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Survey: 93% of ICS Pros Fear Digital Attacks Will Affect Operations

Digital attackers are increasingly targeting industrial environments these days. Take manufacturing organizations, for instance. Back in late-August, FortiGuard Labs discovered a malspam campaign that had targeted a large U.S. manufacturing company with a variant of the LokiBot infostealer family. It wasn’t long thereafter when Bloomberg reported on the effo
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"2017 Application Security Survey is Live!"

 Our 2016 application security survey, led by Dr. Johannes Ullrich, saw AppSec Programs continuously improving. In this year's 2017 survey led by Jim Bird, we will be looking at how AppSec is keeping up with rapidly increasing rates of change as organizations continue to adopt agile de
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US, China and the UK are top regions affected by IoT security threats

In the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem today, cyberattacks are becoming more diverse and sophisticated with cybercriminals taking over home network routers to launch attacks on smart home devices.Trend Micro’s recent report shows more than 1.8 million cyberattacks have been conducted through home network routers in the past six months.
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Turning Off Cybersecurity to Increase Productivity Shouldn’t Be How the Problem Gets Solved

It seems security teams are under a lot of pressure from the organization when it comes to the balance between productivity and staying secure. Our infographic below explains how this plays out: with some saying they turn off security and others modifying it. Cybersecurity shouldn’t be this hard and it shouldn’t impact end user behavior. Users s
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Security Professionals Admit to Paying Ransom and Hiding Breaches (Infographic)

We did a survey at RSAC in February that kind of blew our minds; so much so we surveyed more people to check our work! Security professionals admit to paying ransom (from ransomware) and not telling anyone what they’d done. When we went more broadly – U.S. and U.K. security pros – the numbers didn’t get better (they got worse). Have
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Survey: 90% of Internet Users Don’t Know How To Protect Themselves Online

In a recent survey by tech giant Mozilla, an overwhelming majority of Internet users admitted they are not informed about how to protect themselves online.The survey polled over 30,000 participants from around the globe – including France, Germany, Australia, Canada, the US and the UK – in an effort to learn more about users’ views on privacy, encryption and
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New Research Highlights Top Cyber-Attack Concerns for 2017

With such a lively 2016 ­for infosec – mega-breaches, new malware strains, inventive phishing techniques, and big debates between security and privacy – there’s plenty of reason to pause and consider what the security community should be most concerned about for 2017 and what they can do to prepare. Tripwire Survey: Preparing for Top Attacks of 2017 from
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Fraud and Computer Misuse Crime on the Rise, Study Finds

A new report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) states that cybercrime is on the raise in England and Wales.According to the report, adults aged 16 and over experienced an estimated 5.8 million incidents in the past 12 months, with 3.8 million of those classified as fraud and another 2 million as computer misuse incidents.Regarding fraud, there we
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PUP Friday survey results and feedback

In the beginning of the year, we asked our readers for their input about our PUP Friday initiative. For those of you that took the time to fill out the survey or post their comments, thank you for your feedback and continuous support! The numbers We had hundreds of readers that filled out our survey. Which is pretty great. Thanks for that. Over 95% of them a
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Avoid: “I just hacked my friend’s account” Twitter spam

We’re seeing references to a website which claims to let visitors hack Twitter feeds of their choosing. It is, of course, all highly technical and they can’t possibly reveal the secrets of how they do it – it just works. Honest. The site in question is hacktwitterpassword(dot)com I just hacked my friends account with this website wow its w
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Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? Stop being so British!

There’s a famous phrase that says something along the lines of if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. I’m not sure how well used that phrase is around the world but I suspect it may well be uniquely British. Why? Well I’m not entirely sure – is it because we’re a nation filled with apathy or one that lacks und
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InfoSec – you get nothing for nothing

I don’t know about you but I have a few acquaintances who want to change their lives, some of them in quite dramatic ways. Their dreams all have a commonality about them too – if they do X and get Y then then the sun will shine upon them 24/7 for evermore. Of course the reality would be somewhat different but by simply having something to work to
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Why is ransomware such a popular online crime?

Because it pays! In fact, it pays very well indeed. Forty-four percent of the time. And those behind it are hardly likely to get caught either. The perfect crime, some may say. So just how much are people prepared to pay to get their encrypted data back? Well, according to Bitdefender, the answer is a good chunk of change as 31% of the 1,906 respondents in a
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And the biggest hacking threat is… social engineering

Criminals who don’t have an odd $23,000 in change stuffed down the back of the sofa are primarily trying to hack into companies via social engineering, according to a new survey from Balabit. Despite the much-publicised access for cash we’ve heard about recently, outsiders are typically looking to gain inside access with minimal financial outlay,
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Miss… Miss… He DDoSed my website

Do you remember what it was like back in school? Not secondary school. Well, probably not. Do you remember what it was like in primary school when the slightest issue prompted some or all of the class to grab the teacher’s attention with shouts that someone was flicking someone else’s ear, or had stolen their ruler? If you can, well done, youR
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