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5 Cybersecurity Best Practices For Planning Ahead

Putting best practices in place is the most efficient way to combat cybersecurity threats. But that’s easier said than done, as there are a lot of forces working against our best efforts. The talent shortage looms the largest; there simply aren’t enough qualified cybersecurity experts out there to provide organizations a strong foundation. Witho
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How Working From Home Has Changed Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Some of the most surprising news coming out of 2020 — a year when it seemed like there was a major breaking story every day — is the number of data breaches decreased during the first nine months of the year.  This is the exact opposite of what experts expected. The security concerns as millions of workers moved from on-site to a remote wor
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5 Digital Threats to Watch Out for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Widely regarded as the official start to the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are exciting because many retailers announce limited-time sales that promise huge savings to die-hard consumers. Not even the pandemic looks like it will dent consumers’ enthusiasm. In September 2020, for instance, Bloomberg shared research from Deloitte tha
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Brand impersonation attacks targeting SMB organizations

IntroductionBuilding and maintaining a brand is an important part of a successful business. Having a recognized brand confers recognition, and if done well, provides a way of developing trust between customers and company. Brand trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand. Research has shown that 80% of US customers look at the trustworthiness of a brand when ma
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More Effective Security Awareness: 3 Tips for NCSAM

It’s often said that humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Indeed, I’d have a hard time arguing that a computer that was sealed in a box, untouched by human hand, poses much of a security risk. But a computer that is unused has no purpose. It behooves security practitioners to get smarter about how we teach people to use those machines so that both h
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How to avoid getting locked out of your own account with multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the most popular authentication security solutions available to organizations today. It really comes as no surprise, as the multi-factor authentication benefits of enhanced security go beyond the basic password security measures by forcing the user to authenticate with another method that (presumably) only th
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How to find weak passwords in your organization’s Active Directory

IntroductionConfidentiality is a fundamental information security principle. According to ISO 27001, it is defined as ensuring that information is not made available or disclosed to unauthorized individuals, entities or processes. There are several security controls designed specifically to enforce confidentiality requirements, but one of the oldest an
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How hackers use CAPTCHA to evade automated detection

IntroductionCAPTCHA seems to be everywhere we look. These sloppy characters are on blogs, ticket websites, shopping portals — you name it. Those cars you need to spot in a block of images before you can access a website? That’s CAPTCHA too. CAPTCHA was invented to help sites distinguish human users from bots and automated hacking tools. But little did
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The State of Ransomware 2020: Key findings from Sophos & Malwarebytes

IntroductionRansomware has become one of the most common and well-known threats to cybersecurity. 2020 saw a notable increase in ransomware attacks specifically on enterprise entities, as many organizations found themselves in the crosshairs of malicious actors. These attacks are becoming increasingly complex, as cybercriminals leverage new and sophist
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Cybersecurity Awareness: 6 Myths And How To Combat Them

National Cybersecurity Awareness month is upon us. And, so is the opportunity to look at what common C-suite misconceptions could be handcuffing security awareness efforts.  As we enter the back half of 2020, now is the time to look at myths and highlight their relevancy in this chaotic year. Which myths are in the modern threat landscape? An
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Monitoring business communication tools like Slack for data infiltration risks

IntroductionIf you’re sending instant messages at work, chances are you’re using Slack, the business-oriented analog of WhatsApp or Discord. Slack currently boasts over 12 million users worldwide, and as more businesses turn to remote or hybrid work environments, that number is only expected to grow. But Slack’s popularity raises a very important quest
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Integrating Security Awareness Training Into Employee Onboarding

Training your team on security awareness is an essential part of a successful security program. And, new employee onboarding is an optimal time to introduce your staff to your security best practices. This is in large part due to the fact that they likely won’t know your company’s protocols for secure information nor how to securely navigate int
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Tech companies, privacy and vulnerabilities: How much transparency is enough?

Views and opinions published in this article are intended to foster productive thought and discussion around challenges in the cybersecurity industry. Views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of Infosec.  IntroductionIn late June 2020, a story was published by Vice’s Motherboard technology investigative platform with
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Breached passwords: The most frequently used and compromised passwords of the year

IntroductionPasswords should be secret, so why do so many people wind up using the same popular passwords? The truth is, no one sets out to choose a password that is dangerously common or insecure. Instead, they most likely don’t realize the risk of using a common password or don’t know how to create — and protect — a strong password. But before users
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Android app security: Over 12,000 popular Android apps contain undocumented backdoors

Many Android apps contain hidden secretsWhen many people think about malware and other malicious or suspicious software, they focus on computers. It is common best practice to have an antivirus program installed and regularly running on these machines.Smartphones are rapidly becoming the most common and popular device for computation and Internet acces
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