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Now Is the Time to Get up to Speed with CMMC and SP 800-171 Rev 2

At the beginning of March 2020, Fifth Domain reported that Colorado-based aerospace, automotive and industrial parts manufacturer Visser Precision LLC had suffered a DoppelPaymer ransomware infection. Those behind this attack ultimately published information stolen from some of Visser’s customers. Those organizations included defense contractors Lockheed Mar
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Source code of Dharma ransomware now surfacing on public hacking forums

The source code of the infamous Dharma ransomware is now available for sale on two Russian-language hacking forums. The source code of one of the most profitable ransomware families, the Dharma ransomware, is up for sale on two Russian-language hacking forums. The Dharma ransomware first appeared on the threat landscape in February 2016, at the ti
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Security Breach Disrupts Fintech Firm Finastra

Finastra, a company that provides a range of technology solutions to banks worldwide, said it was shutting down key systems in response to a security breach discovered Friday morning. The company’s public statement and notice to customers does not mention the cause of the outage, but their response so far is straight out of the playbook for dealing wit
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Coronavirus scams, found and explained

Coronavirus has changed the face of the world, restricting countless individuals from dining at restaurants, working from cafes, and visiting their loved ones. But for cybercriminals, this global pandemic is expanding their horizons. In the past week, Malwarebytes discovered multiple email scams that prey on the fear, uncertainty, and confusion regarding
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CERT France – Pysa ransomware is targeting local governments

CERT France is warning of a new wave of attacks using Pysa ransomware (Mespinoza) that is targeting local governments. CERT France cyber-security agency is warning about a new wave of ransomware attack that is targeting the networks of local government authorities. Operators behind this campaign are spreading a new version of the Mespinoza ransomware (aka
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Staying Cyber Resilient During a Pandemic

Reading Time: ~ 3 min. We’re all thinking about it, so let’s call it out by name right away. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is a big deal. For many of us, the structure of our lives is changing daily; and those of us who are capable of doing our work remotely are likely doing so more than we ever have before. It’s not likely that cybercriminals will cu
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Nefilim Ransomware Threatens to Release Victims’ Data within a Week

A newly discovered ransomware family called “Nefilim” told its victims that it would publish their stolen data within a week unless they paid their ransom.According to Bleeping Computer, Nefilim started up near the end of February 2020. The threat attracted the attention of security researchers because it shared much of the same code with version
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Operators behind Nefilim Ransomware threaten to release stolen data

Operators behind a new piece of ransomware dubbed Nefilim have started threatening victims to release stolen data like other cybercrime gangs. A new ransomware dubbed Nefilim appeared in the threat landscape at the end of February, it borrows its code from other malware, the Nemty ransomware. The main difference between the two threats is that Nefilim
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Most ransomware attacks take place outside the working hours

Most of the ransomware attacks targeting the enterprises occur outside working hours, during the nighttime or during the weekend. Security experts from FireEye published an interesting report on the Ransomware deployment trends, it revealed that most of the attacks (76%) against the enterprise sector occur outside working hours. FireEye compiled the r
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2020 Tax Fraud Trends: How to Protect Yourself at Home and Work

The tax season deadline in the U.S. is April 15, 2020, and that means scammers are officially on the prowl for unsuspecting tax fraud victims. Attackers are utilizing both time-tested and new techniques to collect tax information and personal data from victims and target individual and corporate accounts. No one is immune from tax season risks, and most of u
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Massive cyber attack hit the town hall of Marseille ahead local election

While the Coronavirus is spreading worldwide, a massive cyber attack hit the town hall of Marseille and the metropolis. Ahead of the 2020 municipal elections in Marseille that will take place on 15 and March 22, a ‘massive and widespread’ cyber attack hit the city of Marseille as well as the metropolis Aix-Marseille-Provence The 2020 munic
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Illinois Public Health Dept’s Website Went Down After NetWalker Attack

The website for a public health department in Illinois went down after the agency suffered a NetWalker ransomware attack.According to local media reports, officials at the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District (C-UPHD) became aware of the ransomware attack on March 10 when the department’s website went down.It took the agency, which serves 210,000 pe
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Cyber News Rundown: Paradise Ransomware

Reading Time: ~ 2 min. Paradise Ransomware Spreading Through Unusual Attachments While Paradise ransomware isn’t new to the scene, the latest methods it’s using to spread are a bit surprising. Though it sticks to using email for transmission, it now offers up an IQY attachment instead of a typical word document or excel spreadsheet. These can make a quick
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PXJ Ransomware Campaign Identified by X-Force IRIS

Ransomware has become one of the most profitable types of malware in the hands of cybercriminals, with reported cybercrime losses tripling in the last five years, according to the FBI. A constant flow of new and reused code in this realm continues to flood both consumers and organizations who fight to prevent infections, respond to attacks and often resort t
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Ransomware has a new trick: pay up or suffer a data breach

There’s no denying the fact that in 2019, cybercrime’s biggest star was ransomware. Last year, successive waves of ransomware paralyzed public institutions, organizations, and companies all over the world. These attacks caused companies to lose data, brought organizations’ productivity to a halt, as well as provoking considerable economic losses due to the c
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