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Massive Cloudflare outage caused by network configuration error

Cloudflare says a massive outage that affected more than a dozen of its data centers and hundreds of major online platforms and services today was caused by a change that should have increased network resilience."Today, June 21, 2022, Cloudflare suffered an outage that affected traffic in 19 of our data centers," Cloudflare said after investigating the
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Browser extension lets you remove specific sites from search results

The uBlackList browser extension lets you clean up search results by removing specific sites when searching on Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and other search engines.While the browser extension is not new, being developed since early 2021, it was recently posted to Y Combinator's Hacker News, so we thought we would take a look at it.uBlackList is a browser
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Would you watch TV on the road?

Driving a car safely is particularly complex operation. As well as steering their vehicle and managing their speed, drivers must also be fully aware of the situation outside their vehicle to avoid potentially fatal accidents. This makes the recent announcement that UK authorities plan to allow self-driving car owners to watch television as they ‘drive’ comes
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Telegram to soon launch its premium plan at $4.99 per month

Telegram is one of the best cross-platform messaging apps and it is regularly updated with new features. The privacy-focused social media platform is now working on a new subscription-based project dubbed "Telegram Premium".Unlike Meta-owned social media platforms, Telegram is entirely free. The messenger app has not been officially monetized, though th
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Former OpenSea head of product charged with NFT insider trading

Nathaniel Chastain, a former product manager at OpenSea, the largest online non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has been arrested and charged by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) with NFT insider trading.This is the first time someone was charged for their involvement in what the DOJ describes as a "Digital Asset Insider Trading Scheme."Chastain is accu
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Google quietly bans deepfake training projects on Colab

Google has quietly banned deepfake projects on its Colaboratory (Colab) service, putting an end to the large-scale utilization of the platform’s resources for this purpose.Colab is an online computing resource that allows researchers to run Python code directly through the browser while using free computing resources, including GPUs, to power their pro
Publish At:2022-05-30 14:53 | Read:348 | Comments:0 | Tags:Google Technology

Google shut down caching servers at two Russian ISPs

Two Russian internet service providers (ISPs) have received notices from Google that the global caching servers on their network have been disabled.A caching server is an ISP-bound node for fast serving Google content faster to internet subscribers and maintain high access reliability even during outages.The caching is most important for popular YouTube cont
Publish At:2022-05-26 11:06 | Read:328 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology Google

FTC fines Twitter $150M for using 2FA info for targeted advertising

The Federal Trade Commission has fined Twitter $150 million for using phone numbers and email addresses collected to enable two-factor authentication for targeted advertising.According to court documents [PDF], Twitter asked over 140 million users for this information to protect their accounts starting in 2013, but it failed to inform them that the data
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Netgear fixes bad Orbi firmware update that locked admin console

Netgear is pushing out fixes for a bad Orbi firmware update released earlier this month that prevents users from accessing the device's admin console.On April 27th, Netgear released firmware update for the Orbi RBR750, Orbi RBS750, Orbi RBR850, and Orbi RBS850 mesh Wi-Fi systems.Soon after its release, users began reporting that they could
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Apple discontinues the revolutionary iPod music player

​Apple has decided to pull the plug on the production of the iPod Touch (7th gen), discontinuing the revolutionary iOS-based music player introduced 15 years ago.The announcement doesn't specifically mention the end of the product, but it says iPod Touch will only be available while supplies last, which means the production of the $199 device has cease
Publish At:2022-05-10 18:50 | Read:341 | Comments:0 | Tags:Apple Technology

Dell, Apple, Netflix face lawsuits for pulling services out of Russia

A Moscow Arbitration Court has reportedly seized almost $11 million belonging to Dell LLC after the company failed to provide paid-for services to a local system integrator.IT systems integrator Talmer sued Dell early last month when the American computer giant declined to provide technical support services for VMware as previously agreed. Dell is
Publish At:2022-05-09 15:15 | Read:359 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology Government Legal

Panda Security leads the AV-Comparatives’ Performance Tests – again!

We have done it again. The AV-Comparatives performance tests consolidate Panda Free Antivirus as the top-performing program in its category. As usual, the Austrian laboratory has analysed the 18 most relevant cybersecurity solutions on the market in its performance test. This test measures the impact of different cyber security software on the PC. In this ca
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Trend Micro antivirus modified Windows registry by mistake — How to fix

Trend Micro antivirus has fixed a false positive affecting its Apex One endpoint security solution that caused Microsoft Edge updates to be tagged as malware and the Windows registry to be incorrectly modified.According to hundreds of customer reports that started streaming in earlier this week on the company's forum and on social networks, the fal
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UK sanctions Russian microprocessor makers, banning them from ARM

The UK government added 63 Russian entities to its sanction list on Wednesday. Among them are Baikal Electronics and MCST (Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies), the two most important chip makers in Russia.The two sanctioned entities will now be denied access to the ARM architecture since Arm Ltd., the licensee, is based in Cambridge, England, and will have
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Xbox is down worldwide with users unable to play games

Microsoft says the Xbox Live services are currently down in a major outage, impacting customers worldwide and preventing them from launching or buying games.According to user reports, the online gaming platform has been down for at least three hours, blocking them from playing both offline and cloud games."We're aware that some users are unable to purch
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