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A week in security (May 2 – 8)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Google, Apple, and Microsoft step hand in hand into a passwordless futureOpenSea warns of Discord channel compromiseAvoid these Instagram “Get rich with Bitcoin” scamsSteer clear of fake premium mobile app unlockersHow Instagram scammers talk users out of their accountsRansomware: April 2022 reviewThe $43 billion Business E
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It’s business as usual for REvil ransomware

After the FBS arrested 14 of its members in January, and a subsequent lull in action, the REvil ransomware gang appears to be back. We say “appears” because it’s still unclear whether the group’s operations have indeed restarted. To the trained eye, REvil’s movements seem out of sorts. When REvil’s old Tor infrastructur
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FBI warns food and agriculture to brace for seasonal ransomware attacks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released a Private Industry Notification warning agriculture cooperatives (also known as “farmers’ co-ops”) of the looming danger of well-timed ransomware attacks. The agency warns that during the critical planting and harvesting seasons, attacks could result in the theft of proprietary inf
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US warns of APT groups that can “gain full system access” to some industrial control systems

An “exceptionally rare and dangerous” advanced persistent threat (APT) malware kit, containing custom-made tools designed to target some of North America’s industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) devices, appears to have been caught before it could be let loose on America’s oil refineries and po
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“We absolutely do not care about you”: Sugar ransomware targets individuals

Ransomware tends to target organizations. Corporations not only house a trove of valuable data they can’t function without, but they are also expected to cough up a considerable amount of ransom money in exchange for their encrypted files. And while corporations struggle to keep up with attacks, ransomware groups have left the average consumer relative
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REvil took a hit by Russia’s FSB but may not be shut down yet

Over the last few years, the hacker organization REvil has been behind some of the most high-profile ransomware attacks in the USA and globally. The predominantly Russia-based hacker group is believed to be responsible for the cyber incidents with JBS and Kaseya last year. After numerous requests from the USA, the group was finally tackled by Russia’s
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Who Wrote the ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Strain?

In December 2021, researchers discovered a new ransomware-as-a-service named ALPHV (a.k.a. “BlackCat“), considered to be the first professional cybercrime group to create and use a ransomware strain written in the Rust programming language. In this post, we’ll explore some of the clues left behind by a developer who was reputedly hired to c
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A week in security (January 17 — 23)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: CISA calls for urgent action against critical threatsRed Cross begs attackers to “Do the right thing” after family reunion service compromisedUpdate now! Chrome patches critical RCE vulnerability in Safe BrowsingCombatting SMS and phone fraud: UK government issues guidanceOpen Subtitles breach: The dangers of password reuse
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REvil ransomware gang busted by Russian Federal Security Service

Eight members of the REvil ransomware group have been arrested in Russia and will be pressed with criminal charges. Russia’s intelligence bureau, the FSB, announced on Friday that it had conducted an operation together with the Interior Ministry in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the regions of Moscow, Leningrad and Lipetsk to detain the gang members.
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At Request of U.S., Russia Rounds Up 14 REvil Ransomware Affiliates

The Russian government said today it arrested 14 people accused of working for “REvil,” a particularly aggressive ransomware group that has extorted hundreds of millions of dollars from victim organizations. The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said the actions were taken in response to a request from U.S. officials, but many experts believ
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REvil ransomware crew allegedly busted in Russia, says FSB

byNaked Security writerAccording to the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (ФСБ), the ransomware gang known in both Russian and English by the nickname “REvil” has been taken down:ФСБ России установлен полный состав преступного сообщества «REvil»The Russian FSB has identified the entire criminal enterprise known as “REvil”In
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The three most significant cyberattacks of 2021?

People that predict tomorrow’s weather by looking at today’s are often right. Cloudy today? It’ll probably be cloudy tomorrow. The same is often true for cybersecurity threats. Looking back at 2021 it looks a lot like 2020: A lot of ransomware attacks. So, when I was asked to write about the three most significant cyber-attacks of 2021, it was no r
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What to Do When a Ransomware Group Disappears

It’s your company’s worst nightmare: attackers managed to sneak ransomware onto your servers. Now, you’re locked out of every file unless you agree to pay whatever price they’re asking. As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, the attackers disappear without a trace and you can’t even pay their ransom to unlock your fi
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A week in security (Nov 8 – Nov 14)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs Multiple video games break after domain name snafuHow to remove adware on an Android phoneSmart TV adverts put a wrinkle in your programmingAre cybercriminals turning away from the US and targeting Europe instead?Patch now! Microsoft plugs actively exploited zero-days and other updatesPlaystation 5 hacked—twice!Murder-for-hi
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REvil Ransom Arrest, $6M Seizure, and $10M Reward

The U.S. Department of Justice today announced the arrest of Ukrainian man accused of deploying ransomware on behalf of the REvil ransomware gang, a Russian-speaking cybercriminal collective that has extorted hundreds of millions from victim organizations. The DOJ also said it had seized $6.1 million in cryptocurrency sent to another REvil affiliate, and tha
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