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Maze Ransomware is Dead. Or is it?

“It’s definitely dead,” says Tyler Moffitt, security analyst at Carbonite + Webroot, OpenText companies. “At least,” he amends, “for now.” Maze ransomware, which made our top 10 list for Nastiest Malware of 2020 (not to mention numerous headlines throughout the last year), was officially shut down in November of 2020. The ransomware group behind it issued
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False Confidence is the Opposite of Cyber Resilience

Reading Time: ~ 4 min. Have you ever met a person who thinks they know it all? Or maybe you’ve occasionally been that person in your own life? No shame and no shade intended – it’s great (and important) to be confident about your skills. And in cases where you know your stuff, we encourage you to keep using your knowledge to help enhance the lives and experi
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Shoring Up Your Network and Security Policies: Least Privilege Models

Reading Time: ~ 3 min. Why do so many businesses allow unfettered access to their networks? You’d be shocked by how often it happens. The truth is: your employees don’t need unrestricted access to all parts of our business. This is why the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) is one of the most important, if overlooked, aspects of a data security plan. 
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The Truth about Phishing & the Psychology of Why We Click

Reading Time: ~ 5 min. “Phishing” may have been a relatively obscure term, but pretty much everyone has heard of it by now. In fact, recent statistics indicate a high likelihood that you—or someone you know—have been the victim of a phishing attack at least once. Now, if you remember the classic Nigerian Prince scams from back in the day, you
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Cyber News Rundown: MedusaLocker Ransomware

Reading Time: ~ 2 min. MedusaLocker Ransomware Spotted Worldwide While it’s still unclear how MedusaLocker is spreading, the victims have been confirmed around the world in just the last month. By starting with a preparation phase, this variant can ensure that local networking functionality is active and maintain access to network drives. After shutting d
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5 Key Benchmarks for Choosing Efficient Endpoint Security

Reading Time: ~ 3 min. First and foremost, endpoint protection must be effective. Short of that, MSPs won’t succeed in protecting their clients and, more than likely, won’t remain in business for very long. But beyond the general ability to stop threats and protect users, which characteristics of an endpoint solution best set its administrators for success?
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Bringing Threat Intelligence to the Device

Previous posts in this series provided an overview of threat intelligence, its role within the IoT space, and how it can be used to prevent threats at the network perimeter in IoT Gateways. With the evolution of internet-connected devices and their growing resource capabilities, these “things” will increasingly become connected directly to the internet, forg
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