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There’s a war on for cybersecurity talent

Filling cybersecurity jobs is getting so hard managers need to think outside the box if they hope to fill critical positions, experts say.That means redefining jobs, training human resources departments to screen resumes differently, seeking latent talent already inside the organization, and hiring bright, motivated people who can grow into critical role
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Leadership: From dictator to enabler

Effective leadership isn’t what it used to be, because what it was doesn’t work any more.That declaration comes from one who ought to know – one of the US military’s most prominent and celebrated leaders of the past decade – retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, former commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in Iraq and commander of US and in
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Enterprises continue to struggle to find cybersecurity talent, survey finds

As enterprises rapidly digitize more business processes with cloud computing, mobile, IoT, and data they are straining their ability to find the security talent they need to secure their systems.According to the Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2017 -- a worldwide study conducted by PwC, CIO and CSO released this month - skilled cybers
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Mergers create greater security risk

Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be fraught with risks related to financial matters, company culture, personnel, IT systems integration and other areas.Security risks, both cyber and physical, certainly belong on the list of concerns. And with the ongoing shortage of professionals who are expert in various aspects of data protection—coupl
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Is your security awareness training program working?

Employees at Axe Investment, the fictional firm of biollionaire Bobby Axelrod in Showtimes new series, Billions, were downright angry when they learned that surprise SEC raid was only a test. Axelrod, though, found the mock raid fruitful as it revealed the internal weak links of his organization.These are metrics that enterprises should be using to evalu
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Emerging technologies are poking holes in security

Accelerated change challenges change management, security DevOps and emerging technologies that enable business innovation and opportunities demand fast, frequent change from the enterprise. The speed and regularity as well as the kinds of change challenge change management and ultimately security.To secure the enterprise in environments of unwieldy chan
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How to get your network and security teams working together

It's not surprising that network and security teams aren't always on the same page. After all, networks need to be fast and efficient, while security is about slowing things down and implementing extra steps to help meet security measures. While both teams are a part of the IT department, and need to work together in the event of a breach, each g
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Snowden and Huang hope to help smartphones go dark

“Privacy is dead,” has been a mantra, for different reasons, for generations. In the cybersecurity community, it has been conventional wisdom for at least a decade. But Edward Snowden and Andrew “bunnie” Huang apparently think they can revive it a bit, at least if you own an iPhone 6.Their goal, they say in a white paper titled, “Against the Law
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90% off Become an Ethical Hacker With This Complete eLearning Bundle - Deal Alert

With cyberattacks putting everyone on edge, companies are looking for ethical hackers--IT pros paid handsomely to hack their network, expose security flaws, and fix them before someone else breaks in. Learn the tools of the ethical hacking trade with the Become an Ethical Hacker Bundle, now only $44.99 for a limited time.Sign up for over 59 hours
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Pokemon Go: What security awareness programs should be doing now

Pokemon Go represents a tremendous security threat. As with all tremendous threats, it can also be your greatest opportunity.I have to admit that Pokemon Go took me by surprise. I had no idea why people just told me they were going out for no apparent reason. Younger people were more blatant, but it was not until early this week that I realized t
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Brown University offers Ivy League CISO creds

Freshly minted CISOs as well as other mid-career professionals with a need for a broad grounding in cybersecurity can get an advanced degree in the topic through a new program at Brown University.The Executive Master in Cybersecurity set to launch in October is a 16-month program to instruct students in technology, law and policy, human behavior,
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8 reasons why your security awareness program sucks

As a person who primarily focuses on the human aspects of security and implementing security awareness programs, people are surprised when I am neither upset nor surprised when there is an inevitable human failing. The reason is that I have come to the conclusion that most awareness programs are just very bad, and that like all security countermeasures,
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How millennial tech grads should tailor their resumes

You’ve recently graduated and now it’s time to start applying to jobs -- but what skills and experience should you highlight on your resume? To help you decide, CompTIA released the results of its 2016 IT Industry Outlook report, which surveyed 673 IT industry companies in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., and found that millennials have certain skills busi
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How to craft a security awareness program that works

Employees are often considered the weakest link in organizations' efforts to create a strong security posture. Even organizations with security awareness programs in place struggle to instill strong security behaviors. Steve Conrad, managing director of MediaPro, a learning services company that specializes in information security, data privacy and compl
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Security training programs don't do enough to mitigate insider risk

Employee-related security risks top the list of concerns for security professionals, but organizations aren't doing enough to prevent negligent employee behavior, according to a new study.Last month, security research firm Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Experian Data Breach Resolution, surveyed 601 individuals at companies with a data protection and pri
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