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5 things to teach your kids about social media

With children now back at school, it’s time to think about social media, and their use of it. Are they already firing out tweets, chatting in Discord channels, or even just looking to set up a Tik-Tok account? Now is the time to consider giving your kids some security and privacy tips for all their social media needs. 1. Get to grips with default setti
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Top Phishing and Social Media Threats: Key Findings from the Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report

In today’s online landscape, it is crucial for organizations to stay on top of the threats that put their enterprises at risk. Agari and PhishLabs have put together their Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report detailing their analysis of phishing and social media attacks this quarter. The report presents statistics regarding the volume of attacks,
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How to Remove Account in Messenger: Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook

September 07, 2022 7 0 Author: Matthew Turner How to Remove Account in Messenger: Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Sooner or later, eac
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British Airways customers targeted in lost luggage Twitter scam

Getting back into the travel habit? Jumping on a plane soon? Experienced a bit of a luggage disaster and looking for help on social media? Watch out, because a lack of prior research could prove very costly. Word has spread of a bogus Twitter account pretending to be a customer support channel of British Airways. Now suspended, the fraud operation seems to h
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Here’s How to Steer Clear of Bot Accounts on Social Media

“Congratulations, you’re a winner!”  “Did you know this public figure is trying to make your life worse? Click here for what they don’t want you to know.”  “Save thousands today with just one click!”  Spam and bot accounts on social media are everywhere. You’ve likely encountered messages like these that attempt to get you to click on links or to stir your e
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Is TikTok putting an end to Facebook’s dominance?

TikTok has established itself as one of the top performing social media platforms for U.S. teens. The Chinese-owned short-form user video platform has constantly grown since it entered the U.S. market in 2016. Pew Research recently released a survey that shows TikTok is currently the top social media platform for teens. Approximately 2/3 of the surveyees ans
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Hacker stole the records of 5.4 million Twitter users

A hacker attack hit Twitter after an unknown individual managed to steal the records (emails and phone numbers) of approximately 5.4 million Twitter users. The issue with Twitter’s cyber security was reported via a bug bounty portal in January 2022, but Twitter failed to address it promptly. No passwords were included in the breach, but the hacker has
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How Elon Musk Disappoints Millions

August 17, 2022 5 0 Author: Billie Walden How Elon Musk Disappoints Millions In October of this year, Twitter will take Elon Musk t
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UK Adults Are Sourcing Their News From TikTok

A new survey conducted by OFCOM, the UK’s communications regulator has found that an increasing number of British adults are using TikTok as their primary source for news. They also found that Instagram and YouTube are popular social-media driven sources for news. Currently just seven per cent of adults are relying on TikTok, but the platform is currently th
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How to Delete Old Accounts Containing Personal Information

Your digital footprint grows with every internet account you make. While your old Tumblr account may be fun for reminiscing, dormant accounts are actually one of the most significant sources of user data on the internet. These accounts can be used by data brokers or third parties to access your personal information.   To improve your data security, it’s good
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How to Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers

Whether using the internet for play or work, you want to spend your time online enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a secure network.  You don’t want to contend with someone taking your personal data — whether it’s credit card information, passwords, or bank account details — via malware or a data breach on your Android, Windows, or Apple iOS d
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Criminals using compromised social media accounts to “post indecent images of children” says UK cybercrime o

Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting center for fraud and cybercrime, is warning of a very disturbing scam involving social media and “indecent images of children.” Details are light, but social media fans should take this as a warning to lock down their accounts immediately. Criminals are using hacked social media accounts to post
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Instagram introduces parental controls for UK users

Instagram has recently rolled out a collection of new parental control features for users in the UK. Addressing concerns about the potentially negative mental health effects of the social network, these new tools are expected to help parents better help keep their teenagers safe online. So what has changed? New daily time limits One of the biggest concerns p
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The Best Crypto YouTubers List

July 13, 2022 15 0 Author: Adam Torks The Best Crypto YouTubers List One of the great ways to start learning about cryptocurrencies
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Big Scandals with Twitter Leaks

July 11, 2022 1808 0 Author: Billie Walden Big Scandals with Twitter Leaks While Elon Musk is dealing with the management staff of
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