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Conveniently Connected And…Compromised?

Business and IT leaders understand that in this era of BYOD programs, employees present constant security threats. Device mismanagement or poor Internet etiquette could lead to data leaks or network infiltration. But let’s not forget the newer threat on the block.  Advancements in the Internet of Things means IT staff looking to address brea
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Eight Data Security Resolutions You Should Make In 2015

As the end of the year approaches and we look ahead to 2015, many start to think about New Year’s resolutions. While getting in shape or quitting smoking are popular options, have you considered making some data security resolutions for your business?The New Year is a perfect time to refresh and restart. Consider using this time to take a critica
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What To Do-And What Not To Do-When You Discover a Breach

Data breaches are becoming a sad fact of life for enterprise IT departments, and all staff members are being asked to become increasingly vigilant about security. But while organizations focus their efforts on stopping intruders from getting in the door, they also need to ensure they have a strategy for what to do once a breach has already occurr
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The Gift that Keeps on Giving: 12 Ways Everyone Can Help IT This Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, everyone gets caught up in the season of giving. As IT professionals, this time of year allows us to share a gift with our users, which actually can help them give an even greater gift to us in return—the gift of users educated in ways that make our jobs easier. Give your users the gift of patience—and these tips—to keep
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Hackers Playing Grinch Could Dampen Your Holiday Sales

As the holiday shopping season descends upon retailers and shoppers, storm clouds of apprehension from recent data breaches continue to darken the perception of safety among some consumers. A recent study conducted by CreditCards.com and reported on by Huffington Post found that 45% of gift-grabbing respondents would “definitely not” or “probably
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Dropbox User Credentials Stolen: A Reminder To Increase Awareness In House

Trust is an important part of online business today, especially in light of so many high profile data breaches and stolen identities. Most recently, according to ARS Technica, an anonymous hacker made a series of posts to Pastebin, claiming that the posts contained login credentials for hundreds of Dropbox users. The hacker also claimed that near
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How To Prevent Your Data From Getting Shellshocked

The Shellshock “Bash Bug” vulnerability, uncovered last week, affects most versions of Unix and Linux based systems. This vulnerability has the potential to allow an attacker to gain control of an affected computer via Bash, which is the shell component that is utilized in multiple versions of both operating systems. Bash is a command line interp
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U.S. Banks Breached in Cyberattack: What Bankers Should Do To Stay Protected

At least five U.S. banks have been targeted in a sophisticated cyberattack this month. New York Times reported that hackers breached the network and stole gigabytes of sensitive information, including checking and savings account information. The F.B.I. is involved in the investigation and is conducting forensics, but it isn’t yet clear who origi
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Backoff Trojan Is Back: Protect Your Business From The Next POS Breach

The New York Times has reported that the Department of Homeland Security has expanded its estimate of businesses affected by the Trojan.backoff Point of Sale malware. Over 1000 total businesses in the U.S. are reported to have been affected, up from around 600, which was reported earlier this month. Dubbed “Backoff”, this Trojan malware steals cu
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Protecting Your Virtual Network

Virtualization has swept through the data center in recent years; enabling an IT transformation and the expansion of a key component of today’s businesses, cloud computing. The ability to deploy virtual instances of servers allows existing hardware to be used more efficiently and contributes to better IT management, automation, agility and scalin
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What’s New in the Spam Market?

We’ve always had “spam” in one form or another, from junk mail to unwanted telephone calls to today’s ubiquitous spam emails. In recent years, we’ve actually seen the volume of email-based spam taper off from its highest levels, which has led some to wonder, is the spam market dying? From what we’ve seen at Symantec, while the market has receded,
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The Market for Online Credentials

In July of this year, six individuals in Russia and the United States were charged with taking part in an international hacking ring that stole more than $1 million. However, this time the attackers didn’t filch credit cards or banking information. According to reports, Vadim Polyakov, a Russian national, allegedly hacked over 1,600 accounts on a
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Criminal Motives Are Simple but Tactics are Crafty

With the recent spate of high-profile data breaches, it’s become clear to the public that cybercrime has become big business for those behind it. Indeed, the number of data breaches rose 62 percent in 2013 according to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, and the techniques and tools behind them are numerous.Whether the ambition of the i
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Apathy or Denial? Google Claims Security Unnecessary on Android Devices, Despite Warnings

Adrian Ludwig, the lead engineer for Android security at Google, recently announced that the majority of Android users don’t need to install antivirus or other security apps on their devices for protection – despite warnings from security companies across the industry. The question is . . . why? Gartner research reported that Android will likely
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Cyber Shakedowns: A Hacker's New Payday

Hearing a story about an organized crime ring demanding protection money from businesses might conjure images of the local mafia taking money from neighborhood businesses. However, in today’s global internet economy, extortion is no longer confined to the mafia, or even brick-and-mortar stores – businesses now face online extortion tactics from c
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