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Steelcase office furniture giant hit by Ryuk ransomware attack

Office furniture company Steelcase was hit by Ryuk ransomware attack that forced it to shut down its network to avoid the malware from spreading. Steelcase is a US-based furniture company that produces office furniture, architectural and technology products for office environments and the education, health care and retail industries. It is the largest off
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Enel Group suffered the second ransomware attack this year

Multinational energy company Enel Group has been hit by Netwalker ransomware operators that are asking a $14 million ransom. Systems at the multinational energy company Enel Group has been infected with Netwalker ransomware, it is the second ransomware attack suffered by the energy giant this year. Netwalker ransomware operators are asking a $14 million r
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Keeping ransomware cash away from your business

A ransomware gang has made headlines for donating a big chunk of stolen funds to two charities. Two separate donations given to Children International and The Water Project rang tills to the tune of $10,000 each. Their reason was that they’re targeting “only large profitable corporations, we think it’s fair that some of the money they’ve paid will go to char
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Steelcase furniture giant hit by Ryuk ransomware attack

Office furniture giant Steelcase has suffered a ransomware attack that forced them to shut down their network to contain the attack's spread.Steelcase is the largest office furniture manufacturer globally, with 13,000 employees and $3.7 billion in 2020.Steelcase suffers a Ryuk ransomware attackIn an 8-K form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission
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The Nastiest Malware of 2020

Reading Time: ~ 4 min. For the third year running, we’ve examined the year’s biggest cyber threats and ranked them to determine which ones are the absolute worst. Somewhat unsurprisingly, phishing and RDP-related breaches remain the top methods we’ve seen cybercriminals using to launch their attacks. Additionally, while new examples of malware and cybercrimi
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IT Services Giant Sopra Steria Hit by Ransomware

European IT services provider Sopra Steria on Monday said its systems were recently infected with a new variant of the notorious Ryuk ransomware.France-based Sopra Steria, which claims to have 46,000 employees across 25 countries, offers a wide range of IT services, including consulting, technology, software, system integration, business process, infrastruct
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Sopra Steria confirms being hit by Ryuk ransomware attack

French enterprise IT services company Sopra Steria confirmed today that they were hit with a Ryuk ransomware attack.Sopra Steria is a European information technology company with 46,000 employees in 25 countries worldwide. The company provides a wide range of IT services, including consulting, systems integration, and software development.On October 21s
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Ransomware attack disabled Georgia County Election database

A ransomware attack recently hit Georgia county government and reportedly disabled a database used to verify voter signatures. A ransomware attack hit a Georgia county government early this month and disabled a database used to verify voter signatures in the authentication of absentee ballots. It is a common process to validate absentee ballots sent by ma
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Is the Abaddon RAT the first malware using Discord as C&C?

Abaddon is the first RAT that uses the freeware instant messaging and VoIP app and digital distribution platform Discord as a command & control server. Researchers from MalwareHunterTeam have spotted a new piece of remote access trojan (RAT) dubbed ‘Abaddon’ that is likely the first malware using the Discord platform as command and contro
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Report: Ransomware Disables Georgia County Election Database

A ransomware attack that hobbled a Georgia county government in early October reportedly disabled a database used to verify voter signatures in the authentication of absentee ballots.It is the first reported case of a ransomware attack affecting an election-related system in the 2020 cycle. Federal officials and cybersecurity experts are especially concerned
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Boyne Resorts ski and golf resort operator hit with WastedLocker ransomware

The systems at the US-based ski and golf resort operator were infected with the WastedLocker ransomware, the incident impacted reservation systems. Boyne Resorts is a collection of mountain and lakeside resorts, ski areas, and attractions spanning from British Columbia to Maine.  The company owns and operates eleven properties and an outdoor lifestyle equ
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WastedLocker ransomware hits Boyne Resorts ski resort operator

US-based ski and golf resort operator Boyne Resorts has suffered a cyberattack by the WastedLocker operation that has impacted company-wide reservation systems.Boyne Resorts owns and operates eleven properties located in the USA and Canada and has 11,000 employees. Many of these properties are situated on well-known ski mountains, including Bi
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The Week in Ransomware - October 23rd 2020 - From Russia with Love

This week has been busy with ransomware related news, including new charges against Russian state-sponsored hackers and numerous attacks against well-known organizations.In 2017, there was an attack utilizing the NotPetya ransomware to destroy data on systems worldwide. This week, the US govt indicted six Russian intelligence operatives, known to be part of
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New RAT malware gets commands via Discord, has ransomware feature

The new 'Abaddon' remote access trojan may be the first to use Discord as a full-fledged command and control server that instructs the malware on what tasks to perform on an infected PC. Even worse, a ransomware feature is being developed for the malware.Threat actors abusing Discord for malicious activity is nothing new.In the past, we have reported on
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Sopra Steria hit by the Ryuk ransomware gang

French IT outsourcer Sopra Steria hit by ‘cyberattack’, Ryuk ransomware suspected French IT outsourcer Sopra Steria has been hit by a ransomware attack, while the company did not reveal the family of malware that infected its systems, local media speculate the involvement of the Ryuk ransomware. “A cyber attack was detected on the Sopra Ste
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