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Schubser and his cookie dealing friend

I actually forgot to post this in February, so I’m a little late but the topic is as current as it was back then. One week in February my colleague, Jan Girlich and me took some time to review our tools and make three of them available on github. Jan wrote a Proof of Concept (PoC) Android app that allows exploiting Java object deserialization vulnerabi
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Python Sender

Last week I played my first Capture The Flag (CTF) where I really tried solving the challenges for a couple of hours. It was a regular jeopardy style CTF with binaries, web applications and other server ports. I don’t think CTFs are going to be my favourite hobby, as pentesting is similar but just a little bit more real life. However, CTFs are very ni
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Splunk Custom Search Command: Searching for MISP IOC’s

While you use a tool every day, you get more and more knowledge about it but you also have plenty of ideas to improve it. I’m using Splunk on a daily basis within many customers’ environments as well as for personal purposes. When you have a big database of events, it becomes quickly mandatory to deploy techniques to help you to extract juicy inf
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Automatic Extraction of Data from Excel Sheet

Excel sheets are very common files in corporate environments. It’s definitively not a security tool but it’s not rare to find useful information stored in such files. When these data must be processed for threat hunting or to collect IOC’s, it is mandatory to automate, as much as possible, the processing of data. Here a good example: Everyd
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FTP Injection flaws in Java and Python allows firewall bypass

The two programming languages, Java and Python, are affected by serious FTP Injection flaws that can be exploited by hackers to bypass any firewall. Attackers can trick Java and Python applications to execute rogue FTP commands that would open ports in firewalls The unpatched flaws reside in the way the two programming languages handle File Transfer Protocol
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Digging for Security Bugs in Python Code

Python is a great development language for so many reasons. Its developers enjoy huge library support. Do you want to deploy a simple web server or implement a RESTful API? There are modules for that. Capture, analyze, and visualize network traffic flow? There are simple and free modules for all of that, too.Developers using Python can create a prototype in
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KNXmap: A KNXnet/IP Scanning and Auditing Tool

Users of the KNX, a standard for home automation bus systems, may already have come across KNXnet/IP (also known as EIBnet/IP): It is an extension for KNX that defines Ethernet as a communication medium for KNX which allows communication with KNX buses over IP driven networks. Additionally, it enables one to couple multiple bus installations over IP gateways
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Pentesting Webservices with Net.TCP Binding

Hi all, Most of you that are  pentesters  may have already tested plenty of webservices using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) for communication. Typically, such SOAP messages are transferred over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and are encapsulated in XML (Extensible Markup Language). Microsoft has developed different representations of this protocol
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Implementing an Obsolete VPN Protocol on Top of HTTP: Because Why Not?

Recently I’ve started some research on MikroTik’s RouterOS, the operating system that ships with RouterBOARD devices. As I’m running such a device myself, one day I got curious about security vulnerabilities that have been reported on the operating system and the running services as it comes with tons of features. Searching for known vulner
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Pupy – Open-Source Remote Administration Tool AKA RAT

Pupy is an open-source remote administration tool (RAT), that is cross platform and has an embedded Python interpreter, allowing its modules to load Python packages from memory and transparently access remote Python objects. Pupy can communicate using different transports and have a bunch of cool features & modules. On Windows, Pupy uses reflective dll injec
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SprayWMI – PowerShell Injection Mass Spray Tool

SprayWMI is a method for mass spraying Unicorn PowerShell injection to CIDR notations. It’s an alternative to traditional, ‘noisy’ tools which leave something on the disk like PsExec, smbexec, winexe and so on.These tools have worked really well, however, they are fairly noisy creating a service and touching disk which will trigger modern d
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Zarp – Network Attack Tool

Zarp is a network attack tool centred around the exploitation of local networks. This does not include system exploitation, but rather abusing networking protocols and stacks to take over, infiltrate, and knock out. Sessions can be managed to quickly poison and sniff multiple systems at once, dumping sensitive information automatically or to the attacker dir
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Rekall – Memory Forensic Framework

Rekall is a memory forensic framework that provides an end-to-end solution to incident responders and forensic analysts. From state of the art acquisition tools, to the most advanced open source memory analysis framework.It strives to be a complete end-to-end memory forensic framework, encapsulating acquisition, analysis, and reporting. In particular Rekall
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windows-privesc-check – Windows Privilege Escalation Scanner

Windows-privesc-check is standalone executable that runs on Windows systems. It tries to find misconfiguration that could allow local unprivileged users to escalate privileges to other users or to access local applications (e.g. databases).Essentially it’s a Windows privilege escalation scanner, the Microsoft side of the World counterpart to unix-prive
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Twittor – Backdoor Using Twitter For Command & Control

Twittor is a stealthy Python based backdoor using Twitter (Direct Messages) as a command and control server. This project has been inspired by Gcat which does the same but using a Gmail account.SetupFor this to work you need:A Twitter account (Use a dedicated account! Do not use your personal one!)Register an app on Twitter with Read, write, and direct messa
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