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Zepto Ransomware Packed into WSF Spam

ThreatTrack Labs has recently observed a surge of spam containing a zip attachment with a WSF (Windows Scripting File) to deliver Zepto ransomware. This tactic is a change from the common JavaScript and macro documents being spammed previously. Here are actual emails featuring familiar social engineering tactics: The zip attachments contain the WSF. &nbs
Publish At:2016-11-21 23:35 | Read:9163 | Comments:0 | Tags:Featured Security news Technology news ThreatTrack Security

Google 'Project Fi' Wireless Service: 10 Amazing Facts

Google has just launched its long-rumored wireless cellular service that comes up to give a tough competition for AT&T and Verizon communication.Yes! A wireless Service for Cell Phone users.The web Internet giant, Google is now becoming a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) by offering its wireless service.Here's What we Need to Know:1. Google’
Publish At:2015-04-23 06:25 | Read:4176 | Comments:0 | Tags:Google Fi Wireless Service Google Project Fi Google Wireless

Google To Speed Up The Internet With Its New QUIC Protocol

Google is trying every effort to make the World Wide Web faster for Internet users.The company has announced plans to propose its homemade networking protocol, called Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC), to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in order to make it the next-generation Internet standard.Probably the term QUIC is new for you, but if yo
Publish At:2015-04-19 20:40 | Read:4618 | Comments:0 | Tags:Fast Internet HTTP 2.0 Protocol HTTP/2 Protocol multiplexed

Google $100 ChromeBit Turns Any TV Into a Computer

Imagine — reaching into your pocket — and pulling out a computer! Google has made it possible to put your whole computer into your pocket by introducing a whole new kind of Chrome device — a tiny stick that plugs into HDMI port of any display.Dubbed ChromeBit, a fully featured computer-on-a-stick from Asus that Google promises to retail f
Publish At:2015-04-01 18:35 | Read:3391 | Comments:0 | Tags:Asus Chromebit Chrome Os Chromebit Chromebook computer gadge

Record-breaking 1Tbps Speed achieved Over 5G Mobile Connection

New Generations usually bring new base technologies, more network capacity for more data per user, and high speed Internet service, for which Internet service providers usually advertise. However, it is believed that the fifth generation (5G Technology) of mobile network will be beyond our thoughts. 1TBPS OVER 5GSecurity researchers from the University of
Publish At:2015-02-26 19:55 | Read:4743 | Comments:0 | Tags:5G Internet Connection 5G speed test ddos attack Distributed

16-year-old Invents Device that Can Convert Breath to Speech

A High-school student Arsh Shah Dilbagi has invented a portable and affordable device that converts breath into speech, helping people suffering from different developmental disabilities like locked-in syndrome, Parkinson's, or ALS to communicate using only their breath.A 16-year-old Dilbagi who hails from Harayana’s Panipat region in India has come up
Publish At:2014-09-15 14:30 | Read:3273 | Comments:0 | Tags:AAC device Arsh Shah Dilbagi Google Science Fair Indian Hack

China Develops Facial Recognition Payment System with Near-Perfect Accuracy

In an intent to move one step forward from others, China is planning to launch a facial recognition payment application with near-perfect accuracy that enables users to authorize their online transactions just by showing a picture of themselves.Chinese researchers from the Chongqing-based research institute have developed a facial recognition system that can
Publish At:2014-09-10 10:30 | Read:3811 | Comments:0 | Tags:Chinese Devices facial recognition Facial Recognition Paymen


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