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Microsoft Office Malware Captured in a Micro-VM on an Unpatched Computer

The Bromium Labs team was able to get their hands on some live malware exploiting the Microsoft office vulnerability. First and foremost, on an unpatched workstation Bromium did its job by hardware isolating the Microsoft Word document into a protected virtual machine so that the host workstation was never infected. Secondly, it shows the amazing analytics
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Zero-Day Vulnerability is a Zero-Sum Game

Late last week a new Microsoft Office vulnerability was discovered by McAfee; they discovered attacks exploiting this vulnerability back to late January 2017. This should raise substantial concern for anyone responsible for cyber security at their company or federal agency. Since January, every Windows-based MS Office machine was exposed to the worst type o
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Malware is Becoming Alarming. Can You Hear Me Now?

A supposed “white hat” hacker gained access to the network of the Dallas Office of Emergency Management and managed to set off 156 sirens used to alert of an emergency Alarms blared for 90 minutes before the city was able to manually shut down the entire system. How does this continue to happen? Because the current method of stopping malware just isn’t work
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Breaking News: “It’s a Very Large-Scale Espionage Operation”

A complex cybercrime spy ring has been revealed today. A China-based cyber gang is behind the effort. Countries targeted include Japan, UK, France and the United States. If you’re responsible for your company’s cyber security, chances are, someone in your office has probably already forwarded this story to you. The Telegraph is sharing a story
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Did You Have Ransomware Served to You Via Skype?

News breaking today that Skype users are being targeted by ransomware. Cybercriminals use Adobe Flash to get the job done. Bromium protects you from this kind of nonsense. It’s so hard to know when something can be trusted. And those of us who are just trying to get our jobs done using regular business tools are most often the target. I know: I am an
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Busting the Non-Persistent VDI Security Myth!

VDI, including non-persistent VDI, does little or nothing to stop today’s malware. VDI is just as susceptible to malware as physical desktops. Virtualization-based Security (VBS) helps solve the cyber security challenges for both physical and virtual desktops. Running Bromium’s Federal Professional Services team, I get the opportunity to meet with some o
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Is Education Enough to Make the Internet Safer?

Safer Internet Day promotes the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people. Education can never completely protect from cybercrime and relying on humans is not a solid strategy. Bromium’s virtualization-based technology means that end-users are protected from malware, so they can browse the internet freely and saf
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My Artificial Intelligence is Better than Your Artificial Intelligence – Or How to Truly Stop Malware

At RSA 2017, there was one resounding message that attendees were bombarded with; artificial intelligence is here to solve our security problems. The problem is, cybercrime continues because the bad guys are using the same techniques. It’s time to change the game. For years, it’s been humans vs. humans. Cybercriminals and cybersecurity organizations consta
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The OPM Breach and Why You Should Fire Your Cyber Janitor

In June of 2015 the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced they had been the target of what became one of the largest breaches of government data in history. When the dust settled, it was determined that over 20 million people were affected. The data stolen from individuals was Social Security numbers, names, addresses, relatives, and
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Malware’s Newest Disguise: The Humble Resume

Ransomware use goes back to the 1980s when developers and programmers, afraid that they would not be paid, sometimes inserted “time bombs” into the code. Ransomware plays a role in the insidious new trend where cybercriminals are targeting healthcare organizations through the use of an unsuspecting accomplice. What started with 256-bit encryption has now re
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New Study: Companies Aren’t Prepared for Cyber Security Threats

In the modern world, it isn’t bank robbers we’re worried about – it’s cyber criminals. They can steal consumer information, alter data so that it gives false insights or remains corrupted for months or even years without notice, and even sell valuable intellectual property to the highest bidder, putting companies under.However, while many understand the impo
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New Research Highlights Top Cyber-Attack Concerns for 2017

With such a lively 2016 ­for infosec – mega-breaches, new malware strains, inventive phishing techniques, and big debates between security and privacy – there’s plenty of reason to pause and consider what the security community should be most concerned about for 2017 and what they can do to prepare. Tripwire Survey: Preparing for Top Attacks of 2017 from
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How cyber threats affect enterprise and consumer devices

Over the past decade, Microsoft has methodically studied the evolving cyber threat landscape. We share what we learn twice a year in our Security Intelligence Report, and the most recent issue reveals some important differences between consumer devices and enterprise threats. Attackers don’t view all attack vectors equally – home computer users and enterpris
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Security Intelligence Report: Discover the top cybersecurity threats by country

Security professionals know there’s no silver bullet to achieve perfect security—the volume and magnitude of cyber threats vary considerably depending on country and threat type. For example, during the second half of 2015 (2H15), encounter rates for some types of threats in Russia and Brazil were nearly three times the worldwide average. Of the ten most com
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Europol Warns of the Top 8 Cybercrime Trends in 2016

A new report released by Europol’s European Cybercrime Center (EC3) warns of the eight main cybercrime trends that investigators have seen impact a growing number of citizens and businesses this year.The 2016 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) found that the volume, scope and material cost of cybercrime all remain on an upward trend. In
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