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Threat spotlight: The curious case of Ryuk ransomware

Ryuk. A name once unique to a fictional character in a popular Japanese comic book and cartoon series is now a name that appears in several rosters of the nastiest ransomware to ever grace the wild web. For an incredibly young strain—only 15 months old—Ryuk ransomware gaining such notoriety is quite a feat to achieve. Unless the threat actors behind its
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A C(I)SO View on RSA 2017: “China Is Hiring in the US”

Two weeks ago, while visiting the yearly security gathering at the RSA conference in San Francisco’s Moscone center complex (and adjacent hotels – it’s growing like mad), I was walking across the North and South Expo halls to check out some vendors (Several I had appointments with, some by curiosity, and a few that were really new kids on the block.) selling
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RSA Wrap-Up: Top Stories From the 2017 RSA Conference

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all learned, in some way or another, that talk is cheap. From an early age, and especially into adulthood, we’re presented with situations where we feel like we’re being sold something that benefits the seller more than it does us. This fundamental human challenge is front and center in the field of
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How to Bury a Major Breach Notification

Amid the hustle and bustle of the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco last week, researchers at RSA released a startling report that received very little press coverage relative to its overall importance. The report detailed a malware campaign that piggybacked on a popular piece of software used by system administrators at some of the nation’s lar
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RSA Tips for CISOs: From 10 Years Ago to Today

I’ve heard it said that experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it. That essentially defines most information security programs I’ve seen. Generally speaking, chief information security officers (CISOs) and security managers know what needs to be done. The outcome, however, is often not quite what they expected. Teac
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The Red Portal: IBM X-Force Red’s Collaborative Client Experience

IBM X-Force Red is a group of security professionals and ethical hackers whose goal is to help businesses discover vulnerabilities in their computer networks, hardware and software applications before cybercriminals do. X-Force Red, part of IBM Security Services, also examines human security vulnerabilities in daily processes and procedures that attackers of
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Security Bulletins on Trial

Have you ever had one of those moments where, in the movie of your life, the actor playing you will voice over with the words, “I should have immediately known I’d come to regret this decision”? Seeing the RSA Call for Speakers suggest originality in the presentation style (via mention of a rock opera) sent us down the path of a mock trial.While
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Secure Your Smart Phones at RSA with Zimperium

Mobile is Your Greatest Cyber Vulnerability and the Zimperium team will be demonstrating the latest in enterprise Mobile Threat Defense at RSA. Get a Trial at the Expo Booth Visit our expo booth N4710, Moscone North to meet with the zLabs Global Threat Intelligence team, for an in-depth look at our industry-leading research and Mobile Threat Defense solution
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What’s on Tap for Tripwire at RSA Conference 2017

Every year, the RSA Conference attracts the industry’s most respected thought leaders, seasoned security experts and aficionados from around the globe. In 2016, it saw a record of over 40,000 attendees – all hungry to discuss and debate pressing cybersecurity issues.As one of Tripwire’s top information security conferences for 2017, we have no do
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Voice Privacy in the Enterprise: Are You Listening?

Keyboarding is so last century. Whether we’re asking Amazon Echo how long it’ll take us to get to work, telling the TV to change channels or directing Siri summon a cab late on a Saturday night, voice control has made interacting with our devices a lot easier. As with all tech advances, however, those benefits are balanced out by some cons, which
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Where to find Lookout at RSA 2017

After a year full of headlines about data breaches and cyber war, it’s clear people want to know about the targeted attacks facing them. That’s what we’re providing at this year’s RSA. We’ve planned a talk, a happy hour, and a great booth for all RSA attendees, especially those interested in learning about targeted mobile threats to corporate data. The tal
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Cyber-criminals really “Like” Facebook

With 1,590 million active users per month, Facebook is the Social Network. In fact, they just posted their quarterly earnings and they are up 50%. Cyber-criminals are aware of their success. These platforms are the ideal place to “phish” for information. 18% of companies infected by malware were infected through social networks. Attackers pass as part of a
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RSA 2016: security heeft nog een lange weg te gaan

Wij stonden op de RSA conferentie in San Francisco van 29 februari tot 4 maart om te praten met onze Europese klanten. Jawel, er komen veel meer bezoekers uit Europa dan je zou denken. De RSA is dan ook de belangrijkste securitybeurs ter wereld. Toch gaat het niet zozeer om wat er op de beursvloer allemaal te zien is. De meetings daaromheen met securityveran
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RSA 2016: A Long Road Ahead for Security

We recently attended the RSA Conference, held in San Francisco from February 29 – March 4, to speak with our European clients. Does that surprise you? Far more Europeans visit this conference than you might think. The RSA Conference is the largest trade show for security in the world, yet its main attraction lies not so much in what can be seen on the
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Buzzwords and Booth Bunnies

Buzzwords and Booth Bunnies Posted by David Harley on March 3, 2016.I try to keep my (paid) work for the security industry at arms length from what I write about here, and I certainly don’t go in for product placement. However, I’ve just seen an article by Cameron Camp, my
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