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Threat Report Portugal: Q2 2022

The Threat Report Portugal: Q2 2022 compiles data collected on the malicious campaigns that occurred from March to June, Q2, 2022. The Portuguese Abuse Open Feed 0xSI_f33d is an open sharing database with the ability to collect indicators from multiple sources, developed and maintained by Segurança-Informática. This feed is based on automat
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ZuoRAT is a sophisticated malware that mainly targets SOHO routers

Researchers have analysed a campaign leveraging infected SOHO routers to target predominantly North American and European networks of interest. The so-called ZuoRAT campaign, which very likely started in 2020, is so sophisticated that the researchers suspect that there is a state sponsored threat actor behind it. SOHO routers SOHO is short for small
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Hermit spyware is deployed with the help of a victim’s ISP

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has revealed a sophisticated spyware activity involving ISPs (internet service providers) aiding in downloading powerful commercial spyware onto users’ mobile devices. The spyware, dubbed Hermit, is reported to have government clients much like Pegasus. Italian vendor RCS Labs developed Hermit. The spyware
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This paper provides a taxonomic classification of non-state actors in the cyberspace, analyzing their role and impact on a state’s socioeconomic structure Cyber Non-State Actors (CNSA) are key figures in our globalized world: their operations could have a significant impact on international affairs, politics, and on the economy, as much as states do.
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MEGA claims it can’t decrypt your files. But someone’s managed to…

MEGA, the cloud storage provider and file hosting service, is very proud of its end-to-end encryption. It says it couldn’t decrypt your stored files, even if it wanted to. “All your data on MEGA is encrypted with a key derived from your password; in other words, your password is your main encryption key. MEGA does not have access to your password or
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Stealthy Symbiote Linux malware is after financial institutions

Symbiote, a new “nearly impossible to detect” Linux malware, targeted financial sectors in Latin America—and the threat actors behind it might have links to Brazil. These findings were revealed in a recent report, a joint effort between the Blackberry Research Team and Dr. Joakim Kennedy, a security researcher with Intezer. Despite its name, t
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It’s official, today you can say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Or can you?

Today, the Internet Explorer (IE) 11 desktop application goes out of support and will be retired for certain versions of Windows 10. The retirement consists of two phases. During the first phase—the redirection phase—devices will be progressively redirected from IE to Microsoft Edge over the following months. The second phase of retirement is the Windo
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China-linked threat actors have breached telcos and network service providers

China-linked threat actors have breached telecommunications companies and network service providers to spy on the traffic and steal data. US NSA, CISA, and the FBI published a joint cybersecurity advisory to warn that China-linked threat actors have breached telecommunications companies and network service providers. The nation-state actors exploit pub
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Rotten apples banned from the App store

Apple’s App Review process may have received ill wishes from many benevolent developers, but Apple has now revealed how effective it is and why it is so stringent. According to its review of the year 2021, Apple protected customers from nearly $1.5 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions, and stopped over 1.6 million risky and vulnerable apps and a
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More than a quarter of Americans fell for robocall scam calls in past year

More and more Americans have been falling victim to phone scams since 2019. According to the latest report from Truecaller (Google Docs upload of the entire report, separate blog here), a known spam blocker and caller ID app, 68.4 million Americans were victimized in the last 12 months, a substantial increase from the 59.4 million victims tallied up in 2021.
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Experts uncovered over 3.6M accessible MySQL servers worldwide

Researchers uncovered 3.6M accessible MySQL servers worldwide that represent a potential attack surface for their owners. Researchers from Shadow Server scanned the internet for publicly accessible MySQL server instances on port 3306/TCP and uncovered 3.6M installs worldwide responding to their queries. These publicly accessible My
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Is quantum teleportation the future of secure communications?

“Beam me up Scotty” will always remain my first association with teleportation. And as it stands now, we are still a long way from teleporting matter, but the teleportation of information has recently made a huge step forward. Researchers in Delft say they have succeeded in teleporting quantum information across a rudimentary network. This teleportation t
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FBI: Compromised US academic credentials available on various cybercrime forums

The FBI warns organizations in the higher education sector of credentials sold on cybercrime forums that can allow threat actors to access their networks. The FBI issued an alert to inform the higher education sector about the availability of login credentials on dark web forums that can be used by threat actors to launch attacks against individuals and o
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Italy announced its National Cybersecurity Strategy 2022/26

Italy announced its National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2022/26, a crucial document to address cyber threats and increase the resilience of the country. Italy presented its National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2022/26 and reinforce the government’s commitment to addressing cyber threats and increasing the resilience of the country to cyber attacks.
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Massive increase in XorDDoS Linux malware in last six months

Microsoft says it’s recorded a massive increase in XorDDoS activity (254 percent) in the last six months. XorDDoS, a Linux Trojan known for its modularity and stealth, was first discovered in 2014 by the white hat research group, MalwareMustDie (MMD). MMD believed the Linux Trojan originated in China. Based on a case study in 2015, Akamai strengthen
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