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Critical DoS messaging flaw fixed in December Android update

byJohn E DunnFor anyone lucky enough to get them, Android’s December 2019 updates arrived this week, patching a small list of system and Qualcomm flaws across the operating system’s two patch levels.In Google’s estimation, at the top of the urgent list on the 2019-12-01 patch level (see below for explanation) is CVE-2019-2232, a critical flaw affecting Andro
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National Veterinary Associates catches dose of ransomware

byDanny BradburyRansomware attacks don’t discriminate. They are just as happy targeting those with four legs as those with two.Anonymous sources told cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs this week that National Veterinary Associates (NVA) has fallen victim to a ransomware attack that has affected hundreds of hospitals.NVA describes itself as one of the l
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Parents say creep hacked their baby monitor to tell toddler they ‘love’ her

byLisa VaasAnother mouthbreather with nothing better to do than hack a baby monitor and broadcast their “love” for a 3-year-old has apparently struck again.This time, it happened to a family in Seattle.According to local broadcaster King 5, a couple who asked to be identified only as Jo and John said that their daughter, Jaden, was spied on by a stranger who
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Adobe fixes 46 critical bugs in patchfest

byDanny BradburyAdobe patched a total of 82 vulnerabilities across a range of products on Tuesday, including 46 critical bugs.The lion’s share of the patches, which the company flagged on 11 October, came in a single advisory covering Acrobat and Acrobat Reader on the Windows and macOS platforms, extending back to the Classic 2015 versions.There were
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Two charged with tech-support scamming the elderly for $10m

byLisa VaasTwo US people have been charged with the alleged tech-support scumbaggery of spooking old people by shoving scary “Your computer has a virus, call us!!!!” pop-ups in their faces and then fleecing them for services they didn’t need and never got.The band of crooks did this to about 7,500 victims, most of them elderly, shaking them down for more tha
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Understanding External Security Threats

Cyber security is now a board-level risk across the entire spread of industry. However, it is a broad subject with a large number of unknowns, and some might say there’s no real way to ever discover or quantify those unknowns.Unfortunately, this can result in cyber security being poorly understood and boards vulnerable to being misled by ‘snake-oil’ so
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Are Weak Passwords Putting Your Small Business at Risk?

A weak password is like a cheap lock; it’s easy to break, and once the door is open, cyber-criminals can take just about anything. Weak passwords are not just the realm of casual Internet users; they are also an issue that is worryingly common in business, especially in small companies where passwords are regularly shared between colleagues.According to a re
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The biggest threat to your SLAs – DDoS Attacks (Part I)

It is no secret that Hosting Providers live and die by the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and uptime guarantees they offer to their customers.  Organizations select providers, and remain loyal when SLA thresholds are continuously met.  Hosting Providers are fighting an up-hill battle in striving to meet these aggressive guarantees.  There is a certain level
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Looking for a Cheap Service for DDoS Penetration Testing? How Does $2.99 Sound to You?

Lizard Squad, the hacking group that takes credit for attacking the Sony PlayStation Network and the Microsoft Xbox network back in December, now wants to be your commercial provider of a sort of “penetration testing” toolkit. CNN recently reported that anyone can rent the Lizard Squad tool called Lizard Stresser for as little as $2.99 to launch
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The Hacker Group Anonymous as Do-Gooder?

We are usually writing about the hacker group Anonymous in terms of the harmful attacks its members launch against business and government websites. But now the BBC is reporting that Anonymous is claiming credit for knocking a terrorist recruiting website offline. Anonymous is declaring war on jihadist websites following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris
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The Web as Equalizer in Cyber Terrorism

When the World Wide Web rose to prominence two decades ago, it was called the great equalizer. By having a Web presence, a small company could look as impressive as a large company when it came to courting prospective customers and employees. Individuals could access information that previously had been locked away in hard copy sources only. Consumers could
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Can we still trust email?

You’d better be extra vigilant as you read through your business emails these days. Cyber attackers are growing more tenacious in their use of corporate email systems to plant malware on networks. Here are a couple of proof points. Symantec recently posted an article on its Security Response blog about attackers behind malicious spam campaigns turning
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The DDoS myth about the firewall and the IPS

It is about time we put an end to the myths that often come up when choosing a network security solution to protect against DDoS.  Namely: Myth #1: An IPS can protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks Myth #2: A Firewall or a Next Generation Firewall can be a first line of defense against DDoS Do you think that the major of the financial
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DDoS Attack left “Sweden not Working”

The recent DDoS attacks impacting Swedish cable, Internet and mobile service provider, TeliaSonera is another grim reminder of the impact a DDoS attack can have not only on the business itself, but the 5 million subscribers that were left without service, and left “Sweden not working”, as TeliaSonera’s CEO Johan Dennelind has stated publically. T
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“It’s not you, it’s the Internet” – Time to break up with DDoS

Lizard Squad said it best in the recent Sony PlayStation DDoS attacks, rocking the online gaming industry, and leaving players denied from logging into the gaming community. Fact: DDoS attack tools are easy to come by, and cheap to execute, and the motivations for targeting victims are endless. Myth: “I’m not susceptible to DDoS attacks, because I’m not a B
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