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This is what our summer’s like

For the second summer straight, we cover the children’s interests during the period when they have enough leisure to give themselves full time to their hobbies. Modern children are active users of the internet, so most of their interests find reflection in their online activities, which are the subject of our today’s review. Statistics collection
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A Modern Hypervisor as a Basis for a Sandbox

In the field of information security, sandboxes are used to isolate an insecure external environment from a secure internal environment (or vice versa), to protect against the exploitation of vulnerabilities, and to analyze malicious code. At Kaspersky Lab, we have several sandboxes, including an Android sandbox. In this article, we will look at just one of
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Accelerate Response With Orchestration

Organizations today are battling three compounding challenges: complex cyberattacks that shift as they unfold, complicated technology environments and a fast-growing skills gap. As a result, technologies and processes that enable a dynamic, fast and orchestrated response are becoming vital. IBM Resilient has many enterprise deployments around the world spa
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What Interests Children Online

Today’s children and teenagers are integrated into cyberspace so tightly that discussions on the outright prohibition of using devices with Internet connectivity are nonsensical. It is more reasonable to teach children how to behave themselves correctly online and lend support by protecting them against undesirable content. To solve these problems, man
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False Positives: Why Vendors Should Lower Their Rates and How We Achieved the Best Results

In pursuit of a high cyberthreat detection rate, the some developers of cybersecurity solutions neglect the subject matter of false positives, and unfairly so. Indeed, this is a very inconvenient matter that some developers tend to overlook (or try to solve with questionable methods) until there is a serious incident that could paralyze the work of their cus
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The security is still secure

Recently WikiLeaks published a report that, among other things, claims to disclose tools and tactics employed by a state-sponsored organization to break into users’ computers and circumvent installed security solutions. The list of compromised security products includes dozens of vendors and relates to the whole cybersecurity industry. The published re
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Features of secure OS realization

There are generally accepted principles that developers of all secure operating systems strive to apply, but there can be completely different approaches to implementing these principles. A secure operating system can be developed from an existing OS by improving certain characteristics that are the cause (or the consequence) of that operating system’s
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Machine learning versus spam

Machine learning methods are often presented by developers of security solutions as a silver bullet, or a magic catch-all technology that will protect users from a huge range of threats. But just how justified are these claims? Unless explanations are provided as to where and how exactly these technologies are used, these assertions appear to be little more
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Loop of Confidence

With the arrival of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay in Russia, many are wondering just how secure these payment systems are, and how popular they are likely to become. A number of experts have commented on this, basing their opinions on the common stereotypes of Android being insecure and the attacks which currently take place on wireless payments. In our opinion
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Small users in a big network

Children use the Internet for schoolwork, socializing, watching films and cartoons, playing games and much more. But, as we all know, browsing the web can be an unsafe business. In order to control their children’s online activity many parents use specialized software – so-called parental control. This software is usually capable of controlling the amo
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Cybersecurity effectiveness will be measured by risk reduction, not technology deployment

Many businesses today begin securing their data with a checkbox. That is, a chief security or information officer is told, “We need to secure X,” thus the goal becomes, “Find a solution to tick the ‘X’ security checkbox.” This is how we measure the security of our information today, by itemizing the technologies we’ve deployed across an organization. Unfor
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Infosec Influencers: An Interview with Bruce Schneier

This week, as part of our new “Infosec Influencer” series, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bruce Schneier, an internationally renowned security technologist and one of The State of Security’s Top Influencers in Security You Should Be Following in 2015. He has written 12 books, including Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust Society
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Security Technology a Top Focus for CISOs

Chief information security officers (CISOs) and other security leaders are tasked with protecting the enterprise against a multitude of threats, including attacks from sophisticated and determined cybercriminals. They must do so in an environment of interlinked revolutions in technology such as the cloud, mobile devices and big data analytics. It should come
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