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Microsoft on the counter­attack! Trickbot malware network takes a hit

byPaul DucklinGood news, for a while at least.Microsoft went to US District Court for the greater good of all of us and came away with a court order permitting it to take over a whole raft of internet servers.The company was authorised to take over a wide range of IP numbers, effectively ripping them out from under their existing users and repurposing them f
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Healthcare security update: death by ransomware, what’s next?

A recent ransomware attack which played a significant role in the death of a German woman has put into focus both the dangers and the importance of cybersecurity today. But it has also led some to point fingers as to who was responsible. As usual, playing the blame game helps no one, but it does remind us of the dire need to work on healthcare security.
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Attacks Aimed at Disrupting the Trickbot Botnet

Over the past 10 days, someone has been launching a series of coordinated attacks designed to disrupt Trickbot, an enormous collection of more than two million malware-infected Windows PCs that are constantly being harvested for financial data and are often used as the entry point for deploying ransomware within compromised organizations. A text snippet from
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Conti Ransomware Deemed a Possible Successor of Ryuk

Security researchers found evidence that the Conti ransomware strain could be a possible successor to the Ryuk crypto-malware family.Vitali Kremez, strategic advisor for SentinelLabs, analyzed both Conti and Ryuk. He found that the former appeared to be based on the code of the latter’s second version. He also observed Conti to be using the same ransom
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Ryuk Ransomware Deployed Two Weeks After Initial Trickbot Infection

Several attack campaigns waited two weeks after achieving a successful Trickbot infection before they deployed Ryuk ransomware as their final payload.SentinelOne came across the attacks as the result of monitoring an attack server employed by Trickbot’s handlers. In the process, they discovered data for three separate attacks that occurred in the begin
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Malwarebytes Labs releases 2020 State of Malware Report

Malwarebytes Labs today released the results of our annual study on the state of malware—the 2020 State of Malware Report—and as usual, it’s a doozy. From an increase in enterprise-focused threats to the diversification of sophisticated hacking and stealth techniques, the 2019 threat landscape was shaped by a cybercrime industry that aimed to show i
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Ryuk Reportedly Behind Ransomware Infection at DOD Contractor

A Ryuk sample was reportedly responsible for a ransomware infection at a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).According to ZDNet, Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) suffered a ransomware infection in which the offending malware encrypted its web servers.The company ultimately took down the affected web servers, but security researchers noneth
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Tampa Bay Times hit with Ryuk ransomware attack

Florida newspaper The Tampa Bay Times suffered a Ryuk ransomware attack Thursday, making it the latest major victim of the notorious ransomware family that continues to rise in popularity. Curiously, the paper is at least the third Florida-based Ryuk victim in the past year. The attack, which The Tampa Bay Times reported on itself, did not result in a
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A decade in cybersecurity fails: the top breaches, threats, and ‘whoopsies’ of the 2010s

This post was co-authored by Wendy Zamora and Chris Boyd. All opinions expressed belong to your mom. Back in the days before climate change stretched frigid winter months directly into the insta-sweat of summer, there was a saying about March: in like a lamb, out like a lion. The same might be said about the last decade in cybersecurity fails. What kic
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A week in security (December 9 – 15)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we cautioned readers against purchasing potentially privacy-invasive, cyber-insecure smart doorbells, warned about a new credit card skimmer vulnerability embedded within hundreds of fraudulent web sites selling supposedly name-brand shoes, and looked at the newest veteran’s assistance program launched by the nonprofit Women i
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Threat spotlight: The curious case of Ryuk ransomware

Ryuk. A name once unique to a fictional character in a popular Japanese comic book and cartoon series is now a name that appears in several rosters of the nastiest ransomware to ever grace the wild web. For an incredibly young strain—only 15 months old—Ryuk ransomware gaining such notoriety is quite a feat to achieve. Unless the threat actors behind its
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Ransomware Bites 400 Veterinary Hospitals

National Veterinary Associates (NVA), a California company that owns more than 700 animal care facilities around the globe, is still working to recover from a ransomware attack late last month that affected more than half of those properties, separating many veterinary practices from their patient records, payment systems and practice management software. NV
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