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Russian Nation-state hackers intensify operations in Syria

According to security experts Russian nation-state hackers are behind cyber espionage campaigns against opposition groups and NGOs in Syria. Russia is behind a cyber espionage campaign against Syrian opposition groups and NGOs, the Kremlin wants to conduct a PSYOP to influence the sentiment of the country on the humanitarian crisis as a diversionary action f
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Russia deploys jamming systems in Syria as tensions rise

Russia will deploy jamming systems in Syria to protect its air forces and prevent attacks against its aircraft. The Russian army in Syria is planning to launch electronic warfare in the country with the institution of jamming systems. The jamming systems are an essential component of the Russian military strategy that aims to
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Pawn Storm Targets MH17 Investigation Team

Pawn Storm has a long history of targeting government agencies and private organizations to steal sensitive information. Our most recent findings show that they targeted the international investigation team of the MH17 plane crash from different sides. The Dutch Safety Board (known as Onderzoeksraad) became a target of the cyber-espionage group before and af
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Citizen Lab research on Syrian Electronic Army in Politico

Citizen Lab Research Fellow John Scott-Railton spoke to Politico regarding the Syrian Electronic Army, a group of hackers in support of Bashar Al-Assad’s government. The US Army’s web domain was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, shutting down the domain for several hours. The Syrian Electronic Army tweeted a screenshot to take credit for the
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How SEA hacked email accounts of Assad’s opponents

Motherboard published an interesting report on an espionage campaign led by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) against the opponents of the Syrian Government. Today I decided to present a very interesting story published by Lorenzo Francesco Bicchierai on Motherboard. It is a story about intelligence activities and how hacking s
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Female Skype Avatar Sinks Syria Opposition Fighters

It’s a tried-and-true plotline for many a corny movie: the lonely soldier on the front lines falling for a girl who turns out to be the enemy. If you apply a 2015 reality to that scenario, you have the lonely soldier Skyping with an alluring woman who turns out to be an enemy hacker dropping custom malware on your Android device or PC.In the latter cas
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Hackers stole GigaBytes of Syrian opposition’s data, including battle plans

A report issued by FireEye revealed that hackers have stolen GigaBytes of data from Syrian opposition’s computers, including battlefield plans. A recent report issued by FireEye revealed that hackers tapped into Syrian opposition’s computers and have stolen gigabytes of secret communications and battlefield plans.
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John Scott-Railton on the Syrian conflict

Media coverage: The New York TimesCitizen Lab Research Fellow John Scott-Railton is one of the authors of a report entitled “Behind the Syrian Conflict’s Digital Frontlines,” released today by FireEye, that documents a hacking operation that successfully breached the Syrian opposition. The report describes the diverse malware tools–both wid
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The Syrian malware part 2: Who is The Joe?

Introduction Kaspersky Lab would like to alert users in the Middle East for new malware attacks being delivered through Syrian news and social networking forums. Malware writers are using multiple techniques to deliver their files and entice the victims to run them, creating an effective infection vector. Mainly depending on social engineering, the attackers
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CyberCaliphate group hacked US CENTCOM Social Media Accounts

ISIS supporters have hacked the YouTube and Twitter accounts belonging to the US CENTCOM leaking online internal documents stolen from mobile devices. While Anonymous started the #OpCharlieHebdo campaign against jihadist websites to to avenge the attack against the Charlie Hebdo, hackers of the CyberCaliphate group, claiming t
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ISIS operates spear phishing attacks against a Syrian citizen media group

A Syrian citizen media group critical of ISIS was recently targeted in a spear phishing campaign which aim to de-anonymize its members. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is accused to have run cyber attacks against the Syrian citizen media group known as Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently (RSS), the news was reporte
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Malware Attack Targeting Syrian ISIS Critics

by John Scott-Railton and Seth HardyWith the collaboration of Cyber Arabs.SummaryThis report describes a malware attack with circumstantial links to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In the interest of highlighting a developing threat, this post analyzes the attack and provides a list of Indicators of Compromise.A Syrian citizen media group critical of Is
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Helmi Noman interviewed for piece on Syrian Electronic Army

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher Helmi Noman was interviewed by the International Business Times regarding the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) and its attack of several international news sites. The SEA is a group of hackers in support of Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad’s regime, known to target opposition political group.The most recent cyber-attack it car
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The Syrian Electronic Army is causing a mass media outage through Gigya hacking

High profile global websites using the customer management platform Gigya suffered a traffic redirection attack operated by the Syrian Electronic Army. A significant number of popular websites belonging to media organizations appeared to has been hacked by the hacking collective of Syrian Electronic Army on Thursday. The ap
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ISIS Hacked Keighley Cougars Rugby Team’s Website

A group of hackers supporting the ISIS hacked the Keighley Cougars rugby team’s website, the attackers defaced the website with pro ISIS slogans. Keighley Cougars rugby team’s website has been hacked by Islamic extremists, ISIS. Users who tried to the website on Sunday were met by a black web page featuring “Hacked By Team Sys
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