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Inaugural BSidesPhilly Event a Smashing Success

People say that Philadelphia has an inferiority complex. They say that that we feel overlooked being located between New York and Washington, D.C. Until earlier this month, as far Security BSides was concerned, that was pretty much true. Great BSides groups are easy driving distance from Philadelphia, but we had nothing in our own backyard. Why not us?The ca
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Security Slice – Sweet Security: Building a Defensive Raspberry Pi

In June, Tripwire security researcher Travis Smith conducted a presentation at InfoSecurity Europe 2016 on how open source and other free tools can monitor, protect and mitigate threats in IoT environments. In addition, Smith explained how these tools and methodologies can be deployed on inexpensive hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi.In this special security
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Security Slice: Cloudy with a Chance of Patching

FireEye recently discovered a massive spear-phishing malware campaign targeting journalists in Hong Kong. The attack appeared to be state-sponsored, and hid a command and control server in their victim’s Dropbox account. As is often the case, the attack could have been circumvented by installing a few simple patches.How can vendors support the patching proc
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Security Slice: Cyber Crime: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

According to a recent report by Trend Micro, the majority of cyber criminals in Japan request payment through gift cards.Meanwhile, an Apple Store employee in New York was recently arrested for using fraudulent credit card details to buy almost $1 million worth of Apple gift cards.Credit card fraud is  widely understood but how many consumers are aware of gi
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Security Slice: Avoiding Adverse Apps

Apple recently removed over 250 iOS from their App Store. Every removed app used a software-development kit from Chinese advertiser Youmi, which allegedly data mined massive amounts of information from users without the developers or customer’s knowledge.How can users identify malicious or intrusive apps on mobile stores?Listen to our latest Security Slice p
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Security Slice: The Rising Cost of Ransomware

Surprise, surprise: ransomware is on the rise. Not only is ransome-focused malware becoming more common, it’s becoming more complicated, as well.For example, Linux.Encoder.1 is a new breed of ransomware which can be injected into websites to pose as shopping cart programs.Despite the dangers of ransomware, a member of the FBI recently recommended that ransom
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Security Slice: Healing Healthcare Security

According to Raytheon|Websense, the healthcare industry is four times more likely to suffer advanced malware attacks than is any other sector. The news gets more concerning, as phishing attacks are 74 percent more likely to affect healthcare organizations.What can the healthcare industry do about their unique security challenges?Listen to our latest Security
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Security Slice: Beneficial Botnets?

Symantec recently discovered a new strain of malware, dubbed “Linux.Wifatch,” which has already infected more than 10,000 IoT devices. The malware’s author says Linux.Wifatch is actually beneficial because it removes a malicious backdoor and encourages users to update weak passwords.Do the ends of vigilante-style malware and beneficial botnets li
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Security Slice: Human Resources Security Woes

According to a recent study by Clearswift, IT professionals believe finance and human resources employees are more likely to cause a data breach than other departments. In addition, employees between the ages of 35-44 were believed to be the most likely to leak company data with malicious intent.Do these statistics accurately reflect enterprise risk for insi
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Security Slice: Game of Drones

Drone security has been in the news recently. First, a computer hacker associated with the Islamic State was killed in a drone strike. Second, two popular consumer drones were successfully hijacked by security researchers at DEF CON 23.As privacy and drone security issues begin to intertwine, what issues should privacy advocates be concerned about?Listen to
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Security Slice: Crash Course in University Security

The University of Virginia recently announced a data breach that reportedly originated from China. Personal information was not exposed; however, the attackers targeted two university employees with ties to the Defense Department and other intelligence agencies.What can other organizations learn from this breach about nation state attacks?Listen to our lates
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Security Slice: Confessions of a Professional Cyber Stalker – Part Two

In the first part of our security slice podcast on Ken Westin’s DEF CON 23 presentation, “Confessions of a Professional Cyber Stalker,” Ken discussed his white hat cyberstalking skills and how he’s used them to track and convict cybercriminals. These skills have come into sharp focus in light of the Ashley Madison data breach that is already having wide repe
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Security Slice: Confessions of a Professional Cyber Stalker – Part One

Tripwire senior security analyst, and frequent security slice guest, Ken Westin, recently gave a popular presentation at DEF CON 23 called “Confessions of a Professional Cyber Stalker.”  In his presentation, Ken discussed the various technologies and methods he has developed to track criminals, which has led to at least two dozen convictions.Listen to this s
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Security Slice: My Bro the ELK

In early August, Tripwire security analyst Travis Smith conducted a presentation at Black Hat USA on combining open source and commercial security tools to correlate and build context on security events. As part of his presentation, Travis introduced Tripwire’s Automated Reconnaissance and Deep Inspection System (TARDIS), a framework that ties together a wid
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Security Slice: Security Research Worries

In early July, Hacking Team, a private spyware firm, had more than 400GB of data compromised and released via a torrent. The data dump included information about customers and security research the company conducted.How should security professionals protect their research in the aftermath of this breach?Listen to our latest Security Slice podcast and hear Ti
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