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Understanding how Kubernetes DNS Services work

Kubernetes allows you to create container groups and define services on top of them. Kubernetes assigns each service a virtual static IP address routable within the cluster, so any connection that reaches this IP address will be automatically routed to one of the containers in the group. The benefit of using services is that you are able to access the fun
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Tracking down application bottlenecks with Tracers

What if we could do application monitoring without complex dependencies, overhead and for free? That’s why we recently launched Sysdig Tracers: a new functionality that extends the open source Sysdig troubleshooting tool from the infrastructure layer towards the application layer. Tracers allow you to monitor execution time of any segment of code fr
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Troubleshooting Docker and Kubernetes

Container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, DC/OS Mesos or Docker Swarm help towards making your experience like riding an unicorn over a rainbow, but don’t help much with troubleshooting containers: They are isolated, there is a barrier between you and the process you want to monitor and traditional troubleshooting tools run on the host doesn’t
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System Profiling for Lazy Developers

Measuring latency within my code is something that I do very very often. Occasionally I resort to tools like profilers to help me out but, honestly, most of the time I just put timers in my code and print the results to the console or a log file. The reasons are: Running a profiler requires quite a bit of setup, which often is not justified or I’m t
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Operating systems are a huge pile of technical debt

Developers are responsible for creating new, powerful software. This is what we do, day in and day out. But much of the software we create is based on the work of others. It’s not only their software from yesterday, but also from years or decades before. That creates a complex set of challenges when it comes to understanding the behavior of our own software,
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When APM fails: A 502 troubleshooting tale

Too often monitoring and performance management tools are good at giving you the “what” of your software but don’t help with the “why.” But, it’s usually the “why” that eats up hours or days of your time. Tracking down bugs and performance issues can be incredibly tricky, no matter how many good tools you have at your disposal. This is a real customer cas
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Visualizing AWS Storage with Real-Time Latency Spectrograms

Having worked for several years in the wireless networking space, I always found spectrum analyzers like this one extremely useful. I always found such a representation of the wireless spectrum not only visually cool, but also useful to understand trends, spot bottlenecks and identify outliers. A bunch of attempts have been done to apply this kind of visua
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Fishing for Hackers: Analysis of a Linux Server Attack

A few days ago I stumbled upon a classic blog post covering common recommendations for hardening a fresh new Linux server: install fail2ban, disable SSH password authentication, randomize SSH port, configure iptables, etc. That got me thinking: what would happen if I did exactly the opposite? Of course the most common result is to fall victim to a botnet tha
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