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See Yourself in Cyber: 4 Steps to Stay Safe

As threats to technology and private information become more frequent, the President of the United States and Congress have proclaimed October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This initiative aims to assist people in protecting themselves online. Government and business are working together to increase cybersecurity awareness on a national and worldwide
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The State of Cybersecurity has improved but is hardly flawless

For the record, it should be acknowledged from the start that there is no question that the cybersecurity landscape has improved over time, mostly courtesy of persistent increases in cyber spending year after year. Gartner estimates that the U.S. and the rest of the world will invest $172 billion in cybersecurity this year, up from $150 billion last yea
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Overheard at the SANS Security Awareness Summit 2022

People have become the primary attack vector for cyber attackers around the world. As the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2022 indicates, it is humans rather than technology that now represent the greatest risk to organizations. According to the SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report, the top three security risks that security professionals are concer
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10 Things Your Workforce Can Do To Support Your Company’s Security Health

The biggest cyber security threat that businesses have to tackle is much closer than you’d think. Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations report – found human error to be a key driver in 82% of breaches, which is why it is crucial for businesses to address cyber security awareness in the workplace and ensure that employees are equipped with the right guida
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Malicious hackers are finding it too easy to achieve their initial access

It should be hard for malicious hackers to break into systems, but all too often it isn’t.That’s a takeaway from a joint cybersecurity advisory issued by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the NSA and FBI, and their counterparts in Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom.The advisory, which is titled 
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How to Stimulate Organizations’ Security Awareness Training Programs

We all know how important security awareness training is for an organization. Moreover, we try to enhance our efforts by weaving security into the “culture” of the organization. Yet, from the employee’s perspective, it all gets very stale. It seems like it is always the same message, but if that is the case, why hasn’t this knowledge been ado
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CIS Control 14: Security Awareness and Skill Training

Users who do not have the appropriate security awareness training are considered a weak link in the security of an enterprise. These untrained users are easier to exploit than finding a flaw or vulnerability in the equipment that an enterprise uses to secure its network. Attackers could convince unsuspecting users into unintentionally providing access to the
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Invest in Cyber Awareness to Prevent Attacks

Today’s cyber threat landscape is extremely challenging. Ransom this, ransom that, ransom everywhere – information technology (IT) professionals must work to protect organizations against the next big ransomware attack. Over the years, the sophistication of ransomware attacks has increased as well as the amount of money demanded and paid out in exc
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Security Awareness Training: Beyond Cliche Advice for Remote Workers

I’ve read what seems like a million articles on how to make security awareness training more effective for remote workers. And honestly, they all seem to say the same thing. Teach employees the basics and give them a list of things they should do to keep your data safe. Almost every article includes the same tips. They say ‘don’t click on
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Educating the Educators: Protecting Student Data

I found my 17-year-old son happily playing video games last year when he was supposed to be in virtual school. But after a few questions, I learned he wasn’t skipping school. His class had been canceled after his teacher fell for a phishing attack, and their computer was infected with a virus. This isn’t an isolated incident. Take a look at how
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School Cybersecurity: How Awareness Training Removes Attackers’ Options

Keeping student data safe and maintaining information security in education are part of living in today’s world for educators. Why is it important to include data security in their work? Find an example of how to set up a school cybersecurity policy and more below. School Cyberattacks On the Rise There’s no sign that digital attacks are slowing
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Define, Reinforce and Track: Helping Develop Positive Cybersecurity Habits

Getting teams to improve security can be hard work, but it’s an important job that organisations must take seriously to protect an increasingly risky world. For this post, I wanted to explore some ways that an organisation or individual might start building a new security “habit” so that, in time, acting securely becomes automatic.Define itThe first key step
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6 Cybersecurity Tips for Working from Home

Here at Tripwire, we, like many others, recently surpassed the one-year anniversary of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March of 2020, we have converted kitchens, spare bedrooms and garages into office spaces. Our pets and children have become our coworkers, and companies are reporting a sudden increase in shirt sales as opposed to pant
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Clean Sweep: A 30-Day Guide to a New Cybersecurity Plan

While the arrival of spring promises better days ahead, enterprises are also facing a cyberthreat landscape filled with both familiar threats and emerging attack vectors. As a result, it’s worth taking stock of current security systems and services to see what’s working, what isn’t and where operations can be improved. But how do businesse
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5 Cybersecurity Best Practices For Planning Ahead

Putting best practices in place is the most efficient way to combat cybersecurity threats. But that’s easier said than done, as there are a lot of forces working against our best efforts. The talent shortage looms the largest; there simply aren’t enough qualified cybersecurity experts out there to provide organizations a strong foundation. Witho
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