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SSID Meaning: What Is an SSID and How Can You Find Yours?

Have you ever tried to connect to a Wi-Fi network and run into network names like “Blues Clues,” “Claire’s Router” or “SETUP-6555”? If so, then you’ve come across your neighbor’s or business’s SSID. These unique names help users identify their own personal Wi-Fi networks for easy connection and use. But what exactly is an SSID meaning and how can you find yo
Publish At:2023-01-26 18:03 | Read:36926 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Technology

Bank of America starts restoring missing Zelle transactions

Bank of America has started to restore missing Zelle transactions that suddenly disappeared from customers' bank accounts this morning, causing some to dip into negative balances.The outage began at approximately 7 AM ET today, with BoA customers suddenly finding their account balances had decreased after recent Zelle transactions disappeared.This led to rep
Publish At:2023-01-18 16:13 | Read:118065 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Android TV box on Amazon came pre-installed with malware

A Canadian system administrator discovered that an Android TV box purchased from Amazon was pre-loaded with persistent, sophisticated malware baked into its firmware.The malware was discovered by Daniel Milisic, who created a script and instructions to help users nullify the payload and stop its communication with the C2 (command and control) server.The devi
Publish At:2023-01-12 20:11 | Read:74654 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Google Technology android

Trojan Puzzle attack trains AI assistants into suggesting malicious code

Researchers at the universities of California, Virginia, and Microsoft have devised a new poisoning attack that could trick AI-based coding assistants into suggesting dangerous code.Named 'Trojan Puzzle,' the attack stands out for bypassing static detection and signature-based dataset cleansing models, resulting in the AI models being trained to learn how to
Publish At:2023-01-10 20:11 | Read:98535 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Technology

Amazon S3 will now encrypt all new data with AES-256 by default

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) will now automatically encrypt all new objects added on buckets on the server side, using AES-256 by default.While the server-side encryption system has been available on AWS for over a decade, the tech giant has enabled it by default to bolster security.Administrators will not have to take any actions for the new encr
Publish At:2023-01-06 16:13 | Read:91512 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Technology

Fake Flipper Zero websites look to cause a big splash

Security researchers are advised to be on the lookout for scammers targeting their interest in the latest hard to obtain security testing tools. Flipper Zero, a slick looking portable multi-tool which frequently makes its way into the news, is one of the hottest pieces of kit around for security folks and fans of hardware generally. It's also had some issues
Publish At:2023-01-05 22:15 | Read:88070 | Comments:0 | Tags:News flipper zero fake scam phish portal social media twitte

ChatGPT banned in NYC schools over learning impact concerns

The NYC Department of Education has banned the use of ChatGPT by students and teachers in New York City schools as there are serious concerns about its use hampering learning and leading to misinformation.The ban was first reported by Chalkbeat, which confirmed the New York City Department of Education imposed it. The organization manages the largest sc
Publish At:2023-01-05 16:13 | Read:74302 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology Education

France fines Apple for targeted App Store ads without consent

France's data protection authority (CNIL) has fined Apple €8,000,000 ($8.5M) for collecting user data for targeted advertising on the App Store without requesting or securing the user's consent.This practice is considered a violation of Article 82 of the French Data Protection Act (DPA), a national directive that aligns with the GDPR (General Data Prote
Publish At:2023-01-05 16:13 | Read:87112 | Comments:0 | Tags:Apple Government Technology

200 million Twitter users' email addresses allegedly leaked online

Image: AI generated at Dall-EA data leak described as containing email addresses for over 200 million Twitter users has been published on a popular hacker forum for about $2. BleepingComputer has confirmed the validity of many of the email addresses listed in the leak.Since July 22nd, 2022, threat actors and data breach collectors have been selling and circu
Publish At:2023-01-04 20:11 | Read:103030 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Technology

BleepingComputer's most popular technology stories of 2022

2022 is over, and it's been filled with a wide assortment of stories ranging from the impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to the many bugs introduced by Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for Windows.Some stories were more popular with our readers than others, especially stories about Windows updates that broke numerous features.Below we list the ten most po
Publish At:2023-01-02 20:10 | Read:112608 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Using AI to understand how world changers are changing the world

Usually when we write about artificial intelligence (AI) on the Panda Security blog it is about a new product or service. But AI can be used for virtually any activity, including changing the world – or in this case, understanding who is changing the world. Social innovators change the world around them Since 2008, the European Union has been running a progr
Publish At:2022-12-29 09:50 | Read:116416 | Comments:0 | Tags:Mobile News Technology AI

Is crypto up for a reality check this winter?

Investing in crypto over the years has brought wealth to many over the years, but the industry has also seen billions of dollars being wiped out in a matter of hours, leaving risky investors hanging. Many believe digital assets and gold are ‘inflation-proof,’ but 2022 has shown that this might not be the case, especially when it comes to crypto. Inflation ha
Publish At:2022-12-07 06:07 | Read:138069 | Comments:0 | Tags:Mobile Security Technology crypto

OpenAI's new ChatGPT bot: 10 dangerous things it's capable of

OpenAI's newly unveiled ChatGPT bot is making waves when it comes to all the amazing things it can do—from writing music to coding to generating vulnerability exploits, and what not.As the erudite machinery turns into a viral sensation, humans have started to discover some of the AI's biases, like the desire to wipe out humanity.AI'
Publish At:2022-12-06 12:13 | Read:138409 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Open source software host Fosshost shutting down as CEO unreachable

Open source software hosting and cloud computing provider Fosshost will no longer be providing services as it reaches end of life.Fosshost project volunteers announced the development this weekend following months of difficulties in reaching the leadership including the CEO.Users are being urged to immediately backup their data
Publish At:2022-12-04 04:18 | Read:120933 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Cloud provider Rackspace hit by ongoing 12-hour Exchange outage

American cloud computing services provider Rackspace is investigating a 12-hour-long and still active outage leading to connectivity issues and affecting hosted Microsoft Exchange environments they manage for their customers.The list of impacted services includes MAPI/RPC, POP, IMAP, SMTP, ActiveSync, and the Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface used to access
Publish At:2022-12-02 20:09 | Read:185983 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology Cloud


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