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Fintech industry developments, differences between Europe and the US

“Put your money in the bank and you can watch it grow.” If there is a statement that shows us how much the financial world has changed it’s this one. With the introduction of negative interest, companies and consumers with a large amount of liquid assets are looking for a different way to handle those assets. This is where the innovative fintech industry
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With Less Than 1 Year To Go Companies Place Different Priorities on GDPR Compliance

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in one year from now, but a large number of firms are far from prepared. It feels like Y2K all over again. We are less than one year until the impact of the GDPR is realized, no one is certain what will happen, and everyone is taking a different approach to mitigation. In April 2016,
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The New York State Department of Financial Services: The Evolution of a Regulation – Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, I reviewed some of the administrative and technical evolution of the cybersecurity legislation that has been proposed for all financial entities in New York State.As I started to write this, the final regulation was adopted. The good news is that most of the changes that were proposed in the first revision have remained i
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New York state cyber security rules will be effective on March 1st

The New York state announced that a set of cyber security regulations that will take effect on March 1st to tackle cyber threats. On Thursday, the New York state announced that a cyber security regulation will take effect on March 1st. The regulations will require financial institutions and insurers to meet minimum cyber security standards and report cyber i
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Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud

Choosing to upload your data to the cloud is, for the most part, a moot point; the advantages of mobility, scalability and convenience have proven that cloud platforms are a necessary and vital tool for the advancement of modern-day industry. However, some issues are still a challenge for the online world, including that of regulatory compliance and protecti
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Study: Over Half of Businesses Lack Preparedness for EU GDPR

According to a new study, more than half of organizations are behind in the preparation to meet EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.The research, conducted by Veritas Technologies, included responses from over 2,500 senior technology decision-makers in 2016 across Europe, the U.S., Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.The findings rev
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After DDOS attack, senator seeks industry-led security standards for IoT devices

Last week’s massive distributed denial-of-service attack has prompted an urgent focus on the need for industry-led cybersecurity standards for internet of things devices.U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, (D-Va.) said Thursday that he favors an industry-based approach before seeking some form of government regulation of IoT security.“Last week’s attack does reveal
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Lost thumb drives bedevil US banking agency

A U.S. banking regulator says an employee downloaded a large amount of data from its computer system a week before he retired and is now unable to locate the thumb drives he stored it on.The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which is a part of the Department of the Treasury, said the loss represented "a major information security incident" as it
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Trump calls for US to use offensive cyberweapons

The U.S. government needs to be ready to use its offensive cyberweapons in response to attacks from other nations, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Monday.The U.S. has significant offensive cybercapabilities, but it has been shy about deploying them, Trump said during a speech in Herdon, Virginia. "This is the warfare of the future," h
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US must beef up its cyber muscle, Trump says

The U.S. Department of Defense must pump up its cyber capabilities, including its offense, as part of a huge planned expansion of the military, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Wednesday.Trump, repeatedly criticized in the IT community for a lack of a tech policy agenda, called for new investments in cybersecurity during a speech focus
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PCI 3.2 and The Regulation Storm

There is never a dull moment for compliance and security. Case in point, amidst a brewing storm of regulation, version 3.2 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) announced in late spring articulates good data security intent along with controversy.PCI has been around since 2006, and aims to protect payment data for consumers and card
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Telcos should only retain metadata to fight serious crime, EU judge says

Governments may order telcos to retain customer data, but only to fight serious crime, a top European Union judge has advised.Lobby groups European Digital Rights (EDRi) and Privacy International welcomed the recommendation, saying it adds to a growing body of legal opinion opposing mass data retention. It could even, said Privacy International,
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Iran orders messaging apps to store data of local users in the country

Iran has ordered foreign messaging apps to transfer data and activity records of Iranian users to local servers within a year, a move that will give the country a greater ability to monitor and censor the online activity of its people.The country’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace has issued instructions to foreign messaging companies active in the country,
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Mozilla wants US to disclose to it first any vulnerability found in Tor by government hackers

Mozilla has asked a court that it should be provided information on a vulnerability in the Tor browser ahead of it being provided to a defendant in a lawsuit, as the browser is based in part on Firefox browser code.“At this point, no one (including us) outside the government knows what vulnerability was exploited and whether it resides in any of our code
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FCC, FTC launch inquiry into smartphone security updates

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission have opened parallel inquiries into the way smartphone security updates are issued and handled by major mobile carriers and device makers.The two agencies say they are responding to the growing amount of personal information held in smartphones and a recent rise in the attacks on the
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