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New RETADUP Variants Hit South America, Turn To Cryptocurrency Mining

By Lenart Bermejo, Kenney Lu, and Cedric Pernet Several months ago, we discovered and exposed RETADUP malware in Israeli hospitals. We also learned that an Android malware known as “GhostCtrl” was stored in their infrastructure, which might be used for cyberespionage or cybercrime. Since then, we’ve encountered more samples in the wild. While RETADUP w
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Spotlight: CPF Fraud in Brazil

Internet fraud in South America has been widespread and rapidly growing in sophistication, with Brazil leading the pack. According to a survey published by Serasa Experian, in 2013 alone, losses due to financial fraud have surpassed $1 billion. Lax cybercrime laws are to blame, as well, giving rise to fraudsters who are notorious for their inventive techniqu
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