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Should I Turn My Computer Off at Night? [Flowchart]

As a benchmark, turn new computers off once daily and leave older devices turned on. Although it’s widely accepted that all computers and laptops should be turned off every night, there are some caveats that point to a daily shutdown not being necessary. Even still, when surveying 1,000 Americans about how often they power down their work computer, 37% respo
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Now anyone can become a cybercriminal

Over recent years, cybercrime and hacking has become more common – we hear of new events almost every day. There are various reasons for this surge in attacks, but one is that hacking is much easier than ever. The world’s biggest library In the past, hacking computer systems required a high degree of expertise. Hackers would spend months and years testing co
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What to expect from the contact tracing app Care19?

Researchers are racing to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, but experts say the humanity is many months, and probably even a year, away from seeing vaccines becoming widely available. The global economy won’t survive that much time in strict quarantine, so governments are looking for ways to ease stay-at-home restrictions while continuing to fight the co
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10 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Most of us have been introduced to a remote lifestyle by this point. Meetings, classes, and workouts are now being hosted virtually. Fortunately, that means greater access for more people and scheduling flexibility. Unfortunately, it also means screen time is at an all-time high. The average adult gets 63.5 notifications per day, many of which are viewed wit
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49% of People Don’t Know How to Disinfect Electronics [Survey]

Cell phones, tablets, and keyboards are a daily part of life. However, the same procedures that go with cleaning common household items does not follow-suit for everyday handheld devices. A study published in Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials explores the contamination levels of handheld devices. It concludes that 94% of phones show evidence
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5G Technology: How to Make Sure the Benefits Outweigh the Security Risks

It’s hard not to say that 5G technology brings a lot of benefits. 5G entails faster download speeds, and yes, if you have a 5G-enabled handset, you could hear and appreciate the speed increases for videos, gaming, etc. However, 5G provides added benefits that go way above those for the everyday user.Let’s take a look at the high speed and low latency of 5G.
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The tech challenges brought by COVID-19

The panic around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to result in disruptions rarely seen before in human history. The forefront challenges caused by the virus are certainly with economic and health flavor. However, the millions of people losing their jobs and the tens of thousands of people already killed by the virus are only one part of the problem
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WPA vs WPA2: Which WiFi Security Should You Use?

Wireless networks are everywhere. Whether you’re at a local coffee shop, a school or at home, it’s likely there are multiple wireless networks you can gain access to. But how do you know which ones are safe? Looking at the network security settings can be a good indicator of which ones you can trust. To help you understand your options, we discuss the histor
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10+ Ways to Free up RAM On Your Windows or Mac Device

When you use up all of the available RAM on your computer, you may notice that your device struggles to complete tasks. If you find that your computer’s applications are frequently crashing and it takes longer to do simple tasks, then you might be wondering how to free up RAM on your computer. What is RAM? Your computer’s Random Access Memory (RAM) is store
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How to Check CPU Temperature on Any Computer

When computers overheat it is typically due to the central processing unit (CPU) being too hot.  This can happen for a number of reasons such as lack of ventilation, dust or malfunctioning parts. If you begin to notice that your computer is hotter than normal, you will want to know how to check your CPU temp. Why Would You Need to Check CPU Temp? The CPU is
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Location Sharing: Americans Don’t Trust It

..While you used to have to ask someone where they were to know their location, you can now track it on your phone. Almost all phones come with a location-sharing app like Find My Friends that lets you connect with other people’s phones. Another version of this is location tagging on Facebook and Instagram. By posting where you are, anyone can track your mov
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Searching for the city of the future

Different projects are taking shape around the world to define the characteristics of the city of the future. In these first decades of the new millenium, the increase in the world’s population  and concerns about climate change are driving a new way of urban planning: charging stations for autonomous electric vehicles, artificial trees that absorb pollution
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Senior’s Complete Guide to Internet Scams

Seniors have become the main target of cybercriminals. A report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that Suspicious Activity Reports for elder financial exploitation quadrupled from 2013 to 2017. When there was a loss of money, the average loss per filer was $16,700. Shockingly, one-third of the individuals who lost money were ages 80 and older
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Why Are People Worried About Huawei?

The UK government was the centre of a storm of criticism surrounding plans for the country’s new 5G cellphone network. Although the new network is desperately needed, experts are concerned about the decision to include Huawei technology. What’s the problem with Huawei? In China, successful companies tend to be very closely aligned with the government. This m
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5G rollout continues (slowly) across the UK

5G, the latest mobile connection technology, is slowly rolling out across the UK. EE, the largest mobile operator in the UK, has recently announced that 5G connectivity has rolled out to another 14 cities, bringing the total to 45. 5G offers connection speeds that are even faster than most home broadband in the UK – up to 410Mbps. This means that you will be
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