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A taste of the latest release of QakBot

A taste of the latest release of QakBot – one of the most popular and mediatic trojan bankers active since 2007. The malware QakBot, also known as Qbot, Pinkslipbot, and Quakbot is a banking trojan that has been made headlines since 2007. This piece of malware is focused on stealing banking credentials and victim’s secrets using different techniques
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Arrest, Raids Tied to ‘U-Admin’ Phishing Kit

Cyber cops in Ukraine carried out an arrest and several raids last week in connection with the author of a U-Admin, a software package used to administer what’s being called “one of the world’s largest phishing services.” The operation was carried out in coordination with the FBI and authorities in Australia, which was particularly ha
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Threat profile: Egregor ransomware is making a name for itself

What is Egregor? Egregor ransomware is a relatively new ransomware (first spotted in September 2020) that seems intent on making its way to the top right now. Egregor is considered a variant of Ransom.Sekhmet based on similarities in obfuscation, API-calls, and the ransom note. As we’ve reported in the past, affiliates that were using Maze ransom
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QBot Trojan delivered via malspam campaign exploiting US election uncertainties

This blog post was authored by Jérôme Segura and Hossein Jazi. The 2020 US elections have been the subject of intense scrutiny and emotions, while happening in the middle of a global pandemic. As election night ended and uncertainty regarding the results began to creep in, threat actors decided to jump in on it too. Those tracking the threat landscape
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Spelevo exploit kit debuts new social engineering trick

2019 has been a busy year for exploit kits, despite the fact that they haven’t been considered a potent threat vector for years, especially on the consumer side. This time, we discovered the Spelevo exploit kit with its virtual pants down, attempting to capitalize on the popularity of adult websites to compromise more devices. The current Chromium-d
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