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When cyber-security becomes an affair of state

The Netherlands, France and Germany will hold presidential elections in the coming months. A series of electoral processes that take place in the wake of the U.S. elections, during which, Russian cyber-attackers leaked thousands of Democratic National Committee emails which some claim may have affected the election result – a possibility ruled out by P
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From Shamoon to StoneDrill

 Download full report Beginning in November 2016, Kaspersky Lab observed a new wave of wiper attacks directed at multiple targets in the Middle East. The malware used in the new attacks was a variant of the infamous Shamoon worm that targeted Saudi Aramco and Rasgas back in 2012. Dormant for four years, one of the most mysterious wipers in history has
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ViperRAT: The mobile APT targeting the Israeli Defense Force that should be on your radar

ViperRAT is an active, advanced persistent threat (APT) that sophisticated threat actors are actively using to target and spy on the Israeli Defense Force. The threat actors behind the ViperRAT surveillanceware collect a significant amount of sensitive information off of the device, and seem most interested in exfiltrating images and audio content. The atta
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Breaking The Weakest Link Of The Strongest Chain

Around July last year, more than a 100 Israeli servicemen were hit by a cunning threat actor. The attack compromised their devices and exfiltrated data to the attackers’ command and control server. In addition, the compromised devices were pushed Trojan updates, which allowed the attackers to extend their capabilities. The operation remains active at t
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Where to find Lookout at RSA 2017

After a year full of headlines about data breaches and cyber war, it’s clear people want to know about the targeted attacks facing them. That’s what we’re providing at this year’s RSA. We’ve planned a talk, a happy hour, and a great booth for all RSA attendees, especially those interested in learning about targeted mobile threats to corporate data. The tal
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Not so Limitless after all: Trend Micro FTR Assists in the Arrest of Limitless Author

On January 13, college student Zachary Shames pleaded guilty to a federal district court in Virginia, US, for authoring Limitless Logger, the malicious keylogger that was used to steal thousands of sensitive user information like passwords and banking credentials. In November 2014, Trend Micro’s Forward Looking Threat Research team (FTR) published a research
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Uncovering the Inner Workings of EyePyramid

Two Italians referred to as the “Occhionero brothers” have been arrested and accused of using malware and a carefully-prepared spear-phishing scheme to spy on high-profile politicians and businessmen. This case has been called “EyePyramid”, which we first discussed last week. (Conspiracy theories aside, the name came from a domain name and direct
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The Eye of the Storm: A Look at EyePyramid, the Malware Supposedly Used in High-Profile Hacks in Italy

Two Italian citizens were arrested last Tuesday by Italian authorities (in cooperation with the FBI) for exfiltrating sensitive data from high-profile Italian targets. Private and public Italian citizens, including those holding key positions in the state, were the subject of a spear-phishing campaign that reportedly served a malware, codenamed EyePyramid, a
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How Cyber Propaganda Influenced Politics in 2016

Throughout history, politically motivated threat actors have been interested in changing the public opinion to reach their goals. In recent years the popularity of the Internet gave these threat actors new tools. Not only do they make use of social media to spin the news, spread rumors and fake news, but they also actively hack into political organizations.
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Leaking Beeps: IT Systems Broadcasting Sensitive Info

In our previous installments of the Leaking Beeps research series, we have discussed that both healthcare and industrial control systems have been sending clear text messages via the pager communications protocols POCSAG and FLEX. We were surprised to see pages containing sensitive patient information when we looked into the use of pagers in the healthcare s
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CEO Fraud Email Scams Target Healthcare Institutions

A series of Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaigns that used CEO fraud schemes was seen targeting 17 healthcare institutions in the US, ten in the UK, and eight in Canada over the past two weeks. These institutions range from general hospitals and teaching hospitals to specialty care and walk-in clinics. Even pharmaceutical companies were not safe from th
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Business travel: The mobile risks to your corporate data

The holidays bring a season heavy with travel plans. That might include your employees. Lookout Chief Product Officer Santosh Krishnan recently published an article in Help Net Security that outlines the potential mobile risks to your corporate data while your employees are on the go. Krishnan specifically addresses targeted attacks, such as the Pegasus mal
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BLACKGEAR Espionage Campaign Evolves, Adds Japan To Target List

By Joey Chen and MingYen Hsieh BLACKGEAR is an espionage campaign which has targeted users in Taiwan for many years. Multiple papers and talks have been released covering this campaign, which used the ELIRKS backdoor when it was first discovered in 2012. It is known for using blogs and microblogging services to hide the location of its actual command-and-con
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Pawn Storm Ramps Up Spear-phishing Before Zero-Days Get Patched

by Feike Hacquebord and Stephen Hilt  The effectiveness of a zero-day quickly deteriorates as an attack tool after it gets discovered and patched by the affected software vendors. Within the time between the discovery of the vulnerability and the release of the fix, a bad actor might try to get the most out of his previously valuable attack assets. This is e
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Google discloses Windows zero-day that has been exploited in the wild

Google has disclosed a Windows zero-day vulnerability after 7-day deadline it gives vendors when the flaw is actively exploited in the wild by hackers. Google has once again publicly disclosed a zero-day vulnerability affecting current versions of Windows operating system  and Microsoft still hasn’t issued a patch. Yes, you’ve got it right! There
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