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Breach-and-Attack Simulation Firm SafeBreach Raises $19 Million

SafeBreach has raised a further $19 million to improve and expand its breach-and-attack simulation platform, which allows customers to assess their security posture against a continuous barrage of genuine, but safe, hacker behaviors.Sunnyvale, Calif-based breach-and-attack simulation (BAS) firm SafeBreach has raised $19 million in a Series C funding round le
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GAO Criticizes Pentagon Over Cyber Hygiene Efforts

A report published this week by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows that the Pentagon’s cyber hygiene initiatives have not been completed and in some cases no one is keeping track of their progress.The GAO has reviewed three of the Department of Defense’s initiatives aimed at improving the security of its networks, including the 2015 Cybers
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US Threatens to Block China Telecom From American Market

The United States threatened Thursday to cut off Beijing-controlled China Telecom from serving the US market because of legal and security risks, the Justice Department announced Thursday.A recommendation by the government's top departments, including Defense, State and Homeland Security, said that the Federal Communications Commission should "revoke and ter
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NASA Sees Increase in Cyberattacks During Coronavirus Outbreak

A memo sent out this week to all NASA personnel warns that the agency has seen a significant increase in cyberattacks, including phishing and malware attacks, while its employees work remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak.The memo, obtained by space news website SpaceRef, reveals that the number of email phishing attempts doubled in the past few days and the
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Android Enterprise Adds Flexibility But Still Calls for UEM Solutions

With the deployment of Android 10 on all new smartphones comes Android Enterprise, previously known as Android for Work. Even though it has its roots in Android 5.0 (Lollipop) launched in 2014, it is now a mandatory feature on all Android 10 devices when managed with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. Android Enterprise’s Flexible Deploy
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Free Security Tools, Resources Offered During Coronavirus Outbreak

Many companies are offering free cybersecurity tools and resources to help organizations during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.Tens of companies have announced over the past weeks that they are offering free tools and services to organizations impacted by the pandemic. However, some experts have cautioned about these offers.“A word of caution to businesse
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How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacted Cybersecurity Professionals?

Just as it is no surprise that criminals are taking advantage of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis, so it is no surprise that cybersecurity professionals are feeling the pressure. Ninety-five percent say they are facing additional challenges with increased attacks and new work-from-home demands.Check Point Software, together with Dimensional Re
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Effective Data Security Begins With a Strong Tech Foundation

Data is the engine of the modern economy. Whether it consists of customer data, intellectual property, market insights or financial information, these types of sensitive data enable the most successful businesses to thrive. It’s no surprise, then, that securing that critical data is increasingly a strategic priority for organizations around the globe.
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Public ICS Hacking Tools Make It Easier to Launch Attacks: FireEye

Publicly available hacking tools, many of which have been developed for research and testing purposes, lower the bar for threat actors looking to target industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks, FireEye warned this week.The cybersecurity firm told SecurityWeek that its Mandiant Intelligence team tracks nearly 100 tools that c
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TrickBot Pushing a 2FA Bypass App to Bank Customers in Germany

IBM X-Force researchers recently analyzed an Android malware app that’s likely being pushed to infected users by the TrickBot Trojan. This app, dubbed “TrickMo” by our team, is designed to bypass strong authentication methods that bank customers use when they need to authorize a transaction. Though it’s not the first of its kind, this
Publish At:2020-03-24 07:55 | Read:358 | Comments:0 | Tags:Advanced Threats Risk Management Threat Intelligence Android

Do You Know Your Responsibilities When It Comes to Container Security?

As you migrate your enterprise to the public cloud or multicloud, you want to realize some of its inherent benefits regardless of what service model you utilize. Whether your goal is cost optimization, scalability or elasticity, the cloud can allow your enterprise to adopt newer, cutting-edge technologies to innovate your business without the burden of havin
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Extend Your Security Team, Quickly Add Expertise and Help Secure Your Remote Workforce

Organizations around the world are adapting to respond to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Companies may experience increased stress and challenges across their security programs arising from increased remote user demand, site availability impacts, stringent travel restrictions and requests for social distancing. Security organizations may als
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Crypto-Risk: Your Data Security Blind Spot

For many years — almost since the beginning of secure internet communications — data security professionals have had to face the challenge of using certificates, the mechanism that forms the basis of Transport Layer Security (TLS) communications. Certificates facilitate secure connections to websites (represented by the “s” in “https”
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7 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Improve Data Security

This year, March 19 ushered in spring in the Northern Hemisphere — the first time since 1896 that the season has started so early. So why not take advantage of the season’s early arrival to do some spring cleaning, not only of your physical space, but of your data and systems, too? Digital spring cleaning can make your life easier and dramatically impr
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4 Principles That Should Define Your Evolving Security Operations Model

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a security conference where I presented the operating models that an organization can embrace when managing cyberthreats and the guiding principles associated with them. It was a great chance to share some of my experiences with the greater community and foster intellectual curiosity around an increasingly important
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