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Why E-Commerce Security Matters Now More Than Ever

In February 2020, the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon, fended off the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in history. As peak traffic volume hit 2.3 Tbps, e-commerce security experts declared this attack as “a warning we should not ignore.”  DDoS attacks are nothing new. Every day, security teams deal with these malic
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Threat Actors’ Most Targeted Industries in 2020: Finance, Manufacturing and Energy

IBM Security’s annual X-Force Threat Intelligence Index uses data derived from across our teams and managed customers to gather insights about the topmost targeted industries every year, helping organizations manage risk and resource investment in their security programs. When it comes to managing digital risk and facing potential cyberattacks, each i
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Retail Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Customer Data

In the early days of the pandemic, many retailers quickly launched e-commerce stores for the first time. Others expanded their offerings, such as adding online ordering with curbside pick-up. Within only a few months, the pandemic accelerated the shift to e-commerce stores by five years. This points to the need for increased retail cybersecurity. 
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The Shift to E-Commerce: How Retail Cybersecurity is Changing

With more people making purchases from home, now is a more important time than ever to secure your business against retail security threats. More and more customers are moving to online orders with gradual growth accelerated by five years in 2020 alone. Take a look at retail cybersecurity risks and how to protect against them. How to Protect Customer Data O
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Card-Not-Present Fraud: 4 Security Considerations for Point of Sale Businesses

As the retail world’s center of gravity shifts to the cloud, payment card fraud has followed suit. According to Verizon’s retail vulnerabilities study, attacks against e-commerce applications are by far the leading cause of retail data breaches. This trend mirrors similar outcomes in other industries, like food service. A complimentary Verizon study finds re
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Survey: 78% of Retailers Took Additional Security Precautions Ahead of the 2020 Holidays

Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) stopped many things in 2020. While in-store holiday shopping may be greatly reduced for some, there’s still a lot of shopping happening online. Near the end of November 2020, Statista revealed that holiday retail sales were expected to grow approximately 3.6% over the previous year. And Adobe Analytics reported that online sales w
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Be Prepared for Increased DDoS Attacks Ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday is prime time for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, especially as retail goes online even more than usual in 2020. Forecasters predict e-commerce sales will soar to new heights this holiday season, increasing by as much as 35% year-over-year. This explosion in online shopping brings new challenges to retailers, including managi
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Black Friday 2020: How to shop safely online

Black Friday 2020 promises to be somewhat different from years gone by thanks to COVID-19. The annual surge of in-store chaos and trolley dashes isn’t compatible with social distancing, and so retailers will be looking to drive shoppers online. Friday 27th November is when things kick off this year, and yet some aspects will be radically different. If you
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The Security Risks of Contactless Payment

Contactless payment first arrived in the 1990s and is now having its moment. Both companies and consumers are looking for ways to conduct business with as little physical interaction as possible during in-person transactions. We’ve been building to this moment, if you think about it. Organizations have been steadily increasing reliance on digital optio
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How Retail Security Can Welcome IoT Innovations Without Putting Customers at Risk

Retail businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to major department stores, are investing heavily in technology to enhance the in-store experience. With the imminent arrival of mainstream 5G, smarter systems are expected to dominate the retail space as the internet of things (IoT) expands. But as we know from connected device deployments in other sectors, such as
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Five Key IT Security Best Practices to Safeguard Your Expanding Business

A key theme of the recent Cybersecurity Nexus event in Washington, D.C. was the growing need for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to adopt enterprise-like IT security best practices. In fact, SMBs might actually have an edge over the unrelenting competition they endure from larger enterprises because they are more proactive and nimbler in mitigating
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POS Malware Breach Sees Payment Cards Hit Underground Shops

News about POS malware breaches affecting two retailers hit the headlines last week, this time featuring a fast-food restaurant chain in the U.S. that operates around 3,500 locations across the country, most of which are franchised, and a popular supermarket. Both entities, like others before them, were notified of suspicious activity by a third-party servic
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Hacking SAP POS systems with a $25 Raspberry Pi

A $25 Raspberry Pi or similar tiny PCs could be used to hack SAP POS systems due to a critical vulnerability. SAP POS is client-server technology that belongs to the SAP for Retail line-up, it is widely adopted, it has been estimated that it is used by 80 per cent of the retailers in the Forbes Global 2000. The discovery was made by researchers at firm ERPSc
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SD-WAN: Improve Security and Reduce Cost While Complying with Payment Card Industry Standards

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technologies are transforming the way enterprises approach connectivity and the implementation of security functions for branch and retail locations. These technologies give organizations greater flexibility, visibility and control of both satellite location networks and their connections to enterprise resources
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The Retail Industry and the Challenges of Enterprise Mobility Management

Authored by Ivan Cantero, Product Professional Services for IBM Security. Retail is always a sector with specific difficulties and challenges, and enterprise mobility management (EMM) is another field that IT departments of retail companies have to consider. Besides bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and corporate phones, retail organizations are starting to lev
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