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CSE CybSec ZLAB Malware Analysis Report: Petya

I’m proud to share with you the second report produced by Z-Lab, the Malware Lab launched by the company CSE CybSec. Enjoy the Analysis Report Petya. CybSec Enterprise recently launched a malware Lab called it Z-Lab, that is composed of a group of skilled researchers and lead by Eng. Antonio Pirozzi. It’s a pleasure for me to share with you the
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Locky ransomware strikes at Amazon

Locky is back! We’ve been closely monitoring the rebirth of the ransomware for quite some time. Since early last year, different variations of the ransomware have been periodically popping in and out. Last year we discussed the tricks of the malicious software and had a deeper look into how it works. As you may remember, the primary purpose of the malicious
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FedEx announces $300m in lost business and response costs after NotPetya attack

FedEx is the last firm in order of time that disclosed the cost caused by the massive NotPetya, roughly $300m in lost business and response costs. The malware compromised systems worldwide, most of them in Ukraine, the list of victims is long and includes the US pharmaceutical company Merck, the shipping giant Maersk, the Ukraine’s central bank, Russian oil
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Locky Ransomware Pushed Alongside FakeGlobe in Upgraded Spam Campaigns

By Julie Cabuhat, Michael Casayuran, Anthony Melgarejo In the beginning of September, a sizeable spam campaign was detected distributing the latest Locky variant. Locky is a notorious ransomware that was first detected in the early months of 2016 and has continued to evolve and spread through different methods, particularly spam mail. A thorough look at samp
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CSE CybSec ZLAB Malware Analysis Report: NotPetya

I’m proud to share with you the first report produced by Z-Lab, the Malware Lab launched by the company CSE CybSec. Enjoy the Analysis Report NotPetya. As most of you already know I have officially presented my new Co a couple of months ago, CybSec Enterprise is its name and we already started to work on strategic projects that we will reveal soon R
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What Do Avocados and Threat Intelligence Have in Common?

Full disclosure: I would not eat guacamole for years because a certain puppet-centric movie I saw as a child had me convinced that it was actually made of frog brains. Once in college, however, seeing guacamole being made completely changed my opinion — unlike a sausage-making demonstration in a rather unfortunate public speaking class that same year of coll
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Who Is Marcus Hutchins?

In early August 2017, FBI agents in Las Vegas arrested 23-year-old British security researcher Marcus Hutchins on suspicion of authoring and/or selling “Kronos,” a strain of malware designed to steal online banking credentials. Hutchins was virtually unknown to most in the security community until May 2017 when the U.K. media revealed him as the
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Risk Governance: The True Secret Weapon of Cybersecurity

This season’s featured cybersecurity nightmare may be ransomware, but breaches of all kinds are going up in both numbers and cost. In response, security vendors are offering sophisticated — and costly — solutions to defend against evermore sophisticated attackers. However, the most effective protective measures have nothing to do with specific software
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Security Specialists Discuss Identity and Access Management in the Age of Ransomware

Over the past few months, we have seen widespread attacks such as NotPetya and WannaCry cripple organizations at record scale and speed, either for monetary gain or with the sole purpose of causing destruction. In their wake, many professionals are assessing what these new threats mean for their security strategies, infrastructures and policies. As a point o
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Spotlight on Energy and Utilities Sector: Attacks Targeting ICS Systems Projected to Increase

There is an increased focus on cybersecurity among governments and energy and utilities organizations worldwide, and for good reason. Attacks on critical infrastructure such as fuel, electricity and drinking water carry the potential for damage far beyond their economic impact. As demonstrated by incidents such as the notorious shutdown of several Iranian nu
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Defray Ransomware used in targeted attacks on Education and Healthcare verticals

Researchers at Proofpoint spotted Defray Ransomware, a new ransomware used in a targeted campaign against education and healthcare organizations. Earlier this month, researchers at Proofpoint spotted a targeted ransomware campaign against education and healthcare organizations. The ransomware used in the campaign was dubbed Defray, based on the command and c
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Mobile Trojan Development Kits allow creating ransomware without the need to write code

Researchers at Symantec have discovered Trojan Development Kits that allow creating Android ransomware without the need to write code. Ransomware continues to represent a serious threat to users and organizations. Unfortunately, it is easy for crooks arranging their own ransomware campaign by using numerous RaaS services offered online. Recently researchers
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SyncCrypt Ransomware hides its components in image files

A new strain of ransomware distributed through spam emails, dubbed SyncCrypt, hides its components inside harmless-looking images. A new strain of ransomware recently discovered, dubbed SyncCrypt, hides its components inside harmless-looking images. The SyncCrypt ransomware is distributed through spam emails that use attachments containing WSF files pretendi
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All in a Spammer’s Workweek: Where Do the Busiest Spammers Work Around the Clock?

IBM X-Force Kassel is a research team that operates massive spam honeypots and monitoring, gleaning data from billions of unsolicited emails every year. With such large amounts of spam coming in, we can more easily map trends. We looked at one recently when analyzing the spammer’s workweek. Our goal in this analysis was to delve into six months of data
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The Ways Cybercrime Has Changed in 2017

With thousands of infected computers and millions of dollars lost, the latest ransomware attacks are surely marking the trends to come in the increasingly lucrative field of cybercrime. This, together with the exponential proliferation of connected devices on the IoT, as well as covert cyberwar, sets the stage for cybercrime to come. More malware, more sophi
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