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Shamoon 2 – Palo Alto Networks sheds lights on the method for network distribution

Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks have determined that the Shamoon 2 malware uses a rudimentary technique for network distribution. Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks continue to analyze the dreaded Shamoon 2 malware and the recent waves of attacks, now they have determined that the threat uses a rudimentary technique for network distributio
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From Shamoon to StoneDrill

 Download full report Beginning in November 2016, Kaspersky Lab observed a new wave of wiper attacks directed at multiple targets in the Middle East. The malware used in the new attacks was a variant of the infamous Shamoon worm that targeted Saudi Aramco and Rasgas back in 2012. Dormant for four years, one of the most mysterious wipers in history has
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Shamoon 2 malware, ASERT has shed light on the C2 and the infection process

The analysis conducted by Arbor Networks on the Shamoon 2 malware has shed light on the control infrastructure and the infection process. Security researchers from Arbor Networks’ Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) have conducted a new analysis of the Shamoon 2 malware discovering further details on the tools and techniques used by the threat act
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IBM shares details on the attack chain for the Shamoon malware

Security experts at IBM published a report that includes precious details on the attack chain of the dreader Shamoon cyberweapon. The dreaded Shamoon malware, aka Disttrack, has resurrected and government agencies and threat intelligence firms are investigating the recent strings of attacks leveraging the dangerous disk wiper. We detected the Shamoon malware
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The Shamoon v2 Saga Continues

Shamoon v2 is a tenacious piece of malware that recently participated in attacks against 15 Saudi government agencies and private companies. Shamoon compromises hard drives and leaves them completely erased and inoperable.It first appeared in 2012 when it targeted one Saudi company, an assault which today is widely recognized as one of the most destructive c
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Symantec speculates Shamoon 2 attacks aided by Greenbug hackers

Security researchers at Symantec believed that Shamoon 2 attacks leveraged credentials stolen by hackers of the Greenbug group. A few days ago security experts at Palo Alto Networks have spotted a new strain of the Shamoon 2 malware that was targeting virtualization products. In December malware researchers from Palo Alto Networks and Symantec discovered a n
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Second Wave of Shamoon 2: Disttrack Can Now Wipe Organizations’ VDI Snapshots

On November 17, 2016, the security community witnessed the resurgence of a familiar enemy. That’s the day when Shamoon 2, the successor of an attack campaign which first emerged in 2012, delivered Disttrack wiper malware to an organization based in Saudi Arabia.True to its design, Disttrack spread through the company’s network and overwrote the M
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A Second variant of Shamoon 2 targets virtualization products

A second variant of the Shamoon 2 malware was discovered by researchers at Palo Alto Networks, this threat also targets virtualization products. A new strain of the Shamoon 2 malware was spotted by the security experts at Palo Alto Networks, this variant targets virtualization products. Shamoon, also known as Disttrack, was first spotted in a wave of attacks
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Shamoon 2: Nothing Whets Disttrack’s Appetite Like Destroyed Data

Most families of malware operate on a common assumption: a user’s data is valuable. For instance, some malware samples transmit pieces of a victim’s data to their command-and-control (C&C) server as means of setting up an attack, while others fully embrace the spyware classification and collect as much information about a user as possible. At
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The dreaded Shamoon Wiper is back in a new attack

Shamoon wiper is back, security experts from Palo Alto Networks and Symantec spotted it in an attack on a single Saudi company. Do you remember the Shamoon malware? Shamoon, also known as Disttrack, was first spotted in a wave of attacks that targeted companies in Saudi Arabia in 2012. Among the victims, there was the petrol giant Saudi Aramco. The princip
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Damballa revealed the secrets behind the Destover malware that infected the Sony Pictures

Security researchers at Damballa Willis McDonald and Loucif Kharouni have conducted a deep analysis of the Destover malware used in the Sony Pictures attack. Security researchers at Damballa Willis McDonald and Loucif Kharouni have conducted a deep analysis of the wiper used by threat actors in the Sony Pictures hack. The expe
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Iran has foiled a cyber attack against the oil ministry

Iran – The Cyber Attacks Emergency Center in FATA has thwarted a major cyber attack  originated from US against the Oil Ministry. The Iranian Government announced that on Tuesday it had foiled a cyber-attack on the Islamic republic’s Oil Ministry. According to the Fars news agency, the Brigadier General Kamal Hadia
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Information Warfare – Iran vs America. Why buy a weapon when I have a keyboard?

A newly disclosed secret report illustrates the tightening of cyber dispute between the United States and Iran , both for spying and sabotage. Since Robert Tappan Morris in 1988 created the first worm, cyberspace started to change its virtual state in a critical cyberwar field.  Even if the first worm was an error, aimed at tr
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White House to Blame Sony Hack on North Korea

The United States government is expected to attribute the damaging and embarrassing hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment to the government of North Korea. Various mainstream media outlets quoting anonymous government sources said North Korea is “centrally involved” in the attack, which NBC News said was carried out by hackers outside the isolated
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Destover: 破壊的なマルウェアと韓国に対する過去の攻撃とのつながり

FBI は先週、Backdoor.Destover という破壊的なマルウェアに対する緊急警告を発表しました。Destover には、韓国を標的とした過去の攻撃といくつか共通点が見られます。Destover のいくつかのサンプルで使われているコマンド & コントロール(C&C)サーバーは、韓国内の標的を攻撃するために作成された、Trojan.Volgmer のあるバージョンで使われていたものと同じです。C&C サーバーが共用されていることで、この 2 つの攻撃の背後に同じグループが存在する可能性が浮上します。Volgmer は標的型のマルウェアです。おそらく単一のグループが第 1 段階の偵察ツールとして限定的な攻撃に使用していると思われ、システム情報を収集し、さらに
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