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Have We Been Wrong All Along About Good Password Practices?

Have we been creating passwords the wrong way all along? You might think so, based on the new set of guidelines the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently issued about the best password practices. NIST Special Publication 800-63 is a comprehensive guide to managing digital identity, and its recommendations are widely adopted by organi
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Increased Awareness Is the Best Cure for Health Care Security Risks

The health care market is quite heterogeneous, and as a result, each organization has a unique set of cybsersecurity needs and characteristics. The industry includes hospitals of all sizes, local doctoral consortia, public health care institutions and individual physicians. Naturally, health care security risks vary depending on the size and type of organiza
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Equifax Breach Exposes Personal Information of 44% of U.S. Consumers

Last week, Equifax announced a data breach impacting 143 million U.S. consumers. According to the company’s release, information accessed includes names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and some driver’s license numbers. Credit card numbers for over 200,000 Americans, as well as “dispute documents” with personal identifying information
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CTRL-ALT-DELETE Before You Leave Your Seat! Security Awareness and Training Through Positive Reinforcement

Information security awareness and training is one of the most effective ways to protect company data since so many security risks are caused by user error, misconfiguration and mismanagement. The primary goal of such programs is to minimize these issues by educating users on their responsibilities for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability
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Money Talks: Speaking the Language of Money to Boost Security Awareness Among CEOs

Security weaknesses often start at the top of organizations. According to Code42’s “CTRL-Z Study 2017,” 75 percent of CEOs and more than half of other top executives admitted that they use applications that are not approved by their IT department. This could be due to lack of engagement between the security team and the C-suite, management&
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Just Released! Role-Based Modules, International Phishing Templates

Several new tools have been added to the SecurityIQ platform to advance the effectiveness of your security awareness training program. Our expanded library will help you reach more of your workforce with content targeted to their responsibilities, roles and regions. 18 New Role-Based Modules for Managers & ExecutivesWe just released 18 new role-bas
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Dragonfly 2.0 Gains Operational Access to U.S. Energy Companies

Hacker group Dragonfly 2.0 just breached U.S. and European energy companies, gaining operational access to power grids. This recent infiltration allows hackers to “flip the switch” at power companies, stopping electricity flow to homes and business in the U.S. Through its investigation, Symantec uncovered over 20 cases where hackers accessed targeted p
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Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) Sample Security Policy

One of the earliest (a little bit intelligent) digital personal assistants was the annoying Microsoft Clippit, circa 1997. The animated MS Office paperclip was always anxious to help out and would keep popping up on your screen to let you know it had noticed you were working with styles, creating a new document or spreadsheet, inserting an image, or cr
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What Does Your Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) Know About You?

1.   IntroductionArtificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a theme in science fiction. It is being integrated into our daily life as a result of the high adoption of intelligent appliances. Smartphones can be considered as the engine of driving the popularization of AI. The various capabilities of smartphones allow more sophisticated interactions betwe
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Secure Use Tips for Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs)

Intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) are gaining substantial traction among the giants of the tech world. And for good reason: The technology has garnered a reputation for being the poster child for artificial intelligence (AI). If we acknowledge the hardly disputable fact that machine intelligence has an upward trajectory in terms of widespread usag
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Top 10 Threats from Unprotected Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs)

1.   IntroductionIntelligence personal assistants (IPA), also known as virtual personal assistant (VPA), is the rising star in the high technology industry. It is an intelligent software application that the user can inquire for information and make commands on their smartphone and other intelligent computing devices through natural language. Tasks suc
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Hacking Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs)

We are at a point in history where progress in our technology is far outpacing our capacity to cope with it. This is typified by our relationship with intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. A recent study conducted by Creative Strategies found something very interesting: while 98% of American iPhone users have
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OWASP Top 10 #10: Unprotected APIs

Modern applications are becoming more complex, more critical and more connected. The difficulty of achieving application security has increased exponentially and unprotected APIs are one of the top web application security risks organizations face.Compared to Injection, OWASP’s number one web application security risk, unprotected APIs (tenth in the li
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New SecurityIQ Resources, Learner Management Tools

This week’s SecurityIQ update includes several new program features. Clients now have access to a library of additional teaching resources within the SecurityIQ platform to reinforce key lessons, and new learner grouping and data upload options facilitate easier, more effective program administration. Read on for complete release details.Download the c
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OWASP Top 10 #7: Insufficient Attack Protection

“Security  is always seen as too much until the day it’s not enough.”This quote by William H. Webster, an American attorney, jurist and current Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, pretty much defines the complexity of the new entry to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 Series: A7-Insufficient Attack Protection.Sinc
Publish At:2017-08-23 22:00 | Read:154 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Awareness


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