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Find a PlayStation 4 vulnerability and earn over $50,000

Do you think you have found a vulnerability in the Sony PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation Network?If so, you could be heading towards a sizeable sum of money. That’s because Sony announced details of a new bug bounty program that it is running in co-ordination with vulnerability-reporting platform HackerOne.Sony is inviting security researchers, gamers
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A decade in cybersecurity fails: the top breaches, threats, and ‘whoopsies’ of the 2010s

This post was co-authored by Wendy Zamora and Chris Boyd. All opinions expressed belong to your mom. Back in the days before climate change stretched frigid winter months directly into the insta-sweat of summer, there was a saying about March: in like a lamb, out like a lion. The same might be said about the last decade in cybersecurity fails. What kic
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Patch Your Sony Security Cameras Against Backdoor Attacks!

If you have a Sony network-connected CCTV camera, you may have a security problem.Researchers at SEC Consult uncovered a backdoor in Sony IP cameras that could allow a hacker to remotely execute malicious code, spy on users, brick devices, or recruit them into a DDoS botnet.As the vandal-resistant Sony IPELA Engine IP cameras at the centre of the security sc
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Bangladesh Bank Arrives in Manila to Retrieve Portion of $81M Stolen in Heist

A team sent by Bangladesh Bank arrived in Manila to move part of 81 million USD stolen from it in a heist back to its account at the New York Federal Reserve.According to Reuters, casino boss Kim Wong surrendered 4.63 million USD and 488.28 million pesos (10.05 million USD) to authorities after a Philippines court ruled that Bangladesh Bank is the rightful o
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Sony Introduces Two-Factor Authentication to PlayStation Network

PlayStation and PSP owners can now add an extra layer of security to their accounts by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), announced the electronics and gaming company on Wednesday.Users who choose to activate the additional security feature will sign in to their accounts using their passwords, as well as a verification code that is sent to their mobil
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Phantom Squad took credit for the PlayStation network outage

The hacking crew Phantom Squad claims responsibility for an alleged DDoS attack that brought down the PlayStation Network. Around 13:00 EST on Monday, The PlayStation Network suffered a major outage worldwide, Sony early confirmed that the network was “experiencing issues” and its status page showed that the problems were affe
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Is Play Station Network under attack? Users reported issues

The Phantom Squad started the attacks on the PlayStation Network and the EA (Electronic Arts) as announced a few days ago. Last year hackers belonging to the hacking group of the Lizard Squad tool down at Christmas the online networks of both Microsoft Xbox Live and PlayStation network (PSN) highlighting security issues affect
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Hacker Charged with Compromising Celebrities’ Emails, Stealing Copyrighted Information

A hacker has been charged with unlawfully accessing a number of celebrities’ email accounts and stealing copyrighted information from both TV and film companies.On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York charged (PDF) Alonzo Knowles, 23, of the Bahamas, with copyright infringement and identity theft for a scheme that allegedl
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Phantom Squad plans to hack PSN and Xbox, SkidNP hacks its website

The hacking crew Phantom Squad announced a severe attack on PSN and Xbox Live networks, but SkidNP group defaced its website. A few days ago a group of hackers dubbed Phantom Squad announced that it will take down the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network platforms during the upcoming Christmas holidays, emulating the clamorous at
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Phantom Squad wants to take down Playstation network and Xbox Live on Christmas

Playstation network and Xbox Live risk to be taken down on Christmas by an anonymous group of hackers known as the Phantom Squad. If you remember, last Christmas, both PlayStation network and Xbox Live were took down by hackers belonging to the group of hackers known as Lizard Squad. It looks like this year this new traditio
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New Toolset Linked to Wiper Malware in Sony Hack, Finds Researchers

Researchers have discovered two new utilities that are closely associated with the wiper malware used to disrupt the computer networks of Sony Pictures Entertainment last year.After phishing for employees’ login information, the attackers responsible for the breach used a strain of wiper malware known as “Destover” to wipe the files off of
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It’s Not Always China

It’s clear that security is now a boardroom concern––from companies like Target taking a big earnings hit and ousting its CEO to J.P. Morgan talking publicly about doubling their cybersecurity spending to $500 million annually. This explosion in interest notwithstanding, it’s worth asking the question: Are we spending money on solving the right problem
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3 Tips on How to Create a Cyber Security Culture at Work

This October marks another iteration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), a program designed to engage both the public and private sectors on good security practices via activities that encourage awareness and resiliency in the event of a national cyber incident.Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in cooperation with the Nat
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Finnish Decision is Win for Internet Trolls

In a win for Internet trolls and teenage cybercriminals everywhere, a Finnish court has decided not to incarcerate a 17-year-old found guilty of more than 50,000 cybercrimes, including data breaches, payment fraud, operating a huge botnet and calling in bomb threats, among other violations. Julius “Ryan” Kivimaki. As the Finnish daily Helsingin S
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WikiLeaks published new Sony secrets

WikiLeaks on Thursday released 276,394 new files from the Sony Pictures hack, the documents demonstrates the influence of the company on US the Gov. WikiLeaks added more 276,394 documents to its search page, these documents were acquired when the alleged group of North Korean hackers GOP hacked the Sony network. The first docu
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