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Effective Threat Intelligence Through Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses leveraged by adversaries to compromise the confidentiality, availability or integrity of a resource. The vulnerability ecosystem has matured considerably in the last few years. A significant amount of effort has been invested to capture, curate, taxonomize and communicate the vulnerabilities in terms of severity, impact and com
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An analysis of Sodinikibi: The persistent ransomware as a service

If we take a look back, it is clear that one of the main features of ransomware as a threat is that it is continually reinventing itself, persisting in time and effectiveness. These types of attacks have evolved greatly since they first emerged, and today there are many different and varied families in existence. This also implies a greater effort from cyber
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The COVID-19 Pandemic Dominates the Cybersecurity World

Cybersecurity is not a static world. You can say that it is a social system, it affects and is affected by its surrounding environment. For example, back in 2018, it was the GDPR that shook the foundations of security and privacy by making the protection of our personal data a fundamental human right. But that was then. What is shaping today’s cybersecurity?
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Attacks Targeting ICS & OT Assets Grew 2000% Since 2018, Report Reveals

The digital threat landscape is always changing. This year is an excellent (albeit extreme) example. With the help of Dimensional Research, Tripwire found out that 58% of IT security professionals were more concerned about the security of their employees’ home networks than they were before the outbreak of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Slightly fewer percenta
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Ryuk: How the ransomware that attacks businesses works

In 2019, ransomware was one of the key players of cybercrime. Companies and official organizations all around the world were hit by cyberattacks that used this kind of malware to encrypt their files and demand a ransom. These waves of ransomware used a range of variants to carry out the attacks. However, there is one variant that was used then, and that is s
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Cybersecurity vs Productivity: The CISO’s Dilemma

Today organizations are struggling with the best way to protect against attacks that are targeting the endpoint. Too often, the security strategy has been to put the onus on the individual employee. Research has shown, over and over again, that training and user restrictions are both tedious and expensive, and have a very low success rate. This is because c
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See Our Threat Analysis of University College London Ransomware Attack

Ransomware has hit the news again in the UK today only a few short weeks since the WannaCry outbreak crippled the National Health Service. This time University College London (UCL) was hit by a ransomware strain which has resulted in them having to take down parts of their network to stop infected machines harming key university data. Credit to UCL for what
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Report: 85% of Ransomware Victims Get Taken Offline For A Week or More

New research reveals that the majority of ransomware victims (85 percent) had their systems taken offline for at least a week, costing businesses thousands in financial damage each day.Despite the risk of data loss and financial damages, the report produced by Timico and Datto found that organizations still lack awareness and readiness when it comes to respo
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Cybercrime Reaches New Heights in the Third Quarter

Cybercrime isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This quarter, cybercriminals were increasingly more ingenious, using innovative technologies and new tools to spread their wares. According to the PandaLabs report, 18 million new malware samples were captured in this quarter alone, an average of 200,000 each day. The wave of sophisticated attacks used this quarte
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FireEye 2016 ICS Vulnerabilities Trend Report: Missed Warnings, Exposed Industrial Environments

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the technology workhorses responsible for powering the electric grid and utilities, water treatment plants, oil and gas production, food and beverage manufacturing, and transportation systems, among many others. Our society relies on these systems more than we know to keep life running smoothly.However, a new research rep
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Ponmocup – A giant hiding in the shadows

Ponmocup, first discovered in 2006 as Vundo or Virtumonde, is one of the most successful botnets of the past decade, in terms of spread and persistence. The reasons why this botnet is considered highly interesting are that it is sophisticated, underestimated and is currently largest in size and aimed at financial gain. This underestimated botnet is still in
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2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report Spotlights Changing Security Trends

The CyberEdge Group has released their exhaustive 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report, jam-packed with insights regarding the latest identified security trends for North America and Europe. The CyberEdge Group bill themselves as “Premier Research and Marketing Services for High-Tech Vendors and Service Providers.” The 41-page PDF report collects data
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The Evil CVE: CVE-666-666 – “Report Not Read”

I had an interesting discussion with a friend this morning. He explained that, when he is conducting a pentest, he does not hesitate to add sometimes in his report a specific finding regarding the lack of attention given to the previous reports. If some companies are motivated by good intentions and ask for regular pentests against their infrastructure or a
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Security incidents are up - and pricier! - but infosec budgets are dwindling

The number of security incidents is rising, as are associated costs to clean them up.Global corporate security budgets, meanwhile, seem to be hiding in the closet, just hoping it all goes away.The news of this depressing state of affairs comes courtesy of PwC's Global State of Information Security Survey 2015, carried out in conjunction with CIO and CSO maga
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SSCC 166.5 - Special edition from the Virus Bulletin 2014 conference [PODCAST]

Sophos Security Chet Chat - Episode 166.5 - September 26, 2014News, opinion, advice and research!Here's our latest security podcast, featuring Sophos experts and Naked Security writers Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin.(Audio player above not working? Download the MP3, or listen on Soundcloud.)In this episode of the Chet ChatIn this special edition, Paul
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