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Web Application Whitepaper

This document aims to analyse and explore data collected from technical assurance engagements during 2016. The original piece of data analysis was performed by two of our interns (Daniel and Chris) as part of Cisco’s intended contribution to the next Top 10 publication from OWASP however due to time constraints, our data points were not submitted. As a
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Keep your cookies safe (part 1)

What are cookies and why are they important? A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser and is subsequently includes with all authenticated requests that belong to that session. Some cookies contain the user session data in a website, which is vital. Others cookies are used for tracking long-term records of
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Bringing Greater Information Security to the Automobile Industry

We are moving into an era of inter-connectivity with billions of devices, including a previously disconnected industry of automotive vehicles. Vehicles were not designed with computer security in mind, and that worked just fine for the last few decades.However, now we are at a point where we can take an “unhackable” 1997 Honda Civic and add in a
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Windows Named Pipes: There and back again

Inter Process Communication (IPC) is an ubiquitous part of modern computing. Processes often talk to each other and many software packages contain multiple components which need to exchange data to run properly. Named pipes are one of the many forms of IPC in use today and are extensively used on the Windows platform as a means to exchange data between runni
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Students Build Open Source Web-Based Threat Modeling Tool

Threat models help application developers answer some fundamental questions about potential risks and how to cut off vulnerabilities before they’re put into production. Some software development lifecycles, however, don’t include threat modeling as part of the code-building process because they’ve either never heard of it, or the process is
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Trust me, I’m a cloud vendor

I visited my sister and her family a while ago and somehow ended up playing a game with my seven year-old niece. I forget what it was called now, but the objective was to describe colors without being able to relate them to an object. In other words, describe the color blue without referring to the sea, or the sky. Try it. It’s tough. Though apparently not f
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