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Docker Enterprise Edition Now on G-Cloud 9 Framework

  Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) has been accepted to G-Cloud 9, further exemplifying Docker’s commitment to delivering tools for application modernization and innovation across the UK public sector. G-Cloud 9 is the UK government’s latest framework that is designed to simplify and accelerate adoption of cloud-based services within the public sector. The inc
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Theresa May says ‘enough is enough’ after the London Bridge terror attack

Commenting the London Bridge terror attack, Prime Minister says there is ‘far too much tolerance of extremism’ in the UK and urges Internet regulation. The London Bridge terror attack is fueling the debate about the Internet regulation, the Prime Minister Theresa May believe the terrorists had ‘safe spaces’ online and this is no more acceptable.
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Do You Use Chrome for Windows? Your Business May Be Vulnerable

The rise of Chrome usage in companies is indisputable. Despite the fact that, as has been indicated by Gartner analyst David Michal Smith, “Microsoft retains a very strong relationship” with IT departments at enterprises, Chrome is the “most-used browser” at businesses. According to data from the consultant Net Applications, Chrome’s market share is 59%, whi
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Online meetup recap: Introduction to LinuxKit

At DockerCon 2017 we introduced LinuxKit: A toolkit for building secure, lean and portable Linux subsystems. Here are the key principles and motivations behind the project: Secure defaults without compromising usability Everything is replaceable and customizable Immutable infrastructure applied to building Linux distributions Completely stateless, but persi
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More Than Half a Billion Passwords Compromised

A security research firm discovered that there’s an anonymous database containing more than 560 million passwords. The database is accessible on the Dark Web, and it is a compilation of information exposed by all major leaks over the last five years. It includes stolen account information from security breaches of LinkedIn, DropBox, LastFM, MySpace, Adobe, N
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ISIS Publishes Detailed Guide on How to Use Services Like Craigslist to Lure Non-Believers to Their Death

ISIS has released a detailed guide on how to murder non-believers. The tutorial provides advice on how to lure targets via fake ads on websites to kille them. ISIS has released a detailed guide on how to murder non-believers. The tutorial provides advice on how to lure targets via fake ads on websites such as Craigslist, Gumtree and eBay, in order to kill th
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The economic impact of cybercrime will reach $8 Trillion by 2022

According to a report published by Juniper Research, the economic impact of cybercrime is expected to reach $8 trillion price tag over the next five years. According to a report published by Juniper Research, the number of data records that will be compromised in security breaches in 2017 will reach 2.8 billion. The economic impact of cybercrime is expecte
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HTTP… For the Good or the Bad

Tonight, I was invited by the OWASP Belgium Chapter (thank you again!) to present “something“. When I accepted the invitation, I did not really have an idea so I decided to compile the findings around my research about webshells. They are common tools used by bad guys: Once they compromized a server, they often install a webshell which is a kind
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Insecure Medical devices are enlarging surface of attacks for organizations

A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows insecure Medical devices are enlarging the surface of attacks for organizations. A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, based on a survey of 550 individuals, shows that manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) are concerned about cyber attacks on medical devices. 67 percent of medical dev
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Goodbye Privacy? The US Has Recently Passed a Bill That Has Everyone Worried

 The US Congress  decided to repeal an Internet privacy regulation passed under the Obama administration. For many, this is unsettling news. Trump has already initialed the controversial repeal, which allows Internet providers to store and sell users’ browsing histories. The previous regulation, however, required these companies to obtain permission fr
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Get all the Docker talks from Tech Field Day 12

As 2016 comes to a close, we are excited to have participated in a few of the Tech Field Day and inaugural Cloud Field Day events to share the Docker technology with the IT leaders and evangelists that Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth have cultivated into this fantastic group.  The final event was Tech Field Day 12 hosting in Silicon Valley. In case you
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Tips for Troubleshooting Apps in Production with Docker Datacenter

If you have been using Docker for some time, after the initial phases of building Dockerfiles and running a container here and there, the real work begins in building, deploying and operating multi-container applications in a production environment.  Are you operationally ready to take your application to production? Docker Datacenter provides an integrated
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Introducing Docker Secrets Management

Containers are changing how we view apps and infrastructure. Whether the code inside containers is big or small, container architecture introduces a change to how that code behaves with hardware – it fundamentally abstracts it from the infrastructure. Docker believes that there are three key components to container security and together they result in
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Enterprise Ready Software from Docker Store

Docker Store is the place to discover and procure trusted, enterprise-ready containerized software – free, open source and commercial. Docker Store is the evolution of the Docker Hub, which is the world’s largest container registry, catering to millions of users. As of March 1, 2017, we crossed 11 billion pulls from the public registry!  Docker Store
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Introducing Moby Project: a new open-source project to advance the software containerization movement

Since Docker democratized software containers four years ago, a whole ecosystem grew around containerization and in this compressed time period it has gone through two distinct phases of growth. In each of these two phases, the model for producing container systems evolved to adapt to the size and needs of the user community as well as the project and the g
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