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Creating alerts for mesos and marathon app failure

This blog was initially posted by an awesome member of the sysdig community, Kamol Mavlonov on http://blog.microservices.today/. If you’re new to alerting in sysdig cloud this how to video is a great place to start! Creating alerts for marathon failure Under Explore tab select Server -> Overview. Choose Group by mesos.framework.name. Cli
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On Monoliths, Kubernetes, and Monitoring: Transitioning to Docker at Major League Soccer

Earlier this week at Tectonic Summit hosted by CoreOS, we heard Brian Aznar speak about his experience migrating to Docker and Kubernetes, and how his monitoring strategy changed as well. Brian is the director of engineering for Major League Soccer. Brian was interviewed by Loris Degioanni, founder of Sysdig. Below is the text of the conversation, slight
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Creating Utilization Alerts & Dashboards for Mesos & DCOS

This blog was initially posted by an awesome member of the sysdig community, Kamol Mavlonov on http://blog.microservices.today/. He covers how to get up and running with Dashboards and Alerts to monitor the CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization in your mesos environments. Creating a Disk Utilization Dashboard Under Explore tab select Server -> Overview.
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Server monitoring for Tor exit nodes

We had a chance to catch up with Kenan Sulayman, who runs some of the biggest Tor servers in the world. Read on to learn about server monitoring for high-throughput environments, network visibility, and optimizing application code versus the network. Monitoring Tor exit nodes Tor is short for The Onion Router (thus the logo) and was initially a worldw
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Monitoring Docker on GKE and AWS at Everalbum

Everalbum transitioned from a more static, VM-based architecture to a Docker-based model across dozens of hosts and multiple cloud providers. In addition to monitoring Docker containers, Everalbum leverages Kubernetes and cloud provider-run services. They needed a solution that covers server monitoring, container monitoring and even custom statsd metrics fro
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New GKE Installation for Docker Monitoring

Stuff just takes…too…long these days. How long should you wait, for example , to monitor your docker containers on GKE? “Too long” is the answer you get most places. That’s why we just launched our new, super-sleek, telsa-would-be-impressed-at-how-fast-this-is Google Container Engine integration. How does it work? Just sign in with Google
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Monitoring Docker and Kubernetes at WayBlazer

Moving Docker into production is still as much art as it is science. We caught up with Kevin Kuhl and Kevin Cashman at WayBlazer to talk about monitoring Docker and Kubernetes, selecting the right metrics to focus on, deciding what to run with Kubernetes, and diagnosing the “domino effect” in a Kubernetes failover.Introducing WayBlazerWayBlazer is the world’
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A Universal Slack Event Router

It’s no secret that more and more teams nowadays live on Slack. Discussions, internal and external events, application notifications are examples of the many things that end up in Slack to help teams be more efficient. Our company is no exception: Slack is a central part of our workflow. As a consequence, it’s natural for us to think that our products s
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Operating systems are a huge pile of technical debt

Developers are responsible for creating new, powerful software. This is what we do, day in and day out. But much of the software we create is based on the work of others. It’s not only their software from yesterday, but also from years or decades before. That creates a complex set of challenges when it comes to understanding the behavior of our own software,
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When APM fails: A 502 troubleshooting tale

Too often monitoring and performance management tools are good at giving you the “what” of your software but don’t help with the “why.” But, it’s usually the “why” that eats up hours or days of your time. Tracking down bugs and performance issues can be incredibly tricky, no matter how many good tools you have at your disposal. This is a real customer cas
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Visualizing AWS Storage with Real-Time Latency Spectrograms

Having worked for several years in the wireless networking space, I always found spectrum analyzers like this one extremely useful. I always found such a representation of the wireless spectrum not only visually cool, but also useful to understand trends, spot bottlenecks and identify outliers. A bunch of attempts have been done to apply this kind of visua
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