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Making Cloud Security a Team Sport

While most large enterprises are moving to the cloud in some form, the path is never as direct as chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) might like it to be. Most come to terms with the fact that the cloud won’t be a single offering, but rather a hybrid multicloud that aligns critical applications with cloud s
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To Rank or Not to Rank Should Never Be a Question

Let’s face it: Vulnerability management is not what it used to be a decade ago. Actually, it is not what it used to be a couple of years ago. Vulnerability management is one of those ever-evolving processes. Whether it is because of compliance mandates, board demands, an overall desire to reduce risk, all of these objectives or none, almost every organ
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Coming to a Conference Room Near You: Deepfakes

Could Deepfakes be a Risk to Your Company?Deepfake technology isn’t just something reminiscent of a Hollywood thriller, although the technology was first used in movie studios when film editors wanted to replace the faces of stunt doubles with the real stars. Over years of development, this has improved to the point where it is hard to spot in a movie. For e
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Huawei Loses Legal Challenge Against US Federal Purchase Ban

Washington has the right to block US federal agencies from buying products by Huawei on cybersecurity grounds, a judge has ruled, dismissing the Chinese telecom giant's legal challenge to a purchase ban.Huawei filed the suit nearly a year ago, claiming that Congress had failed to provide evidence to support a law that stopped government agencies from buying
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Why Threat Actors Are Increasingly Conducting Cyberattacks on Local Government

Cyberattacks on local government in the U.S. have increased dramatically over the last several years. In 2019 alone, ransomware affected more than 100 state and local governments, according to Recorded Future — and that’s just one threat vector. Municipalities are also at risk from insider threats, coordinated attacks and other perils. What is it about
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Trump Threatens Intelligence Block Over Huawei: US Diplomat

The United States' ambassador to Germany said Sunday that President Donald Trump had threatened to cut off intelligence-sharing with countries that dealt with Chinese tech firm Huawei.Washington has been pressing allies to ban Huawei, one of the world's largest tech firms, from next-generation 5G mobile data networks, saying it is a security risk.Ambassador
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Increase Automation to Overcome Cyber Resilience Challenges

Security operations teams face an exponentially growing volume of security event data while resources mostly remain static. One great way to help solve issues in this space is automation. Despite the recognized benefits of security automation, however, few organizations leverage automation’s capabilities to their full potential, and those who do often
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Smartphone Voting Stirs Interest -- and Security Fears

West Virginia's disabled residents and overseas military personnel will be able to vote by smartphone in the US presidential election this year, the latest development in a push to make balloting more accessible despite persistent security fears.Rising interest in electronic voting has heightened concerns among security experts who fear these systems are vul
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Sextortion Scams Delivered by Emotet Net 10 Times More Than Necurs Sextortion — Here’s Why

Recent spam campaigns from Emotet featured sextortion content very similar to emails previously sent by the Necurs botnet. However, Emotet spam ended up netting 10 times the amount that a comparable Necurs campaign did — within a matter of six hours. Why was Emotet so much more successful with the same type of ploy? Two factors played into this. First, Emote
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Will Weak Passwords Doom the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Weak passwords can hurt any organization’s security efforts and make any device easily hackable, but could they also be the greatest point of failure for internet of things (IoT) security? Weak passwords certainly put companies deploying IoT devices at greater risk of falling victim to a cyberattack. We have already begun to see attacks targeting IoT d
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Microsoft Brings Safe Documents, Application Guard to More 365 ProPlus Users

Microsoft this week announced that Safe Documents and Application Guard, two security capabilities introduced last fall, are now available to more of its Office 365 ProPlus customers.Initially detailed at the Ignite 2019 conference in early November, the two features are meant to improve both security and productivity and are rooted in a seamless integration
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Upstream Oil and Gas Companies Boosted Cybersecurity Spending in 2019: Survey

Many upstream oil and gas organizations invested in cybersecurity last year in an effort to improve their threat detection and prevention capabilities, according to a survey conducted by professional services company Accenture.The survey, conducted in the spring of 2019, included responses from 255 individuals in 47 countries. Respondents included executives
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How to Create Value With Your (Security) Data Analytics Program

I have been fascinated by data analytics for all my professional life — from my early days of using Linux command-line tools like grep, cut, sort and unique to make sense of log files and identify the chain of events that harmed my web server, to using simple Excel and pivot tables to do pretty much the same with data of all types. Now, we have much fancier
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The Case for Integrating Dark Web Intelligence Into Your Daily Operations

Some of the best intelligence an operator or decision-maker can obtain comes straight from the belly of the beast. That’s why dark web intelligence can be incredibly valuable to your security operations center (SOC). By leveraging this critical information, operators can gain a better understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) emplo
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How Do You Measure the Success of Your Patch Management Efforts?

If you follow the news, you will often see that yet another company has been breached or taken hostage by ransomware. If you read the full details of these stories, usually they have one main thing in common: These organizations are behind in patch management. The question that arises, then, is why? There are two sides to this story: A technical one and a pr
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