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Enterprise Ready Software from Docker Store

Docker Store is the place to discover and procure trusted, enterprise-ready containerized software – free, open source and commercial. Docker Store is the evolution of the Docker Hub, which is the world’s largest container registry, catering to millions of users. As of March 1, 2017, we crossed 11 billion pulls from the public registry!  Docker Store
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Introducing Moby Project: a new open-source project to advance the software containerization movement

Since Docker democratized software containers four years ago, a whole ecosystem grew around containerization and in this compressed time period it has gone through two distinct phases of growth. In each of these two phases, the model for producing container systems evolved to adapt to the size and needs of the user community as well as the project and the g
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An Introduction to Image File Execution Options

Image File Execution Options (IFEO) are used for debugging. Malware, however, does not only check if there are debuggers active, but it’s also known to use the features IFEO has to offer to their own advantage. Intention IFEO settings are stored in the Windows registry. The intention of creating the IFEO registry key is to give developers the option to debug
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Registry Dumper – Find and Dump Hidden Registry Keys

The cybercriminals behind Poweliks implemented two clever techniques in their malware. The first was leveraging rundll32.dll to execute Javascript and the second was using a method to hide/protect their registry keys. I’ll be focusing on the second method. The technique of hiding/protecting registry keys using a non-ASCII character goes all the way b
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Disclosure of Authorization-Bypass on the Docker Hub

Following the postmortem of a previous vulnerability announced on June 30th, the Docker team conducted a thorough audit of the platform code base and hired an outside consultancy to investigate the security of the Docker Registry and the Docker Hub. On the morning of 8/22 (all times PST), the security firm contacted our Security Team: 8/22 – Morning: O
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