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SecureLayer7 Elevates to becoming a CREST Certified Penetration Tester

SecureLayer7 to become a CREST certified penetration tester has passed the requesting appraisal needed to turn into an individual from Certificate CREST, the not-revenue driven accreditation and confirmation body that speaks to the specialized data security industry. SecureLayer7 is one of the few settled cybersecurity organizations to get CREST Certified Pe
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We Are Proud to Announce ISO Certifications

The danger of the Web is that you can go from idea to public announcement in under ten minutes. These words from some well-known mind though being true but are contrasting to what we are feeling right now.  SecureLayer7 proudly announces that we are now Certified for ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013!  Since we are being so proud of it, you might want
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Website Security Analysis And Signs To Identify Malware

We have all experienced this at some point getting redirected to some entirely random website for absolutely no reason. You may have noticed the unwanted ads that keep on popping up on a site or maybe you are unexpectedly redirected to some completely different site which is not even related with what you are looking for or with some inappropriate content, o
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Hands-on AWS S3 Bucket Account Takeover

As we have seen in the first part of AWS Penetration Testing Series the Basics of AWS S3 Bucket Penetration Testing in which we explained about what is Amazon S3 bucket and for the different purposes it can be used, in the second part Hands-on AWS S3 Bucket Vulnerabilities we learned about vulnerabilities in AWS S3 Bucket and in this part we will see h
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PageKit Open Source CMS Penetration Test

Overview Under the SecureLayer7’s Gratis Pentest Summer 2016, our consultant “Saurabh Banawar” have performed the 2 days penetration testing on the PageKit open source CMS application. Following vulnerabilities Saurabh have found during the penetration testing. Vertical/Horizontal Authentication Bypass or Password Reset Vulnerability (Crit
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SecureLayer7 Gratis PenTest Summer 2016

SecureLayer7 Gratis PenTest Summer 2016 You can now receive free penetration testing for 6 days! What is this about? Your open source software project stands a chance to win 6 full days of penetration testing from SecureLayer7, that too free of cost! That’s not possible! I am being forged! The SecureLayer7 PenTest Summer 2016 is a voluntary, no-profit compet
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