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A week in security (February 15 – February 21)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, the spotlight fell on the State of Malware 2021 report, wherein we have seen cyberthreats evolve. We also touched on ransomware, such as Egregor and a tactic known as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) brute forcing that has long been part of the ransomware operators’ toolkit; insider threats, such as what Yandex recently
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“ScamClub” gang outed for exploiting iPhone browser bug to spew ads

byPaul DucklinDigital ad company Confiant, which claims to “improve the digital marketing experience” for online advertisers by knowing about and getting rid of malicious and unwanted ads, has just published an analysis of a malvertising group it calls ScamClub.According to Confiant, this group is behind a massive number of those annoying and sca
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ScamClub malvertising gang abused WebKit zero-day to redirect to online gift card scams

Malvertising gang ScamClub has exploited an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in WebKit-based browsers in a campaign aimed at realizing online gift card scams. The Malvertising gang ScamClub has abused an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in WebKit-based browsers to bypass security measures and redirect users from legitimate sites to websites hosting online
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