitioned online too. According to a recent report by Israeli start-up L1ght, reports of cyberbullying are increasing rapidly. Cyberbullying inc
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