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Mozilla tests Microsoft Bing as the default Firefox search engine

Mozilla is running a study to test users' responses to changing the default Firefox search engine to Microsoft Bing.Like all browsers, Mozilla Firefox automatically configures a browser to a default search engine for performing searches via the address bar.For example, Google is the default search engine for Chrome, Brave, and Firefox, while not surprisingly
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CIS Control 4: Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets and Software

Key Takeaways for Control 4Most fresh installs of operating systems or applications come with pre-configured settings that are usually insecure or not properly configured with security in mind. Use the leverage provided by multiple frameworks such as CIS Benchmarks or NIST NCP to find out if your organization needs to augment or adjust any baselines to becom
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Kali Linux 2021.3 released with new pentest tools, improvements

​Kali Linux 2021.3 was released yesterday by Offensive Security and includes a new set of tools, improved virtualization support, and a new OpenSSL configuration that increases the attack surface.Kali Linux is a Linux distribution designed for cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers to perform penetration testing and security audits.With this r
Publish At:2021-09-15 13:11 | Read:221 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Linux Software

Windows 10 KB5005565 & KB5005566 cumulative updates released

The September 2021 Patch Update is released and Microsoft is now rolling out new KB5005565 and KB5005566 cumulative updates for recent versions of Windows 10.Today's cumulative updates include security fixes for PCs with May 2021 Update (version 21H1), October 2020 Update (version 20H2), and May 2020 Update (version 2004).The update is now rolling out v
Publish At:2021-09-14 17:07 | Read:294 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Deals Software

Firefox now bypasses Windows 11's messy default browser settings

Likely fed up with the new Windows 11 default apps interface, Mozilla has bypassed Microsoft's policies to make it easier for users to switch their default browser.In the past, when a Windows application wanted to become the default program, it would programmatically make the change by modifying the Registry.After some programs began hijacking default progra
Publish At:2021-09-13 17:07 | Read:169 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

Windows 11 Android support spotted online ahead of launch

Microsoft has confirmed that Android apps are coming to Windows 11 and users will be able to try mobile apps on the desktop operating system soon, but the general availability has been delayed.Ahead of the beta testing with Insiders, Microsoft has already published the placeholder for the Android subsystem in the Microsoft Store. According to
Publish At:2021-09-12 21:27 | Read:214 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software android

GitHub finds 7 code execution vulnerabilities in 'tar' and npm CLI

GitHub security team has identified several high-severity vulnerabilities in npm packages, "tar" and "@npmcli/arborist," used by npm CLI.The tar package receives 20 million weekly downloads on average, whereas arborist gets downloaded over 300,000 times every week.The vulnerabilities affect both Windows and Unix-based users, and if l
Publish At:2021-09-09 01:23 | Read:218 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Software

Google's TensorFlow drops YAML support due to code execution flaw

TensorFlow, a popular Python-based machine learning and artificial intelligence project developed by Google has dropped support for YAML, to patch a critical code execution vulnerability.YAML or Yet Another Markup Language is a convenient choice among developers looking for a human-readable data serialization language for handling co
Publish At:2021-09-05 05:19 | Read:263 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Software

CIS Control 2: Inventory and Control of Software Assets

Today, I will be going over CIS Control 2 from version 8 of the top 18 CIS Controls – Inventory and Control of Software Assets. Version 7 of CIS Controls had 10 requirements, but in version 8, it’s simplified down to seven safeguards. I will go over those safeguards and offer my thoughts on what I’ve found.Key Takeaways for Control 2Reusability. The to
Publish At:2021-09-02 00:39 | Read:180 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Controls asset discovery assets cis controls softwa

Microsoft: Windows Server 2022 is now generally available

Microsoft has announced that Window Server 2022, a Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release with ten years of support, is generally available starting today."It’s a big step forward for the operating system that is trusted by major corporations and small businesses alike to run their business and mission-critical workloads," Microsoft's Bernardo
Publish At:2021-09-01 17:08 | Read:359 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

EasyWSL turns Linux docker images into a Windows 10 WSL distro

If you can't find your favorite Windows Subsystem for Linux distribution available in the Microsoft Store, a new program called EasyWSL can convert almost any Linux Docker image into a WSL distro.The Microsoft Store offers many prebuilt Linux WSL distributions such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Alpine, Kali, Debian, and more.However, many popular Linux distributions su
Publish At:2021-08-15 12:13 | Read:372 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

Adobe fixes critical preauth vulnerabilities in Magento

Adobe has released a large Patch Tuesday security update that fixes critical vulnerabilities in Magento and important bugs in Adobe Connect.The complete list of Adobe Products receiving security updates today and the number of fixed vulnerabilities are below:APSB21-64 Security updates available for MagentoAPSB21-66 Security update avail
Publish At:2021-08-10 18:09 | Read:325 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Software

Windows 10 KB5005033 & KB5005031 cumulative updates released

The August 2021 Patch Tuesday is out and Microsoft has published several new cumulative updates (KB5005033 & KB5005031) for recent versions of Windows 10.Today's cumulative updates include security fixes for PCs with May 2021 Update, October 2020 Update, and May 2020 Update.The update is rollout via Windows Update, WSUS and Microsoft Update Cat
Publish At:2021-08-10 14:13 | Read:276 | Comments:0 | Tags:Microsoft Software

Mozilla tests if 'Firefox/100.0' user agent breaks websites

Mozilla has launched an experiment where they change the Firefox browser user agent to a three-digit "Firefox/100.0" version to see if it will break websites.A user agent is a string used by a web browser that includes information about the software, including its name, version, and technologies that it uses.When a new version of a browser is released, the d
Publish At:2021-08-09 18:33 | Read:461 | Comments:0 | Tags:Software

Google Chrome to no longer show secure website indicators

Google Chrome will no longer show whether a site you are visiting is secure and only show when you visit an insecure website.For years, Google has been making a concerted effort to push websites into using HTTPS to provide a more secure browsing experience.To further push web developers into only using HTTPS on their sites, Google introduced the protocol as
Publish At:2021-08-02 21:47 | Read:604 | Comments:0 | Tags:Google Security Software


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