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From Caribbean shores to your devices: analyzing Cuba ransomware

Introduction Knowledge is our best weapon in the fight against cybercrime. An understanding of how various gangs operate and what tools they use helps build competent defenses and investigate incidents. This report takes a close look at the history of the Cuba group, and their attack tactics, techniques and procedures. We hope this article will help you to s
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Understanding Malware-as-a-Service

Money is the root of all evil, including cybercrime. Thus, it was inevitable that malware creators would one day begin not only to distribute malicious programs themselves, but also to sell them to less technically proficient attackers, thereby lowering the threshold for entering the cybercriminal community. The Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model eme
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BlackCat (ALPHV) Ransomware Levels Up for Stealth, Speed and Exfiltration

  This blog was made possible through contributions from Kat Metrick, Kevin Henson, Agnes Ramos-Beauchamp, Thanassis Diogos, and Diego Matos Martins. BlackCat ransomware, which was among the top ransomware families observed by IBM Security X-Force in 2022, according to the 2023 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, continues to wreak havoc across org
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The nature of cyberincidents in 2022

Kaspersky offers various services to organizations that have been targeted by cyberattackers, such as incident response, digital forensics, and malware analysis. In our annual incident response report, we share information about the attacks that we investigated during the reporting period. Data provided in this report comes from our daily interactions with o
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How I Got Started: Offensive Security

In the high-stakes world of cybersecurity, offensive security experts play a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating potential threats. These professionals, sometimes referred to as “ethical hackers”, use their skills to probe networks and systems in search of vulnerabilities, ultimately helping organizations fortify their digital defenses. I
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Is Your Critical SaaS Data Secure?

Increasingly sophisticated adversaries create a significant challenge as organizations increasingly use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to deliver applications and services. This mesh of cloud-based applications and services creates new complexities for security teams. But attackers need only
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Rationalizing Your Hybrid Cloud Security Tools

As cyber incidents rise and threat landscapes widen, more security tools have emerged to protect the hybrid cloud ecosystem. As a result, security leaders must rapidly assess their hybrid security tools to move toward a centralized toolset and optimize cost without compromising their security posture. Unfortunately, those same leaders face a variety of chal
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Managed Detection and Response in 2022

Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a service for 24/7 monitoring and response to detected incidents based on technologies and expertise of Kaspersky Security Operations Center (SOC) team. MDR allows detecting threats at any stage of the attack – both before anything is compromised and after the attackers have penetrated the company’s inf
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How I Got Started: SOC Analyst

The role of a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst is crucial in maintaining an organization’s security posture. A SOC analyst wears many hats but typically acts as a watchdog looking out for attacks in progress while also finding ways to boost defenses and prevent or mitigate future attacks. In this exclusive Q&A, we spoke with Ben Philip, a
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What Comes After the Digital Transformation?

When Covid hit, companies had to accelerate their digital transformation process out of necessity. But now, almost three years after the initial shutdown, most organizations have embraced digital to the point where they are now maintaining new technologies rather than implementing more.  Cybersecurity is a crucial component of a company’s digital
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Security at the Masters

The Masters is known for its many timeless traditions. The azaleas of Amen Corner. The Green Jacket. The pimento cheese sandwiches. But there’s also a modern twist with the way the Masters uses data as the foundation of its digital experience, enjoyed by millions around the world through the Masters website and app. However, as with any high-profile e
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How to Provide Relevant Threat Intelligence

In the evolution of cybersecurity, the threat landscape is ever-changing while the line of defense is ever-shrinking. Security professionals started with securing the perimeters, but now we need to assume a breach in a zero-trust environment. However, providing intelligence to help users stay ahead of threats becomes a challenge when that information is ove
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Overview of Google Play threats sold on the dark web

In 2022, Kaspersky security solutions detected 1,661,743 malware or unwanted software installers, targeting mobile users. Although the most common way of distributing such installers is through third-party websites and dubious app stores, their authors every now and then manage to upload them to official stores, such as Google Play. These are usually policed
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X-Force Identifies Vulnerability in IoT Platform

The last decade has seen an explosion of IoT devices across a multitude of industries. With that rise has come the need for centralized systems to perform data collection and device management, commonly called IoT Platforms. One such platform, ThingsBoard, was the recent subject of research by IBM Security X-Force. While there has been a lot of discussion a
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X-Force Prevents Zero Day from Going Anywhere

This blog was made possible through contributions from Fred Chidsey and Joseph Lozowski. The X-Force Vulnerability and Exploit Database shows that the number of zero days being released each year is on the rise, but X-Force has observed that only a few of these zero days are rapidly adopted by cyber criminals each year. While every zero day is important and
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