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Windows 10X: A closer look at Microsoft's new operating system

Windows 10X was announced way back in 2019 and it's finally launching later this year on a new range of 2-in-1s/notebooks from Microsoft partners. Unlike Windows 10, Windows 10X would be simple, sleek, faster, and more secure.For those unfamiliar, Windows 10X was originally designed for dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, a
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Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo grew by 62% in 2020

The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo continues to grow rapidly as the company reached 102M daily search queries for the first time in January.DuckDuckGo is a search engine that builds its search index using its DuckDuckBot crawler, indexing WikiPedia, and through partners like Bing. The search engine does not use any data from Google.What makes
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Undisclosed Apache Velocity XSS vulnerability impacts GOV sites

An undisclosed Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Apache Velocity Tools can be exploited by unauthenticated attackers to target government sites, including NASA.Although 90 days have elapsed since the vulnerability was reported and patched, BleepingComputer is not aware of a formal disclosure made by the project.Apache Velocity i
Publish At:2021-01-15 08:13 | Read:152 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Software Xss Vulnerability

It's finally over! Time to uninstall Adobe Flash Player

​It's over, kaput, done. Adobe Flash Player is officially non-functional, and it's time to uninstall the program once and for all.In a coordinated announcement from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla in July 2017. we learned that Adobe Flash Player would officially reach the end of life on December 31st, 2020.When Adobe released their fi
Publish At:2021-01-13 17:13 | Read:173 | Comments:0 | Tags:Software

Skype is down worldwide - Microsoft working on issues

Skype users are currently experiencing issues around the world, with users reporting that they are getting signed out of their Skype account automatically.When attempting to access Skype website, users are given "We're unable to complete your request" errors or other messages stating that the company is aware of the problem and are working on resto
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Windows 10 Cumulative Updates KB4598229 & KB4598242 released

Today is first Patch Tuesday of 2021 and Microsoft is rolling out a new cumulative update for all supported version of Windows. The cumulative update with security fixes is rolling out to PCs with October 2020 Update, May 2020 Update, November 2019 Update, and May 2019 Update.In January 2021 cumulative update for Windows 10, there are only&nbs
Publish At:2021-01-12 17:49 | Read:132 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

Typeform fixes Zendesk Sell form data hijacking vulnerability

Online surveys and form building software as a service Typeform has patched an information hijacking vulnerability.The flaw which existed in Typeform's Zendesk Sell app integration could let attackers quietly redirect form submissions with potentially sensitive data to themselves.Typeform form IDs indexed by search eng
Publish At:2021-01-11 14:31 | Read:213 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Software Vulnerability

What to expect from Microsoft and Windows 10 in 2021

With 2021 finally here, Microsoft is planning on releasing some exciting new features and updates this year for Windows 10 operating system and other products.Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 11 wouldn't be released, and the company plans to update Windows 10 with new variants, features, improvements, and fixes.Additionally, Microsoft will contin
Publish At:2021-01-10 22:55 | Read:137 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

How to integrate Everything search in the Windows 10 taskbar

Windows 10 users can now integrate the Everything search engine directly into the Windows taskbar using the new 'EverythingToolbar' application.If you are a user of voidtool's Everything search engine for Windows, you know what a terrific search tool it is for Windows. However, to search for files and data, you need to perform your searches us
Publish At:2021-01-10 19:01 | Read:171 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

Apple removed Parler from the App Store for inciting violence

Apple has removed the Parler social network app from the App Store for violating policies, including not providing an updated moderation plan or an updated app with objectionable content removed.Since the U.S. Capitol Building riot on January 6th, 2021, there has been an increase in social networking posts that incite violence against politicians, law enforc
Publish At:2021-01-09 23:31 | Read:125 | Comments:0 | Tags:Apple Software

These apps automute your microphone when typing

When using a microphone in a video conference or recording a video, your keyboard's clack or other background noise can be very distracting to listeners. The good news is that software exists that can automatically mute your microphone while typing or suppress background noise so that others are not annoyed by the sound of your keyboard.Automatical
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Windows 10 Sun Valley: Everything you need to know

The next update for Windows is codenamed '21H1' and it's likely to be a minor release with general bug fixes and improvements. However, Microsoft is believed to be working on a major Windows 10 update codenamed "Sun Valley" and "Windows 10++".Internal documents and job listing describe the Windows 10 feature upgrade as "reinvigorating" and "sweeping" revamp
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Google bans Parler app from Play Store for threats of violence

Google has banned the conservative social networking app Parler from the Google Play Store for not removing posts that incite violence in the US.In a statement to BleepingComputer, Google stated that Parler was removed after repeated violations of policies that require Google Play apps to moderate user-generated content.Since the riots in Washington D.C
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Signal fixes verification delays caused by WhatsApp mass exodus

Signal's encrypted messaging service has recovered from delays affecting its new user verification process after a mass exodus of WhatsApp users to their platform.When setting up Signal for the first time, users must verify their mobile number using verification codes sent by the encrypted messaging provider.Due to a surge in users switching to Signal, the v
Publish At:2021-01-08 12:25 | Read:111 | Comments:0 | Tags:Software

Linux malware authors use Ezuri Golang crypter for zero detection

Multiple malware authors are using the "Ezuri" crypter and memory loader to make their code undetectable to antivirus products.Source code for Ezuri, written in Golang, is available on GitHub for anyone to use.Ezuri decrypts malware payload within memoryAccording to a report released by AT&T Alien Labs, multiple threat actors are using Ezu
Publish At:2021-01-07 09:07 | Read:161 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Linux Software


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