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HITRUST: the Path to Cyber Resilience

There has been a lot of talk recently about cyber resilience. There is no doubt that the ability to bounce back from a security event is important, however, all of the resiliency banter seems to be happening at the peril of sound risk management processes.  It is safe to say that the path to resilience is paved with risk management.Risk management can b
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The Cyber Assessment Framework: Guided Cyber Resilience

Remember how, just a few years ago, many organizations were striving to be cyber secure? Over the last years, it seemed that crowing about one’s cybersecurity posture became the very thing that mocked every organization that was the victim of a newsworthy compromise. Many organizations began augmenting their previously acclaimed security posture towards
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A Journey in Organizational Resilience: Insider Threats

Very much like privacy concerns, insider threats may not be the first issue to come to mind when building an enterprise cyber resilience plan. However, they should be. Here is why: because as we noted in the first piece of this series, you want to be able to bend while others break. An insider threat is uniquely positioned to make you break in ways no other
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2021 Cyber Resilient Organization Study: Rise of Ransomware Shows the Need for Zero Trust and XDR

“How many millions did you pay threat actors in a ransomware attack?” “Which investments most significantly improved cyber resiliency for your organization?” “Do you have a cybersecurity incident response plan that’s applied consistently across your enterprise?” The answers to these and other key questions produced
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Anticipate, Respond & Adapt: Organizational Resilience

Gary Hibberd, professor of communicating cyber for Cyberfort and former head of business continuity and information security at various companies, teaches the importance of building resilience in your organization not just with technology but also with people and processes.Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5UDKiGLlzxhiGnd6FtvEnmStitcher: https://www.sti
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The Connection Between Cloud Service Providers and Cyber Resilience

Organizations in both the private and public sectors have increasingly turned to cloud service providers (CSPs) to support their technical infrastructure, primarily to reduce IT costs and increase the efficiency of computing resources. In many cases, CSPs can also offer protection from security threats and increased cyber resilience — though customers often
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Building Effective Cybersecurity Budgets

Building an effective and resilient organization on a budget isn’t a small task. When it comes to cybersecurity budgets, there are many different aspects that need to be considered. Thankfully, alignment with industry best practice and recognized security frameworks adds a small amount of clarity to this challenge.When presenting the webcast “It’s all
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Increase Automation to Overcome Cyber Resilience Challenges

Security operations teams face an exponentially growing volume of security event data while resources mostly remain static. One great way to help solve issues in this space is automation. Despite the recognized benefits of security automation, however, few organizations leverage automation’s capabilities to their full potential, and those who do often
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10 Tenets for Cyber Resilience in a Digital World

Companies are facing increased and complex cybersecurity challenges in today’s interconnected digital economy. The cyber threats have become more sophisticated and may harm a company via innovative new forms of malware, through the compromise of global supply chains or by criminal and hostile state actors. The hard truth is that it is difficult to counter th
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NCSAM: It’s Everyone’s Job to Ensure Online Safety at Work

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). NCSAM is a great initiative to help educate and inform our friends and family on the importance of taking your digital security seriously. To help continue to support this initiative, we asked a range of industry experts to share some of their tips to help us stay safe online.Angus Macrae | Head of
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3 Questions to Gauge the Resiliency of Your Vulnerability Management Solution

Looking at the cyberthreat landscape, millions of new devices come online every day. But there’s a shortage of qualified cybersecurity workers to protect those devices once they come online. Additionally, in almost every case, it takes minutes or less to compromise them.Simply running more vulnerability scans to collect more data and generating more alerts i
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Cloud computing and government: understanding security and resiliency benefits

Around the world, governments are looking to cloud computing to help them meet their goals. On February 12, I published a blog post within which I highlighted that, in recent years, more than 50 governments have published strategies or initiatives that focus on cloud computing. As I described, their approaches to cloud adoption vary. However, certain governm
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Making Your Business Cyber Resilient

Cyber attacks are inevitable but they should not cause your business to suffer. Having an effective cyber resilient program in place will enable your business to continue even in the middle of a cyber attack. In the past few weeks the news has been awash regarding the security breach at Sony Pictures, which resulted in staff being instructed to use pen and p
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Be Ready: Next Internet Bug Won’t Be The Last

BOSTON – Heartbleed, and the rash of Internet-wide bugs that will ultimately define security in 2014, tested the resilience of enterprises worldwide. In turn, resilience has been elevated as a major talking point for companies evaluating their preparedness for the inevitable next Heartbleed-type event in 2015 and beyond.Today at the Advanced Cyber Security C
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