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Four Additional Threat Groups Seen Targeting Industrial Organizations in 2020

A total of 15 threat groups have been observed targeting industrial organizations, according to industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos.Dragos on Wednesday released its ICS Cybersecurity Year in Review report for 2020, which covers the industrial control systems (ICS) threat landscape and vulnerabilities disclosed last year. It also shares insights from the les
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U.S. Gov Warning on Water Supply Hack: Get Rid of Windows 7

On the heels of last week’s lye-poisoning attack against a small water plant in Florida, the U.S. government’s cybersecurity agency is pleading with critical infrastructure defenders to rip-and-replace Windows 7 from their networks as a matter of urgency.The government’s latest appeal, issued via a joint advisory from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Sec
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Industry Reactions to U.S. Water Plant Hack: Feedback Friday

The U.S. government revealed this week that unknown hackers had managed to remotely access systems at a Florida city’s water plant and attempted to elevate levels of a certain chemical to a point where it would put the public at risk of being poisoned.The attack, which targeted the water supply in Oldsmar, a small city in Florida, was discovered by staff at
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Siemens Patches 21 More File Parsing Vulnerabilities in PLM Products

Siemens this week released nine new security advisories describing vulnerabilities affecting the company’s products.The biggest advisory covers 21 security holes affecting JT2Go, a 3D viewing tool for JT data (ISO-standardized 3D data format), and Teamcenter Visualization, which provides organizations visualization solutions for documents, 2D drawings and 3D
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Hack Exposes Vulnerability of Cash-Strapped US Water Plants

A hacker’s botched attempt to poison the water supply of a small Florida city is raising alarms about just how vulnerable the nation’s water systems may be to attacks by more sophisticated intruders. Treatment plants are typically cash-strapped, and lack the cybersecurity depth of the power grid and nuclear plants.A local sheriff’s startling announcement Mon
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Remote Hacker Caught Poisoning Florida City Water Supply

Hacker Remotely Increased Sodium Hydroxide Levels in Florida City’s Water from 100 Parts Per Million to 11,100 Parts Per Million.U.S. law enforcement agencies are investigating a remote compromise of a Florida city's water plant, warning that the hackers tried to poison the water supply serving approximately 15,000 residents.The hack was spotted on February
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Open Source Tool Helps Organizations Secure GE CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Systems

Industrial cybersecurity firm OTORIO this week announced the availability of a new open source tool designed to help organizations secure their GE CIMPLICITY systems.GE Digital’s CIMPLICITY is a highly popular human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) product that the company says is used by some of the world’s larges
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Number of ICS Vulnerabilities Continued to Increase in 2020: Report

The number of vulnerabilities discovered in industrial control system (ICS) products in 2020 increased significantly compared to previous years, according to a report released on Thursday by industrial cybersecurity firm Claroty.According to Claroty, the number of ICS vulnerabilities disclosed in 2020 (893 vulnerabilities) was nearly 25% higher compared to 2
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Siemens Releases Patches to Prevent Remote Takeover of SIMATIC HMI Panels

Siemens has released patches for some of its SIMATIC human-machine interface (HMI) panels to address a high-severity vulnerability that can be exploited remotely to take full control of a device.SIMATIC HMI panels are designed for operator control and the monitoring of machines and plants.Ta-Lun Yen, a researcher at TXOne Networks, an IIoT security-focused j
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A Swiss Army Knife for Industrial Operations Protection

When we think about a Swiss Army Knife, we immediately picture a high-quality, multi-functional tool to help us tackle a wide array of tasks. The digital equivalent is the smartphone. A more security-specific example is the all-in-one, wireless home protection system. These solutions typically include sensors for windows, doors, and rooms, as well as cameras
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OT Cybersecurity Firm Mission Secure Raises $5.6 Million in Series B Funding

Mission Secure, a provider of visibility and cybersecurity solutions for industrial environments, announced this week that it has closed a Series B financing round in the amount of $5.6 million. The company raised its first outside funding through a seed round in late 2014, and has consistently added funding over the years, with the total amount raised
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CISA Issues Advisory for High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Fuji Electric HMI Products

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) this week released an advisory to inform industrial organizations that some SCADA/HMI products made by Japanese electrical equipment company Fuji Electric are affected by potentially serious vulnerabilities.The impacted products are Tellus Lite V-Simulator and V-Server Lite. Telus and V-Server
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Hundreds of Industrial Organizations Received Sunburst Malware in SolarWinds Attack

Hundreds of industrial organizations have apparently received a piece of malware named Sunburst as part of the supply chain attack that hit IT management and monitoring firm SolarWinds last year, Kaspersky’s ICS CERT unit reported on Tuesday.SolarWinds’ analysis of the attack revealed that up to 18,000 of its customers may have received trojanized updates fo
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Industrial Firms Informed About Serious Vulnerabilities in Matrikon OPC Product

Industrial organizations have been informed about the existence of several potentially serious vulnerabilities affecting an OPC UA product made by Honeywell subsidiary Matrikon.Open Platform Communications (OPC) is a communications protocol for operational technology (OT) systems and it’s widely used to ensure interoperability between various types of indust
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Packaging Giant WestRock Says Ransomware Attack Impacted OT Systems

American packaging giant WestRock (NYSE: WRK) on Monday revealed that it was recently targeted in a ransomware attack that impacted both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems.The company has shared few details about the incident, which it discovered on January 23, when it “promptly” initiated response and containment protocols.
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